4/17/12 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

In attendance: John Knobbe, Kevin Graves, Sam Arneson, Paula Skaalrud (via ITV), Brian Teuber, Janet Quizland (RN), Linda Miller

1. At the safety committee we would like to have AFSCME reps from the appropriate bargaining units at the committee meetings. – This is a meeting that has been happening in conjunction with the staff meeting. It is now being broken down to it’s own meeting. AFSCME has asked that Deb Burger be allowed to attend these with Sam Arneson as the backup. Brian agreed to make sure the minutes are posted for everyone.

2. It is difficult for staff living some distance to make monthly mandatory meetings………especially the night staff. – Brian stated he was open to accommodating the needs of his staff and post minutes for the meeting. Occasionally when very important items come up it may require everyone to be in person but otherwise a meeting with the supervisor to go over notes should be sufficient prior to overnight staff starting shifts.

3. Will CARE be moving to a new schedule……..7-3:30, 3-11:30, and 11-7:30? The union contractually should be provided a 28 day notice for this if and when you decide to enact this. – This will be happening. In the future the union would like a more formal announcement to be made. Brian agreed this could be done. Starting April 25th the new schedules will be used and it will have been a 27 day notice. Unless Brian changes the start date back to the 26th, anyone working on the 25th whose schedule moved from the traditional scheduling will be approved for OT only for the hours outside the normal start times. Reasons for these changes were stated as: to have everyone at the same place at the same time so we can cut down on meetings (4-5 hrs. down to 1.5 hrs.) and to build a better team and give the clients better care.


1. Need for air purification unit in dayroom for staff and clients due to smoke on clients and coming through door. - Bonnie agreed to make a 5-10 foot “buffer zone” by the door where patients are allowed to smoke. Was this added to the rules? Not yet but Brian sees this as an easy fix. The discussion was that state law may take precedence here which asks for 25 foot buffer zone.

2. Reimbursement expenses for staff who travel to Anoka for training (meals, lodging, and mileage) – My understanding that this was addressed statewide to start their work shift earlier….. is this correct? No more issues
3. The parking lot driveway still is difficult to nail at night as there are no reflectors. – any reflectors yet? It was agreed that reflective tape may be the answer here as some reflectors have been installed but don’t meet all angles. AFSCME asked that GMW’s consult Sam Arneson when putting on this tape to ensure that this problem can be laid to rest. ?



MGMT items:

Dept. of health visited for inspection today. Only minor problems regarding fire drill documentation.