7/12/12 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Labor: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, and Sam Arneson
Management: Linda Miller, Todd Johnston, Kristine Lancaster

Labor items

1. .8 employees getting scheduled equitably by receiving 2 days off in a row when scheduled above .8 hours? Is this currently happening? Management stated that this is currently happening. The union stated that previously when there were holes in the schedule that needed to be filled intermittent employees were utilized, and now that doesn’t appear to be happening. Management confirmed they have tried to utilize intermittent employees when there is a need. A discussion followed on contractually how intermittent employees should be used. Two .8 LPN positions are currently posted, and this will hopefully help out in the future.

2. Can .8 staff get a piece of the weekend? Todd stated he would like to get on a campus rotation to allow all staff to get a weekend off occasionally. He will be working on this.

3. How has inversing been? How many employees have been inversed in the last 3 month? 6 full shifts and one 4 hour shift.

4. How is the hiring process going? As mentioned earlier; two .8 LPN’s positions have been posted. Both sides agree that this should help out a lot!

5. Are open holes in schedules getting filled prior to the shift starting? Management claims they are calling intermittent staff, and .8’s fulltime.

6. Will the rotation/hours be changing? Sam asked if there management plans on rotations/hours worked. She claims many staff don’t find the rotations desirable. Rotations are currently 7-3, 3-11, and 11-7. Todd stated that rotations/hours will be staying the same, and no plans of changing. Todd feels these are the best for this facility.

7. Additional item: vacation rate for .8 employees Labor brought up the just because most .8 employees are being scheduled full time hours doesn’t mean they should be exhausting these at a full time rate. Management asked to explain an example. Chuck used this example: If a .8 employee asks for 2 weeks of vacation time off, and it is granted, they shouldn’t have to use 80 hours of vacation. 64 hours should be used based on their .8 status regardless of what hours they are working. Another example would be 32 hours for week instead of 40. Management agreed and will make sure this is happening.