3/20/11 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Marlowe Grau, Kevin Graves, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Pat Marcus, Carol Olson, Kristine Wahlberg (ITV)

• How has the census #’s been?
In November there were 17 admits, in December 24, in January 25, and in February there were 25. The census as of today is 16 which is very full- the ideal census being 12-13 patients.
• Discussion on inversing as it applies to AFSCME and MNA staff.
There was recently an AFSCME staff that was to be inversed 2 days in a row (an RN volunteered to take the 2nd days shift). The first inverse was for 1 ¼ hours and the second was to be for 2 ½ hours. The contract clearly states that an AFSCME staff cannot be inversed 2 days in a row. There was discussion at length regarding what should be done in certain situations such as when there is only one AFSCME staff available and what determines which staff is inversed MVA vs. AFSCME. Carol stated that the inversing is done according to the needs. Inversing does not happen very often (3.75 hours of mandatory overtime since last meeting). Battles between MNA and AFSCME are unavoidable in a facility of this size and staff needs to help each other out as much as possible. Management will not willfully inverse someone that is not inversable. Sick leave use also needs to improve- this would minimize inversing/ mandatory OT.
• Newly hired LPN that recently quit. Do you plan on re-posting the position?
The position was posted yesterday- 1 internal interest so far.
• What disciplines are represented when discussing staffing patterns?
Licensure requires 2 licensed staff at all times- 1 of these staff always being an RN. Staffing patterns are based on the type of patients, expected admissions and acuity. The schedule is posted with a base number of staffing. Discussion at length regarding staffing present at different times and acuity hours studied. Pat is going to email Kevin the acuity hours information. Pat stated that they are generally overstaffed slightly and at times staff is added to deal with situations on the unit. The staffing patterns are close to the National benchmark and definitely within range.
Time will tell with anticipated changes dependent on the budget. There is currently one AFSCME position open; a night LPN position.
• Discuss the combination of St. Peter and Rochester M&C bi-monthly?
Kevin will work on setting up the next joint meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 2:12pm