4/11/13 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Joann Holton, Sam Arneson, John Knobbe, and Deb Burger

Management: Terri Stratton, Karen Jones, Laina Carlson, and Suzie Brusoe

1. Poor Patio Lighting The local is concerned about the lighting on the patio. When staff is supervising clients after dark, it is very difficult to see. Karen stated they are waiting to get approval from Bill Olson to address this issue. Action Item

2. Equal Distribution of Weekend Coverage Staff has expressed concerns over some employee’s having every weekend off. The local would like to see more equal distribution when it comes to scheduling .8 employees’ on weekends. Management said this has been discussed and a grid is being made to help equal out the distribution. Karen will be in St. Peter next week to discuss. Currently RN’s are not scheduled to work weekends, and the union wanted to know if this was going to change in the future. Karen described the need, is for the RN to be on duty during weekdays, because of Triage, Admissions, and Assessments. At this time management doesn’t plan to schedule an RN on the weekends.

Current staffing: 2 HST – intermittent – just hired 1 LPN – intermittent – just hired

Job Openings: LPN – .8
3. LPN’s as Lead Nurses

4. Camera System The local asked about the camera issues. A major concern being the inconvenient location of the monitors. Karen stated the camera system was just looked at, and we are waiting for the report from the security company. Chuck asked for a copy of the report when completed.

5. Reflectors Labor asked again to have reflectors put up on both sides of the driveway entering the facility. There isn’t a street light at the entrance, and it can be very difficult to locate when it’s dark outside.

6. Debriefing after Incidents Management stated EAP has been called after critical incidents and many staff has found them helpful.

7. Classroom Training In addition to Computer Based Training (CBT), it would be nice for staff to get some classroom training in how to deal with vulnerable adults. Terri stated that she could facilitate this. John commented that Karen Ostendorf, the CEP representative might be willing to come out and help.

8. Clients Abusive Behavior towards Staff Sam stated there has been a lot of verbal and physical abuse directed towards staff lately. Clients are continuously abusing staff, and there don’t seem to be any repercussions for this behavior. Management expressed the importance that staff are always reporting and charting any of this behavior.

9. AFSCME New Hires Chuck asked that he is informed via email of all AFSCME new hires. Management agreed they could do that.

10. Safety Meetings Deb was previously approved to attend the safety meetings, but hasn’t been scheduled accordingly in order to attend these meetings. Terri stated that in the future Deb’s schedule will allow her to attend. Additionally Chuck asked to receive a copy of the budget. Karen is currently working on it, and will get it to him when complete.