Michelle Chalin, Colleen Ryan, Jennifer Frew, Amanda Mathiowetz, Shannon Pech, Chuck Carlson, Tim Headlee, Scott Grefe, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Mike Homer, Rita Olsen, Carol Olson, Connie Anderson, Tom Christensen, Gregg Frey, Tom Kolstad, Melissa Gresczyk, Meghan Goodrich


Shannon Pech, Mike Homer, Amanda Mathiowetz. Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Ryan Cates, Melissa Gresczyk, Tom Christensen, Rita Olson, Carol Olson, Meghan Goodrich, Tom Kolstad, Frank Schwartz, Tudy Fowler, Carrie Archer, Jen Frew

Present: Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Amanda Mathiowetz, Shannon Pech, John Knobbe, Ryan Cates, Connie Anderson, Melissa Gresczyk, Colleen Ryan, Meghan Goodrich, Paul Ploog, Tudy Fowler, Tom Christensen, and Rita Olson

Management Agenda Items:

1. 2014 Meet and Confer Schedule (same schedule 3rd Thursday) 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. MOJ
a. January 16, 2014
b. February 20, 2014
c. March 20, 2014
d. April 17, 2014
e. May 15, 2014
f. June 19, 2014
g. July 17, 2014
h. August 21, 2014
i. September 18, 2014
j. October 16, 2014
k. November 20, 2014
l. December 18, 2014
2. Work Rules Project Status
a. Vacation and Overtime MSH. Meeting getting scheduled
3. Overtime and Injury Data

Present: Jenn Frew, Meghan Goodrich, Tom Christensen, Rita Olson, Carol Olson, Shannon Pech, Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Melissa Gresczyk, and Tudy Fowler

Management Agenda Items

AFSCME: Andrew Jones, John Collins, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, John Ewaldt, and Jeremy Tubbs Management: Tom Christensen, Tom Kolstad, Carol Olson, Rita Olson, and Colleen Ryan HR: Jenn Frew, Melissa Gresczyk (Vidyo), Tudy Fowler, and Meghan Goodrich Guest: Lauren Gilchrist (Governor Dayton’s Office)

Follow-up Items:

1. Scoops Tom C - The plan is to still go forward with the scoop. Waiting for some scoops to arrive, but they are on back order right now. A second device was also ordered that doesn’t separate.

Present: Elizabeth Blomberg, Tom Christensen, Molly Kennedy, Shannon Pech, John Knobbe, Rita Olson, Thomas Kolstad, Tudy Fowler, Colleen Ryan, Carol Olson, Chuck Carlson, and Connie Anderson

Follow up Items:

1. Workman’s Comp Return to Work Committee Working on setting up a meeting with this committee. Should hopefully have something scheduled by next week. Waiting on MMB at the moment.

AFSCME Attending: Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Christi Nelson, Andrew Jones, and Connie Anderson
Management Attending: Tudy Fowler, Tom Kolstad, Carol Olson, Jenn Frew, and Melissa Gresczyk (by video)
Guest: Susan Thibedeau-Coilan

Guest Presentation: Susan Thibedeau-Coilan presented an information session about injury rates, how they are calculated, what is looked at, and who to contact for additional information. Each attendee was given a copy of the presentation for their reference.

Follow-Up Items: