5/12/16 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Troy Sherwood, Jessica Rhodes, Cindy Jungers, Zack Sowieja, Eric Hesse, Amanda Castle, Chris Hanson, Bonnie Wold, Matt Stenger, Tim Headlee


Follow Up:

1. Scheduling Program a. The scheduling program will be available at home soon. The process has switched from development to production. It is behind the DHS firewall. Tim Lokensgard stated that he tried accessing it from home and he got nothing. He let the IT guys know. It was worked on and the developers thought that it should be available. Over the weekend Tim tried accessing from home again and got to the sign on page but the site stated it was invalid. IT is working on this. Tim stated that he is hoping the at home site will be ready within a week. There may be a possibility that there will be a different URL for the home site. It would still have the same exact functions. b. Eric Hesse stated that members are having problems printing out the schedule. The schedule does not fit on the page and is being cut off. When staff try to go to print preview the same happens. Eric will let JR Haller know about this. c. When staff sign up for advanced overtime they are unable to un-click their selection if they change their mind. This will also be relayed to JR. The developers have been very prompt to responding to issues. If there are any glitches you find please let JR know right away.

2. Shift Differential a. Molly Kennedy stated that we would like a clear, concise way of when shift differential is granted. One issue from last month was the question of when a scheduled 2nd watch employee works overtime on 3rd watch. Cindy Jungers stated that she did follow up with this and found that the DHS process across the board is that the employee would not receive shift differential either shift. b. There has been confusion on when a 2nd watch employee works a stand-alone (on their day off) shift of overtime on 1st or 3rd watch. Some supervisors have been stating that since the employee is a 2nd watch employee they are not eligible for shift differential. This is incorrect. The overtime shift is not attached to a regular shift. Tim Lokensgard and Troy Sherwood will bring this to the manager’s meeting at 9am to clear up the confusion.

3. Pull MoUs – Agreements a. AFSCME stated that they would like to be aware of the MoU’s being pulled in response to a grievance in the earlier steps. This has been coming up in the 3rd step. Cindy Jungers stated that that has been when they have been made aware of the MoU. b. Tim Headlee stated that he thought per contract under Data the union should be given this information. It states anything that affects business. Cindy stated that last month Chris Hanson said that he would put in a formal request. Tim Headlee stated that he will draft up a request for the data itself overall. Tim asked if this would come at a cost. Cindy stated that sometimes it does depending on the volume. It is statutory language. She stated that she would let AFSCME know in advance.

4. Status of them calling people on advance list at point of inverse a. It has been talked about at the previous meeting to give a Security Counselor Lead a list of those who signed up for advanced overtime to assist with those inversed.  Management stated that the concern is with the phone numbers. Molly Kennedy stated that they would not need the numbers, just the names. AFSCME is working on revamping the Inverse Call List so they would have the numbers available. Management stated that anyone inversed would be able to call the OD and ask for the list of names of those signed up. Molly stated that they are trying to alleviate the work an OD would need to do because this could lead to a lot of inversed staff calling for the list. Would it be possible to get access to this on the new scheduling site? Management will look into this with the developers. b. Eric Hesse stated that those on the advanced overtime list should be called after subsequent shift before inversing. Management stated that this is time consuming for the OD’s because sometimes there are 20 people on the advanced list. Tim Lokensgard agreed that they would rather have volunteers for overtime. Eric stated that if the person signed up doesn’t answer, the OD can call the next in line. This is a not a contractual list so it cannot be grieved. Tim asked if members are ok with a call at 4:30 am for a 6am shift. Matt Stenger stated that when signing up for advanced overtime members choose the shifts they would like to work. Tim stated that he will have further discussion with Molly Kennedy on this.

New Items:

1. Definition of Emergency a. This will discussed at all Meet & Confer’s this month. The contract does not have a definition for emergency. AFSCME is looking for a definition especially when it comes to inversing and overtime needs. The definition given by the State of Minnesota is an unforeseen combination of circumstances that calls for immediate action to prevent a disaster from developing or occurring (MN Stat. 12.03, subd. 3). AFSCME stated that they would not put a state of short staffed in the category of emergency. b. AFSCME stated that they understand sometimes management’s hands are tied when they are short staffed and they have to improperly inverse (i.e. inverse someone on their Friday). When a grievance is filed in a situation like this the reason of emergency is being used loosely as a denied response. Management stated that it could be an emergency. For example if clients are on a 1 to 1 and there are no staff, something has to be done. We would all rather see someone inversed before their days off and someone get inversed for the 3rd time. AFSCME stated that they would like these individuals to be granted penalty pay when a grievance is filed on this. They would like the staff to be compensated for the violation of contract.

2. Swap of days off for Count Coordinators a. Eric Hesse has heard some animosity among members because of this. Many other members have requested to switch days off but have been denied. Tim Lokensgard stated that this was done because of the needs of the program. There were 5 SCL’s on 3rd watch trained as Count Coordinator all with Sunday/Monday’s off. b. When a Count Coordinator bids out they days off will be offered how they are right now.

3. Clients coming into the perimeter for 10 minutes to say hi to other clients a. Both AFSCME and management agreed that this is a waste of resources. A SC is being pulled from a unit to perform the pat search. Michelle Sexe, Brenda Todd-Bense, Pat Quigley and some SC’s are on a work group to figure out how to form a system. Management received a report of approximately 21 CPS clients coming in for 70 minutes and only 2 came together. This needs to be cleaned up. There have been Incident Reports. Pat is waiting for recommendations from the small group with a deadline of May 31st. b. Sometimes CPS clients are coming in to transport items for Vocational. Molly Kennedy stated that it would help if those items were brought up to the lobby so the client does not have to be pat searched.

4. Keys still out of place a. Would like the keys on the hubs to be in the same order so the correct key is easier to find in an emergency situation. Molly asked management where they are at with this. Tim stated that the thought the 14 or so key sets that were out of order had been identified. Molly stated that she had heard that this wasn’t supposed to happen until the hub was broken due to there being a cost. Tim stated that that is true and that eventually we will get there. Please let Ryan Hulke know if we receive a key set that is out of order.

5. Units being run short on weekend for kitchen – there was a group of leads that were working on it with two GS’s, but never went anywhere. a. It is the union’s stance that 2 to a unit is unsafe but to cover Kitchen on holiday’s and weekends units are now running at 1 staff for 3 hours. We have gotten complacent with this. b. There was supposed to be a work group put together on this but they have not been meeting. Troy Sherwood spoke to the GS in charge of this group and stated that they were unable to reconnect the past two times (one month). With the Shantz building now having consistent leadership Troy believes this will get back on track. c. One suggestion is to utilize the extra RT on the weekends. Have the RT replace one Rec SC so that SC can cover the Kitchen. The OD’s will be assigning the program extra to Kitchen for now. If a SC has to be pulled from a unit the A-Team will backfill that unit.

6. CPS Units running with only 1 staff per side during 1st Watch– Is that really safe, especially when they have no curfews? a. Tim Lokensgard stated that a staff is sent to CPS to cover breaks and count. Tim asked if there have been any safety issues management has not been made aware of. AFSCME stated that there has not but would like to be proactive with the program growing. Management stated that they are putting in staffing plans. There is a large work group that is looking at all areas of CPS. Matt Stenger asked if there was any labor representation at these meetings. Management stated that there is not but right now it is treatment and programming focused. AFSCME requested that when it comes to staffing that a labor representative be present. Management stated that they can talk about it. This should also be brought up at a Safety Committee Meeting that Mike Homer is a part of.

7. Pay Inequity a. Recently Eric Hesse has been hearing complaints from members about pay inequity. The situation that was brought to him involved a less senior staff making more than a more senior staff. This has been happening in MSH as well. Cindy Jungers stated that it has recently started where they are able to hire SC’s higher than the 1st step. We are seeing this more and more. b. Clarification: For a Work out of Class position you still earn step raises. c. Cindy Jungers stated that she is willing to look at a specific situation if there are any questions.


1. Human Resources Contact a. Our Human Resources contact is Jessica Rhodes. Please go to her with any issues. It is still 1 HR office but Jessica is our primary.

2. MOA Process a. The order of signatures should go from left to right to ensure everyone has signed.