10/13/16 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Joann Holton, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Matt Stenger, Eric Hesse, Adam Castle, Bonnie Wold, Cindy Jungers, Jessica Miller, Tim Lokensgard, Tim Benesch

AFSCME Agenda Items


Follow Up:

  1. Scheduling Program-The program is encountering problems.  Administrator and JR are working it again to get through the firewall.  Working on screenshots and instructions where to go on the computer to access. Do not go onto the new tester to ask for vacation, etc. Timeline for completion is January.

  2. 24/48-26 MOU Update-Jessica has the drafts and is waiting to hear back on approval.

  3. HIMS department-AFSCME would like Susan, Jessica Guile, from MMB to be present at a meet and confer meeting or on vidyo instead of having separate meetings with management when an issue involves them and the contract.

New Agenda Items

  1. Switch Rotations Approval-Moose Lake is accepting these.  Tim L.- Will consider switching only if the staff are in same work group, same shift, same class.  Management will talk about it and get back to AFSCME.

  2. More Leads at CPS-AFSCME would like to add lead positions at CPS to be consistent with other units. Tim B.- Always looking at staffing, CPS is growing. We will continue to look at all staffing.

  3. Hospital (Outside of 25 miles) Overtime-OD’s are currently giving out as advanced OT. Supposed to be subsequent shifts.  Tim L will make sure this is communicated again to all OD’s to be consistent.

  4. Rec/Visit Shortage/A-Team Covering-2 staff are covering 3 rec areas.  OD’s are pulling A-Team to cover late shift rec positions when they are short. Tim L-OD’s are not putting A-Team where they cannot respond, social center is a central area.  Hesse-A-Team cannot respond from social when there are clients present.  A staff must be present when there are VA’s present whom get dropped off by unit staff. Current ratios: AGS 8-1. GS 13-1.  Tim L-the norm will be 2 staff.  Activity Building and Social.  RT’s are available to help in Activity Building and he will talk to Karen about RT’s covering.  Sick calls may require overtime.  11 to 1130 there are no activities so staff are taking their breaks at this time. Late shift there are 8 to 430 staff that are available to assist with the mid shift breaks and backfilling to assist breaks.

  5. Vacation Audits-Staff are being approved vacation beyond accrual rate.  JR and Jessica will be doing an audit very shortly.  Scheduler audit will be able to do this when it is up and running. The audit will occur by the end of the month-TL

  6. Joint Meet and Confers-Talked with local 1092 in Moose Lake and they would like to do these face to face instead of the vidyo. AFSCME would like to be allowed more than a 10 minute window to confer with each other.  Bonnie-Would like to have joint agenda items beforehand in order to do this to make the agenda worthwhile due to the long to drive. Molly will get an agenda together and we will talk about the list and see if it is worthwhile for everyone.  December 15th next joint meet and confer.  Management would like the list two weeks prior.

  7. Review Conversation around MSOP SC/SCL PD’s-Tim L.-Total approved funding for FTE’s is around 200. Tim Headlee-When was the last time a hay study was done? Direct Care and Contact percentages need to be reflected on the position descriptions.  AFSCME believes the current PD’s do not reflect the new ways counselors work today.  Tim-would like for an updated hay study to reflect the new counselor responsibilities and percentages.  Jessica Miller will look into this. PD’s say refer to Post Orders.  There may be a process to appeal the description during staff evaluation. Bonnie-Job description reviews are required every three years.

  8. Inversing for Training-There has been a lot of inversing for training. Most recently 6 staff were inversed for overnight training.  Tim L-there is a lot of training that needs to be completed. It is difficult to train for 1st watch staff because the numbers are so slim.  Management has been used to come in during those hours to assist with training. Management will look at different times for training to help out. TL

  9. AGS Sunrise and A-Team 1st Watch-There will be a 1st watch AGS for all of CPS.  Management has added 13 positions, 11 counselors. They need AGS to supervise.  There are currently 83 CPS clients. Looking at ways to do own business at CPS as separate entity.  AFSCME would like information on what the minimums and staff to client ratio. Wold- There are many different outings etc. which makes it difficult to determine a definite number. OD’s use staffing based on what activities and the needs for the day. What is the base staffing rate when scheduling? Management is looking into this and will get back to AFSCME.

  10. Key Audit- Tim L-The reason is to make sure all keys are accounted for using a simple process at the end of the business day. If there are discrepancies, they need to be investigated to ensure all keys are accounted for.  AFSCME would like to review the process and modify if possible. Tim will take this to the security committee.

  11. 3 Doubles in a row-This was discussed and staff are able to work 3 doubles in a row but cannot work 3 shifts in a row.

  12.  Staffing-There are currently 4 in training and possibly 3 more. Open fulltime positions are 25 to 30 but is decreasing with the new hires.


Management Agenda Items


  1. Flexibility with Probationary Staff Schedules-Tim L. When hiring new people, they are given a start date, then training, probation, etc. Qualified hires sometimes report having prior obligations which don’t allow them to start or be at work on a certain day which may result in the staff declining the job.  Do we become flexible? We sometimes lose very qualified staff due to inflexibility with training.  AFSCME and management are looking at other options. Possibly case by case basis.

  2. Staff forum on the 18th of October.