Present: Marlowe Grau, Kevin Graves, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Pat Marcus, Carol Olson, Kristine Wahlberg (ITV)

Present: Bonnie Sack, Linda Miller, Molly Kennedy, Sam Arneson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Paula Skaalrud (ITV)

1. Has Affinity Plus Credit Union Visit been scheduled?
• Sam will schedule and let Bonnie know the date.

2. Do wing fire doors now open when alarm sounds?
• The doors were set wrong but are now fixed. The Fire Marshall was just there and the doors passed inspection.

3. Sidewalks heaving – prevent egress?
• The door was re-adjusted and also passed Fire Marshall inspection.

Present: Molly Kennedy, Kevin Graves, Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, Marlowe Grau, Pat Marcus, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Kristine Wahlberg (ITV), John Knobbe
AFSCME Agenda Items
• Did the PT Night LPN position get filled?
o This position was first posted internally with no bidders. It was then posted on the web and they had applicants- unfortunately none of these applicants cared to interview. It is currently posted on the web again and the state recruiter is also working on filling the position.

Present: Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Deb Berger, Bonnie Sack, Deb Moses, John Knobbe, Linda Miller, Kevin Graves, Molly Graves, Sam Arneson, Chuck Carlson, Paula Skaalrud

1. The Man down system is currently not working. (Safety Issue)
• The man down system is now working- it was tested today and is tested on a daily basis. There is one remote that is not working and will be replaced. Management looked into replacing this system but ran into contractual obligations. If the system is replaced in the future, a system other than Simplex will be looked at.

• Follow up Discussion: How does everyone feel the inversing situation has been going these last 3 months
o Inversing has been much better for both staff and management.
o From 6/23/10-present there has been only 13.75 hours of mandatory inverse hours. Staff has been working together to cover this and management appreciates this.

• Follow up: Has consistency returned to how RN’s are offering OT? (i.e. Last meeting there were concerns that some were offering it based on a sun-sat work week and some from a Wed-Tue. Work week.)

Present: John Knobbe, Kevin Graves, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Mark Lancet, Lisa Costello, Scott Grefe, Diane Andrews, Amber Bement, Kristine Wahlberg (ITV/phone), Marlene Schnichels (ITV/phone)

•In regards to vacant LPN positions not being filled by AFSCME employees. We would like to discuss the minimums you intend to retain so that viable vacation and OT pools exist for those employee’s.

Present: Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Kevin Graves, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Sam Arneson, Scott Grefe, Karen Jones(via telephone), Paula Skaalrud (via ITV), Deb Moses

1.Affinity Plus Credit Union Visit: Still not scheduled? Need contact person assigned to do this.

•Sam Arneson will contact Carol at CBHH and coordinate this visit

2.Staffing issue: Night staff LOAs-

•There will be 3 positions posted: 1 temporary .8, 1 permanent .8, and 1 permanent .75. Management intends to interview and hire as quickly as possible.

Present: Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Marlowe Grau, Chuck Carlson, Barb Venero, Kevin Graves, W. John Knobbe, Pat Marcus, Kristine Walberg (ITV), Sam Arneson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder)

• Staff has concerns with the elimination of HST and LPN positions that the few leftover AFSCME staff will be subject to an inordinate amount of inversing as the lower paid staff even when it is RN’s causing the inversing. (for example, getting inversed in excess of 24/48 hours).
? At our last meeting we discussed the following overtime issues: