November 2019 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

November 14, 2019

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Jamie Sheppard, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Paul Rodriguez, Denise Considine, Troy Sherwood, Ryan Kern, Eric Hesse, Scott Halverson



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     Inverse Numbers- Tim-October had 7 staff from 3rd watch inversed for 42.5 hours. 14 staff on 1st for 66 hours. 62 staff on 2nd for 243.5 hours. 352 Total hours.
    2. Overtime Numbers- October 1806.5
    3. 2.      MNA Included in AFSCME Contract- Hesse-Grievance response stated contractually you can choose what classes. What makes them think that people outside the agreement can benefit in one they are not involved in. LPN given to RN which is in a different class. How can RN take LPN? Denise. There may be times when an RN is necessary but things can change. Not in this case. Hesse-in the response it says we have the right to determine the class. Denise-right. Hesse-so if you say RNs can be included in ours. Can LPNs say they want the 100 dollars bonus like the RNs? If you apply it this way, are you going to inverse? Denise-I can’t speak to it but would like to include Michelle and Nicki to see how they staff. Hesse-can we have a meeting we requested a month ago? Denise-yes. Who else? Hesse-Ryan and Crystal



New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      CPS Coverage in the perimeter: Molly-When going by unit in beginning it seemed schedule was jumbled. People assigned the units were asked to go to CPS and CPS and CPS were asked to go in perimeter. Michelle-mike and Gary followed up. Something was going on with scheduling where it was being deleted. They talked to Jamie to fix it. It has happened a couple times. Wasn’t an OD issue. Tim-we are going to what forensics has. Changeover has created a little havoc. They have a different view. Easier for Jodi to assign OT and it’s more accessible. Molly-trainings back on schedule? Tim-I can look into that. We talked about putting other assignments on there. I will talk to them about trainings back on.
  2. 2.      Unit SC’s with set days off switching to rotations: Hesse-what was reasoning and will it eventually go to second watch? Tim-not changing days off on watches. Just adjusting from units. Right now there are 3 with rotations, lead, and set day off. Those middle days are least desirable. Losing consistency on units. Especially with new staff. They bid out after 6 months even though they like a unit. We are not getting consistent staff. Taking those middle days off and moving to utility pool and moving rotations to units. UP should have more middle days off. Easier on 3rd watch with all the vacancies. Not forcing, just by attrition based on seniority. Ultimately the new positions will be newer staff in utility pool. There are 12 staff on one watch and 13 staff on another.
  3. 3.      Military Leave-switching shifts before leave: Hesse-issues with 3rd watch getting off at 1030 then go to leave in the morning. Tim-technically we don’t have to however if they come and talk to us about it and say they are leaving early. It’s possible we will look at moving to an earlier shift.  At end of drill, if you get home at 10pm and shift starts at 10, that’s covered.  
  4. 4.      ATLAS app asking permissions to access contacts, etc.: Hesse-when you download, it asks for access. If you deny, it won’t work. Cates-same on the hill. Denise-I asked and she said it’s all apps. It’s how an app works apparently. Tim-I reached out to emerald city and haven’t heard back. Matt-it doesn’t work if you say no. Tim-still working on iphones. Denise-I can talk to Jodi again too to see if Jodi has reached out.
  5. 5.      8-430 inversing and short notice: Molly-8 to 430 inversed more. When asking for SNV, they are on trips and being denied because they have a trip. Hesse-if asking before and given out before they shouldn’t be denied. Tim-if trip goes to 4, they we would have to charge overtime, we can’t do that. Molly-it’s happened when that isn’t the case. If you know ahead of time…bonnie-if need isn’t till 430 we aren’t paying overtime for nothing. Hesse-can’t pick and choose based on budgetary reasons. Denise-if need is at 430…bonnie-we can inverse from home. Crystal-contractually you can’t, only while at work. Matt-once they leave access point, they are gone. Bonnie-we have right to inverse form home. Matt-call back/call in is typically maintenance people. Hesse-can turn into very slippery slope. Molly-small pool of people.
  6. 6.      Staff perimeters with cold weather and religious services: Molly-getting cold for religious services. Have brought van in or stand in activity building. Tim-activity building is fine. Asatru and native is what we are talking about. Troy-tier 2 is getting them there. Hesse-what I hear is 2 north they bring them and stay with them. Troy-if we have coverage we get them there. Hesse-whenever there is a volunteer someone has to be there. Troy-can drop them off and stand in activity building. No more than one staff. We will take care of that.
  7. 7.      Staff having to carry clients upstairs: Hesse-Shantz elevator went down. Client can’t take stairs so staff took them up. Why have client like that upstairs? Tim-we have a Stryker chair. We should use that. Hesse-why have undue stress? Bonnie-its treatment purposes. Matt-one location will take forever in fire if elevator isn’t working. Doesn’t do anything as far as emergencies. Troy-we place them where their treatment need is met. Hesse-we have moved people down to 1st floor. Troy-I would say we place them with the best treatment and location. We need more information. Matt-can we purchase one for each floor? Bonnie-I will talk to the safety officer. Jamie-also to know which clients need the chair.
  8. 8.      Staff searches in Pexton Lobby: Hesse-needs to be done in a confidential manner. Lobby is not. If you have contraband on you leaving, people will find out. In visit room, in front of everyone. There needs to be a better process. Tim-what do you suggest? Bonnie-this is a principal. We all have responsibility. Isn’t to be intrusive. It’s to make sure we are upholding our policies. I have a clear bag that they look at and im done. Its quick and not designed to get you. Everyone goes through it. We can look at where it takes place but as far as process as a whole, it’s not to get people in trouble. It’s to make sure we are safe. Role model responsibility. Cates-what is the point on their way out? Bonnie-its random. It’s to hold everyone accountable to the policies. We can take a look at that process. Cates-are clients searched on the way out? Bonnie-yes. Molly-not on the way out. Troy-the amount of stuff people bring in is excessive. We found a back pack sitting in a break room. We don’t need all of that for 8 hours. Hesse-we don’t need a duffle bag. Not trying to get people in trouble but other staff see it. Sometimes you do discipline so therefore, people know. It should be in a confidential manner. Tim-we will look at not doing it in the lobby.
  9. 9.      Payroll Code for new IOD hospital language: Hesse-new contract said if hurt at work and go to hospital at work you get paid up to 4 hours. Is there a code for that or just IOD? Denise-just IOD. I reached out to Dorie and said it was a good question. When I hear back I will let you know. Only concern is capping out at 300 hours. Is it in addition to that? Cates-some won’t have a doctor note. Denise-language says must qualify for IOD. Same parameters.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Lead days off (secure perimeter only): Tim-consistency within facility regarding all leads in MSOP have fri/sat sat/sun with exception of 4. We had those 4 have rotations. We hear it’s difficult to have consistency. We will change east side of Shantz to set days off. Consistent with Pexton. Go with most senior gets their choice. All 4 combined like Pexton. Most senior chooses on their unit and that dictates the other person’s choice. Going by floor. All 8 leads will be involved. Hesse-that’s not consistent on units. Tim-floor by seniority. Per unit and floor. 1st person chooses, the other 3 are set. Per unit, per floor. Exactly like Pexton. Hesse-force people if they don’t want to? Tim-yes. After the holidays. We will set up a meeting to go over how it will look. January something. Hesse-consideration for people with more than a week vacation? Tim-should have put in for it. We will discuss that at the meeting.
  2. 2.      Weather expectations HR memo reminder: Denise-every year we put out a memo. Molly-There is no more 2 hour call in? Denise-No, we explained it all in the memo. Molly-I do see under discipline it says approved weather call in. Denise-it shouldn’t be there. Adam- I have seen it referenced in some investigations. Denise-It shouldn’t be.
  3. 3.      South House Security Counselors claiming meal reimbursements: Scott-Meal reimbursement is the same at south house as it is in the perimeter. The mileage is from the south house location as their primary.
  4. 4.      AFSCME Contract errors: Denise-everyone agrees they are not right. I will put together a summary of the changes to master to put on our homepage.


Add Ons

  1. 1.      CPS Uniform Allowance: Hesse-many of our staff are going in to cover constantly and overtime. Leads don’t have to cover, movement coordinator doesn’t have to but I think the people covering should have it. Paul-I am looking into what we can do with that allotment. Hesse-we talked about this and it changes all of the time. What is it? Paul-I don’t know why it got reduced but I am looking into getting it back. Michelle-you can wear the pants to CPS if you choose. I would like you all to review it. Crystal-also send it to me so I can review it.


Adjourned at 1250pm