09/14/23 Minutes


Attendance: Bonnie Wold, Gary Tollefson, Eric Christensen, Michelle Breamer, Karen Holicky, Lea Plonty, Ryan Cates, Eric Manriquez, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Steaed Doehring, Annie Jakacki

Follow Up Items:

Inverse Numbers – Operations and Health Services


1st Watch -  6 staff for 35.75 hrs.            2nd Watch – 22 Staff for 46.25 hrs.         3rd Watch – 15 Staff for 46.25 hrs.         Total: 131 hrs.

Health Services – 0 hrs.

OT Numbers – Operations and Health Services

Operations: 2,537 hrs.                            Health Services: SP 17 hrs.     CPS 9 hrs.

Vacancy Rates – St. Peter overall, AFSCME overall, SC/SCL

SP Overall: 19.1%                    AFSCME: 14.7%                       SC: 17.2%                SCL: 6.9%

Vacancies by Watch: 1st Watch – 7        2nd Watch -                              3rd Watch -

Construction Update

GT- Sunrise construction project is scheduled to start in March. The CPS visiting room will move over to Bartlett next week. CPS Nursing and an ECU area in B1S are in the process.

BW- Pexton is still in the bidding process.

PELRA Update

DCT-wide agreed to meet on staffing ratios: we request a meeting to discuss this.

BW- We can set up a meeting for next month.

Incentive for Instructors Update

BW- The implementation is on hold (waiting on  Moose Lake) and will be moving forward. L&D will announce it on the Home Page.


New Agenda Items:

Contract Implementation

What happened with the implementation? There should have been some communication with Labor before implementation. BW- With the new process (not going to the legislature), the process moved faster than we are used to. We dropped the ball and apologize.

•              Salary increases on the October 6 paycheck. Eligible employees covered under the AFSCME Council 5 Multiunit Agreement and MAPE will receive a 5.5% general salary increase and any other increases in compensation rate as governed by their collective bargaining agreement. Access your electronic paystub in Self Service beginning September 30 to view your compensation rate.

•              Retroactive pay on October 6 paycheck. Eligible employees covered under the AFSCME Council 5 Multiunit Agreement and MAPE will receive retroactive pay to July 1, 2023. Access your electronic paystub beginning on September 30 to view your retroactive pay.

When will MMB implement the wage range reassignments?

LP- Information regarding this will be coming out on 9/18

Uniform Availability Issues

There are reports of unfulfilled orders, no item availability, and long wait times for shipping.

EC- will follow up with Sue Johnson in Moose Lake; she is the contact person for Galls.

OJT Scheduling

There is a shortage of job coaches. Can we train/add more job coaches? BW- will look into this. Kyle Walter is in charge of OJT scheduling.

Some staff are finishing their "book" and becoming coverage without training on their assigned unit. Can we add more time to the OJT training? Three weeks instead of 2?

When new staff finish their performance modules, they could be scheduled on their assigned work unit for some time to learn that unit before they are considered coverage.

Bonnie to follow up.

8-4 Schedules

Staff working 8-4 are returning from med trips later than 4 p.m., causing them to be inversed several times weekly. Can the OD look at the schedule and assign someone who works past 4 p.m. for those trips? Or at least ask the staff if they are willing to work late.

GT- The AOS pool will schedule overtime (48 hours in advance), assign staff to trips, etc. They are training now for a month. They should start doing this.

Removing Internet in Direct Care Areas

What is the reason that the internet is being removed? Is it a distraction? A punishment for Security staff? If it is for one classification, that equates to discrimination. Why not take it away for everyone? All staff are required to follow HR/LR Policy #1423 Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Information Technology https://mn.gov/mmb/assets/1423-appropuseoftech_tcm1059-322068.pdf. Why is this only enforced for Security, not Clinical, Management, or HR?

BW- This is a business need. It will be implemented by post in direct client care areas. The post orders for these areas reflect that internet use is not permitted. Some staff members were continually reported being on the internet and were addressed multiple times.

Labor would ask that instead of blanket decisions, the program use a more person-centered approach to performance-based issues when they arise. Issues could be addressed individually through the performance review process.

What are the expectations for 1st watch staff going to be? Are books going to be allowed again? Watching an empty hallway for 8 hours without falling asleep is brutal.

BW- The expectations for 1st Watch are not changing.

Security Counselor staff are frustrated; management only focuses on them. This is only going to contribute to lower morale and higher vacancy rates. All classes that are in CERP are direct care.