On a normal day, Sandra Pacheco, an administrative assistant in Puerto Rico’s Department of Transportation and Public Works, begins her day at 7 a.m., filing paperwork for her colleagues in the fie

The new year brings good news for millions of working Americans. Nearly 7 mill

Marvin Timmons is a self-declared union man, through and through.

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

December 19, 2019

430PM Redman Club


AFSCME Labor Management MSH

December 19, 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Emilio Florez, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Kurt Crosby, Lisa Vanderveen, Crystal Kreklow, Denise Considine, Scott Melby, Emilio Florez, Roxanne Portner, Elizabeth Trandum, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen, Marvin Sullivan


AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

December 12, 2019

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Molly Kennedy, Jamie Sheppard, Eric Hesse, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Troy Sherwood, Ryan Kern



As a public librarian for the Philadelphia Free Library, Sheila O’Steen embodies what we think of when we imagine a public service worker. Every day, she interacts with members of her community. Whether her patrons are young or old, affluent or impoverished, O’Steen shares knowledge and information with everyone she serves.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act worked. In the years and decades that followed its implementation, the law helped minority voters make their voices heard, especially African Americans who had been discriminated against at the polls. As a result, our democracy became stronger.

But in 2013, despite bipartisan reauthorization of the law by Congress, the Supreme Court gutted it, ruling 5-4 that a key provision was no longer necessary because the Voting Rights Act had worked and the problem was fixed.

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

October 17, 2019

3PM Redman Club


Adam Castle, Emilio Florez, Ryan Cates, Jamie Sheppard, Kurt Crosby, Matt Stenger, Steve Wilking, Marvin Sullivan, Rich Delestre, Crystal Kreklow, Antonino Guerrero, Brian Woller, Hans Paulson, Molly Kennedy, Mark Menke, Kelly Woelpern

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

November 21, 2019

430PM Jakes Pizza-Mankato