7/15/16 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Troy Sherwood, Jessica Rhodes, Tim Hedleee, Matt Stenger, Molly kennedy, Chris Hanson, Adam Castle



  1. Half hour breaks

    No validation to rumors of abolishing half hour breaks

    Kennedy – Talked about benefits of abolishing the half hour breaks.

  2. A team fitness test

    Our understanding is cross trained staff do not need to complete the fit test.  Why the difference in treatment.

    Wold - It is a requirement for cross trained to be fully trained yearly

    Lokensgard – Miller is willing to work with staff if unable to pass the first time

    Stenger/Lokensgard – Will look into only back filling with currently trained employees.

    Kennedy – Staff who do not pass can talk to HR?  Wold – They will be given other chances to pass.

  3. Scheduler able to see from home.  Safety and security of information on the internet and others ability to access through firewall.  This program is behind a firewall at the moment.  Working to develop a portal that staff can go through firewall using passwords etc.  No date or timeframe.  Lokensgard - Making sure this meets DHS requirements.  Foresee by the end of the year.

  4. Construction update.  Wold July 29th substantial completion date.  Move in date first week of September.  Waiting for health inspector and furniture. Subject to change.

  5. Break Rooms for CPS. Wold - plans for break rooms in sunrise north and Tomlinson.  When sunrise is complete, the old meeting room could be turned into break room also.

  6. Injury packets.  Wold - Draft was sent to policy group. Was used with the recent staff assault.

    Kennedy - After assault, he returned to facility to do reports with concussion. Were other options available? Sherwood – He could have declined to come back in, but he wanted to come back in to finish his report.  Facility does contact family members of staff in emergencies.  Hedleee -  When do we call ambulance in a staff assault? Is there a Liability? Who is making the decision? Kennedy – Applauded management for their response to the staff assault.  Management provided a debriefing for any staff who would like to vent about the situation and were genuinely concerned about the well-being of all staff involved.

  7. Improperly Inversing. Some staff have been improperly inversed. Some staff do not feel comfortable to inform the OD’s at the time.  Reminder to OD’s of parameters and use of the quick reference sheet. The overtime guideline sheet cannot be grieved. 

  8. Role of RT on activities. Kennedy - RTs are planning activities and counselors have been covering. RT should cover if they set them up.  Wold – will bring issue to outing review.

  9. Kitchen coverage being a vocational placement supervised by vocational. Kennedy – Clients trained and paid should be a vocational placement.  Why is vocational not covering it.  For example, lawnmowing is vocational but is being supervised by maintenance. Plant watering is volunteer.  Sherwood - will look into the issue as program grows there will be a lot of reorganization.


  1. Kennedy - 530 staff that comes in to do dialysis receives shift differential for coming in for that hour.  Why is one person assigned and not available for others based on seniority? Management will look into the issue.


  1. Sherwood- Review EAP role in coming into the facility. Management would like EAP to become more involved in the day to day self-care of staff.  Sherwood will bring to employee engagement group.  Possibility for new employee orientation. Kennedy - come in for all issues as scheduled, not only assaults.

  2. Communication Log- Sherwood- Program is live and almost finished training.  Good communication. When an incident happens, staff will be able to piggyback on the initial report starting in august making it easier to track a client. Staff entries are added into client’s record.  Thank you to staff for helping work out all of the issues.

  3. Mid probation reviews. Rhodes-They are typically done during 3 month mark depending on situation.  Staff may have more than one.  Information goes into both files.  Job coaching goes to Zika.  Staff become coverage after end of training review by Zika.  This is only a coverage release, it is not a review but he will give feedback to the staff if necessary.

  4. Planning for moving clients over to sunrise.  Additional clients from Moose Lake will be occurring end of August hopefully. 

  5. St. Peter has new calendar for meetings.  Clients and staff will be able to access their respective calendars.

  6. Staff appreciation day August 9th.

  7. Staff breakroom has outdated list of AFSCME officers. We will update as soon as positions are filled.

  8. Third Step grievance. The Letter of non-certification is through licensing due to an issue when staff was a juvenile.  Union will appeal for set aside and possibly allow to come back and extend probation.  If not, management may allow the staff to resign in lieu of termination. This was termed a disqualification, not a non certification.