FMHP Labor Management Meeting Minutes 09/21/23


Attendance: Ryan Cates, Matt Stenger, Cory Moon, Eric Manriquez, Rick Pitts, Marvin Sullivan, James Kibler, Annie Jakacki, Brian Wills, Scott Melby, Michelle Chalin, Roxanne Portner, Jonelle Gressman, Sarah Aili

Reflection/Celebration: Melby- Would like to recognize the attendance of staff and patients at “Celebrate Us” this year. Great turn out with great weather. Personally enjoyed taking part in the dunk tank. Would also like to note the last two NEO groups were larger than normal with the most recent including 9 security counselors.

Old Business:

Management: No old business


A1: Wta’s/Physical plant not eligible at start of overtime assignment so not being offered but MAPE has been allowed to show up late or flex time. The union believes this shows favoritism to classes outside of the labor party. Also leads to units running short.

Response 1: Maybe it’s not the AOD’s maybe its scheduling.


A2: removed


A3: Looking for update on LPN LEAD/LPN 2 positions. Have acquired a list of additional LPN duties that are regularly covered but not acknowledged. Mentioned covering gaps when there may be no RN on duty.

Response 3: Would like to see the list and continue discussions.


A4: Requesting updates on 12 hr lead positions as well as shift in progress.

Response 4: Wills-Funding secured for 12 hour leads but need to wait for Becky on specifics as well as SIP. Melby-Shift change/communication was a key factor for the overlap in new schedules and it is tough to balance SIP vacation with OT hours.


A5: HSSS curios about potential scheduling options.

Response: Working on FNH schedules


A6: Looking for consistency in the overtime distribution process for Delivery Drivers specifically. Sometimes it is scheduling assigning the additional overtimes and other times it’s a Supervisor.

Response: Melby currently working on something.


New Business:

Management: No new business


A1: Members have watched supervisors choose/pick the location of their overtime assignment while they are being told they go where the need is.

Response1: Melby- We are doing many things to combat overtime. The general message is you are placed where you are placed but we’re trying to make things work while reducing inverses.


A2: The union understands having no on to inverse but running units short is dangerous and puts staff at risk. The 12 hour shifts took 40 members out of the inverse pool. AFSCME is looking for a future backup plan to combat short staffing in these instances. We would also like to be a part of developing that plan. Security counselors are constantly utilized in “Emergency” situation but not any other class. What does “Emergency” mean?

Response 2: Weekends are the hardest to fill and we forecast scheduling before everyone. Managements working on it. Staff presence policy but no plan yet.


A3: Start and end times of overtime assignments are inconsistent. What is the process? AFSCME prefers 6.5hrs and requests that the AODS ask for volunteers if extra help is needed for overlap. There was a sharepoint announcement communication put out for one day over a month ago and we still have no updated information since its removal. Some staff are available before or after start times and we need to come to a resolution.

Response3: Agreed with no commitment to timeline


A4: Some staff are being offered 12 hour overtime slots when we had agreed that they would be offered in two separate 8 hour assignments. A lot of different factors to offering out 12 hour assignments ie seniority/availability.

Response 4: Will look into it.


A5: Is there anyway to speed the process up?

Response5: Melby- 2 applicants currently scheduling interviews but the interview and hiring process can take weeks even months. There isn’t anything local management can do about the States hiring process.





A7: Any new information on an implementation date for Salary Range Re-assignments?

Response7: Only confirmed dates received were for the Annual Wage increase and Retro-pay. No other info. MMB said step 1 was to finish negotiations and step 2 was implementation.


A8: Removed bonus language from the negotiating table as MMB said it was in the works for DCT. Do we have any information on bonuses? Who can we contact?

Response8: Looking into it no information at this time. Denise Considine or Jonelle Gressman.