1/13/11 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Sack, Linda Miller, Molly Kennedy, Sam Arneson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Paula Skaalrud (ITV)

1. Has Affinity Plus Credit Union Visit been scheduled?
• Sam will schedule and let Bonnie know the date.

2. Do wing fire doors now open when alarm sounds?
• The doors were set wrong but are now fixed. The Fire Marshall was just there and the doors passed inspection.

3. Sidewalks heaving – prevent egress?
• The door was re-adjusted and also passed Fire Marshall inspection.

4. Entrance into parking lot – reflectors / street lamp (has reflector been installed?)
• The reflector has not yet been installed but will be in the Spring. The street light was not available from the city. Staff is encouraged to drive slowly.

5. Clarification to LPN overtime for lunch breaks:
• All LPN’s can pass meds, and intermittent LPN’s can pull keys to cover for ½ hour lunch breaks. If for any reason a LPN is unable to leave the building for a lunch break they will be paid ½ hour overtime. During the week management has tried to have an LPN scheduled 12-8:30. Licensing calls for CPR and First Aid certification to be always present.
• If staff wants management to schedule their breaks, management will do so. Staff has not wanted this in the past. If problems continue, management will look into doing this.
• This issue has been addressed in nursing meetings in the past but will be re-communicated via email. Any questions call or ask Linda anytime.
6. Paula will look into seniority issue for a LPN that was hired as a temp, became an intermittent, and is now permanent.
7. Military Leave- accruals and retirement pay back:
• Accruals are done as a manual entry upon return.
• For medical leave, the employer and employee contributions must be paid. Paula was unsure about military leave. Minnesota State Retirement System should be contacted for personal, medical, and military leave questions.

MGMT items:

Next Meeting: April 21st at 1:30pm