2/11/16 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Tim Headlee, Troy Sherwood, Molly Kennedy, Mike Homer, Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Chris Hanson, Eric Hesse, Amanda Mathiowetz, Tim Lokensgard, Cindy Jungers, Zack Sowieja


1. Follow up on lot draws and a new procedure
a. AFSCME would like for the seniority of new employees to be consistent throughout all programs on campus. Luke Frederick and Molly Kennedy had a meeting with MSH on this procedure last week and decided that the lot draw will be done with cards. In MSOP when this is done a Human Resources employee will come over to witness the draw. The outcome of the seniority draw will be emailed to the new employees as well. More discussion as to who will be sending the email will be forthcoming.

2. Special Services being inversed
a. This is a follow up item from last month’s meeting. Troy Sherwood stated that with the CSAS position technically they could be inversed, as they are also covered by AFSCME contract. Troy stated that if we have the numbers within the facility a Security Counselor will be used to backfill the vacancy. It will be extremely rare that the CSAS will be inversed.

3. OT call out for OT known in advance by SCL’s
a. This is a follow up item from last month’s meeting. Management said that they would print of the list of those that signed up if a SCL wanted to go into the OD office to make the calls. One concern the ODs mentioned is that they cannot give out personal phone numbers, as they are private data. AFSCME will put out an email to the members so those who would like their phone number out there can reply with that information. The OD will print the names only of those who signed up, the SCL will then go to the list of members who submitted their phone numbers to make the calls.

4. WOOC positions and making them regular bid positions
a. AFSCME asked if the program will be getting funding to make the WOOC positions permanent. Bonnie Wold stated that we are and that this takes time. The Building Maintenance Lead position is in the process right now. There are some in Education and in Vocational. Bonnie stated that they are all for filling these positions but in the interim they need to do WOOC. It is often a domino effect. Some of these positions are just starting to get filled. The spending restrictions created a lot of this and we are now just starting to get caught up. Management stated that they would like to look at this as a way of offering opportunity. These positions are financed and we are just going through the process that takes a long time. This covers all ofDHS . Over the last month DHS has had over 800 staffing requests. They have also had some staffing shortages over the last year.  Some of the required activity that the State system requires job audits of new positions and, of course, posting of positions. Filling vacancies is a joint effort among facility management and staffing.

5. Scheduling Update
a. Tim Lokensgard stated that we are getting very close to using the new scheduling program. Approximately 10-12 leads were given the tools to test out the new program. Molly Kennedy stated that there was not a lot of instructions given with the link to the program so they have not been able to look at much. Management stated that they were not aware of this. The OD’s have been working with this program since January 4th.
b. The plan was to open the program up to all SC’s for the pilot on March 1st. Staff will need to submit all requests in the old program and the new program. It is very important employees still submit everything through the old program because that will trump the new program. This goes for overtime sign up as well. There will be a 30 day window where we are crossing programs then the plan is to be using only the new program beginning April 1st. This will be depending on the kinks found. The kinks on the OD’s side have been fixed.
c. There will be a tutorial sent out, possibly a CBT in the future. A lot of understanding the new program will be exploring it.

6. Direct Supervisors conducting investigations
a. AFSCME has been receiving reports from members that they feel uncomfortable when their direct supervisor is conducting their investigation. Molly Kennedy stated that they are presenting the grievance to the person that has done the investigation and that this should be unbiased. That supervisor has already made their decision. Management stated that this is a DHS process and is not specific to only MSOP. Cindy Jungers said she would share AFSCME’s concern with DHS HR leadership. and is aware the union has previously brought up their concern with direct supervisors conducting investigations. AFSCME noted it is not every time that the direct supervisor conducts the investigation. Management explained that generally they do but sometimes because of extenuating circumstances another person is assigned. An example would be if a supervisor is out on vacation; the employee should not have to wait. Bonnie Wold added that the supervisor conducting the investigation does not decide the discipline; they do the fact finding.
b. AFSCME stated that there are concerns about WOOC supervisors sitting in on investigations. Molly stated that they understand it is a training tool but this is uncomfortable for the employee who may have to work with that WOOC supervisor in the future. Technically a WOOC supervisor is still AFSCME. Management stated that there is room to talk about this.

7. Letting people go on voluntary and forced OT and picking up someone’s inverse
a. This is a new supplemental in the contract. Tim Lokensgard thanked Eric Hesse for pointing this out. The replacement employee will be considered voluntary. This is on page 48 of the contract. We have been doing this wrong. There will be a reference sheet on OT given to the OD’s for consistency.

8. Hospital coverage subsequent OT
a. There has been a lot of confusion from members about getting inversed when they sign up for hospital overtime. To clarify employees who sign up for hospital overtime can be inversed when they return. This will also be on the OD overtime reference sheet.

9. Getting inversed when you have a Dr. appointment
a. This is happening more on 1st watch because of most places hours of business. Most doctor appointments land on 2nd watch hours. To clarify, Management will work with employees to be inversed inversed if they have a doctor’s appointment to allow them to go and/or not be inversed. Some OD’s have stated that that employee will be the first least senior the following day regardless of seniority. Management stated that is incorrect. The order of inverse will  follow the contract language of least senior.

10. Notification to the union of people getting discipline or terminated
a. With the last non-certification AFSCME was not made aware until 4 days later. Molly Kennedy stated that it is quite a process to try to get a hold of these people and educate them on the process and what steps can be taken. AFSCME would like to know right away and would like a steward who is versed with the process to sit with the employee. A union steward not versed in the process represented the last one and it fell through the cracks. Molly asked that herself, Mike Homer, or Eric Hesse be contacted in these situations. Management stated they certainly could provide notice to those stewards and added that this one situation was an oversight apologized.

11. Key set and how much they differ, Safety concern
a. Once the Building Maintenance Lead is in place this will get taken care of. That person will be working on identifying key set differences.

12. How we will address clients who have a contagious/life threatening diseases that can effect staff in regard to hospital coverage
a. There were thoughts that a client in the hospital recently had a contagious disease. It was not confirmed but the client had been tested and the results were unsubstantiated. Molly Kennedy stated that she spoke with the SC’s who sat this coverage the first couple of days. The staff had spoke to the OD and informed him of the situation. The OD told the staff that this would be something to ask their personal health care provider about. Nurses who came in contact with this client were fully covered while the SC’s were only wearing a face mask. This was alarming for a lot of members. AFSCME stated that they would like more communication in a situation like this. We should be taking major precautions, not standard.  Molly stated that she would like to see staff being notified about the possibilities before going to the hospital and that we would like to see a policy or procedure around this. There is contract language that speaks to contagious diseases. Management and labor agreed on better communication.

13. Imprint key verifications weekly on 1st watch
a. 1st watch employees looked into how often Moose Lake completes imprint key verifications and found that they do this monthly. This verification is very timely, usually a few hours. It involves the staff going through every key hub. Members are asking that we do this less frequently. Tim Lokensgard stated that this policy is coming up for review in the 4th quarter (April-June) and that he has the concerns noted. Tim stated that he will check with Moose Lake and look into which site is completing them correctly.

14. Short staffing and the amount of reports management has gotten about shortages
a. Management stated that they have received 2 Incident Reports and 2 emails. In the last month the shortages have been caused by hospitalizations. One report of a shortage was due to the water break. Management stated that they did make adjustments and did everything they could to keep more people. Unit Directors and A-Team have been backfilling units and assisting when unforeseen circumstances arise.

15. Channel 3 Radio Traffic
a. Channel 3 is used for the Maintenance Department and there is a lot of traffic. This is desensitizing Control Center because there is a lot of conversation on channel 3 that the employees in Control Center are finding themselves tuning out radio traffic. Molly Kennedy asked that that channel be muted in Control Center. If they have an emergency they can hit their man down button or switch to channel 1. Molly also stated that they could be asked to use a phone instead. This channel was supposed to be used for special projects. Troy Sherwood will follow up with this.

16. Green Acres break room
a. In the new plans for Sunrise GA there are no plans for a staff break room. There is not a break room at all for staff in the entire building. Construction starts on Monday, February 15th. Management stated that they would look into this.

17. 24 in 48 Contract Language
a. For clarification: An employee works their normal 8 hour shift, signed up for voluntary OT and works the next shift, goes home, then works their regular shift the next day. That employee is not inversable based on the contract language . Some OD’s are arguing that the 2nd 8 hours were voluntary. This is not a valid argument. This will be added to the OD OT reference sheet. Tim Lokensgard will follow up and explain this rule to the OD’s. You can volunteer to work these hours but you cannot be forced.

18. Labor and Management Relationship
AFSCME stated that there has been pressure and tension between management and labor. Tim Headlee stated that he has gone through this with MSH and it was a long, hard process. AFSCME stated that some things are being denied that shouldn’t be. Some things aren’t contractual. An example would be that Eric Hesse is being denied schedule changes for monthly MSOP Meet & Confer’s. He has been approved before. Tim Headlee stated that they rely heavily on E-Board being present at these meetings and that Eric is a valuable union representative to have at the table. Article 31, section 3 in the 4th paragraph of the contract speaks to this. It states that these meetings must be on a normal day and working hours, implying in pay status. There should be no loss of pay and should not exceed a work day. Cindy Jungers said while she understands the importance of the AFSCME president having their stewards present for meetings, the contract language does not provide for an employee to have their schedule changed to another shift for meet and confer. The existing language is specific to shift changes for the the local union meeting. Cindy checked with her leadership who verified the language interpretation. She added that she did not understand any stewards had previously been allowed by MSOP Scheduling to change their schedule for meet and confer. Cindy stated that she does not have the authority to say we can do this because it would be different than the prescribed contract language but she will share with her leadership that AFSCME brought it forward at the local meeting. The Union noted there has not been a Chief Steward from 3rd watch before. Cindy said this is an issue bigger than just MSOP. Tim Headlee asked about the possibility of working out an MOU. AFSCME stated that in Eric’s case he spends a lot of his free time working for the union and that this would be one less meeting where he is taking from his free time. Management stated that they understand what is being said


1. Security Counselor Post Orders
a. SC and SCL Position Descriptions are currently under review. They will be sent out to a general group to go through the current language in them then St. Peter will sit down with Moose Lake and look at the data collected. This will be done by April 1st. AFSCME asked if they foresee a lot of changes. Management stated that they do not for see major changes. The PD’s were last gone through 3 years ago and significant updates were made at that time. The review will be happening in the next couple of weeks.