Present: Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold, Nancy Johnston, Cindy Jungers (ITV), Kim Franek (ITV)

Management Agenda Items
1.Uniform Invoices – New uniform policy will be available soon. Management looking for cooperation by staff to make sure pink order slips are signed. There is 14 days to get them signed or it could result in discipline. MSOP will be in contract with same vender until 2014 then will go to all USA made.

Present: Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), matt Stenger, Nancy Johnston, Bonnie Wold, Cindy Jungers (phone)

Present: Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Matt Stenger, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Nancy Johnston, Bonnie Wold, Gary Grimm, Cindy Jungers (ITV)

MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS Meeting Date for SC and SCL PD Discussion – Follow Up Jason from Moose Lake is actually who requested this meeting. Molly and Scott will contact him regarding this. Cindy stated that it will be business as usual until she hears differently regarding the position descriptions.

Present: Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Jason Anderson, Jen Collelo, Jen Montgomery, Jason Montgomery, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Deb Mohelski, Stasha Sickler, Diane Firkus, Liz Barbo, Gary Grimm, Kevin Moser, Melissa Gresczyk, Bonnie Wold

For Management: Bonnie Wold, Gary Grimm, Ralph Schmidt, Cindy Jungers, and Melissa Gresczyk
For the Union: Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, John Knobbe, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger and Chuck Carlson

Present: Molly Kennedy, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Cindy Jungers, Ralph Schmidt, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold

Present: Jason Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Jen Collelo, Stasha Sickler, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Jen Montgomery, Melissa Gresczyk, Ralph Schmidt, Kevin Moser, Cindy Jungers, Elizabeth Barbo