January 2019 General Membership Minutes

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

January 17th 2019

3PM Midtown Tavern


Adam Castle, Emilio Florez, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Emilio Florez, Stacy Mueller, Jacob Dougherty, Kurt Crosby, Crystal Kreklow, Eric Hesse, Nick, Antonino Guerrero

1. Secretary Report:

Motion to approve meeting minutes by Adam Castle, 2nd by Stenger. Motion passes

2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero:






SAVINGS: $ 79924.90

SUBMITTED BY: Antonino Guerrero

Motion to approve Treasurer Report subject to audit by Stenger, 2nd by Crosby. Motion Passes

3. Correspondence:  SEPC May 3rd Delta Hotel by Marriot. Interested contact Eric Hesse. Kurt-Motion for mileage and Per Diems 2nd by Emilio. Motion passes. Car pool if possible. Motion for day on the hill mileage and perdiem by Emilio 2nd by Kurt. Stenger amendment to put out call to dot chapter and retirees to ride bus with 404. Emilio amendment to include registration fee for all attendees. Motion passes. Kurt makes motion for lobby week for perdiem and mileage and parking if required. 2nd by Emilio, motion passes.

4. New Business: A member brought forward they would like the union to increase retirees to receive $200, $400, and $600 based on length of service. Eboard recommends keeping the same, as is. Hesse-vast majority of locals don’t give anything and we are above what the others do. In the future, the union won’t be able to afford to support the proposed amount for the hiring booms. Typically, out of the union dues, only $5 of union dues to the local so above that we are losing money per member. The rest goes to council 5 and international. Dougherty motions to keep the same. 2nd by Sheppard. Motion passes.

Holiday Party-Kurt-January 23rd from 6 to 12. Bowling is open and reserved. Buffet style food. Fajitas or ribs. Responsible for own beverage. Eboard talked about kids’ meals are 6 dollars each. When you attend, meals are for one person. It is not an all you can eat buffet. Be responsible and respectful. Gaming cards available for kids.

Next month general membership meeting. If you would like to bring forward additional supplementals. Bring to the meeting or send to an Eboard member. We will be voting on these.

Tuesday meet and confer we are purchasing pizza for CBHH/CARE in Rochester since they cannot make it to the holiday party.

Feb 26 corrections day on the hill. Contact Eric Hesse if you would like to attend. Stenger motions for per diem and mileage. 2nd by Emilio. Motion passes.

MSH Meeting Minutes: https://www.union404.com/news/january-2019-msh-minutes

MSOP Meeting Minutes: https://www.union404.com/news/january-2019-msop-meeting-minutes

CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes: https://www.union404.com/news/january-2019-cbhhcare-minutes

5. Old Business:

6. Items from the membership: Nick Proehl thanks the local for moving some of the meetings to Midtown Tavern in 2019.

Hesse-retiree chapter would like for the local to pay for all newly retired for the year ($20). Motion to pay all retirees first year. Kurt-amendment to pay only those active in the union to pay 1st year. Jacob 2nd Hesse. Motion fails. Motion by Crosby to pay 2 years retired dues for those whom continue to be active. 2nd by Jacob. Motion passes

7. Good and Welfare:

8. Officer Reports:

President: Ryan Cates- Attended MSOP Meet and Confer.

 Attended the Forensic Safety Committee. 

Met with management at Forensic Meet and Confer. 

Again asked about getting a fourth SCL on Cedar unit- Management is going to try to get this in the 2019 budget. 

Again asked about allowing a staff who was on IOD during the time the Lead list was open, to be put on the Lead list-management finally responded that they are not going to allow this because they cannot make any exceptions- we will look at other routes to resolve this issue. 

Discussed the policy requiring radio checks despite the fact that no radio checks are being done. We asked how management can enforce other policies while blatantly refusing to follow this policy- management said they would not enforce this policy and all staff should do a radio check when they put on a radio. There was a long "discussion" about this issue but management refused to listen to labor. 

Discussed the organizational restructuring for MSH, CRP and Transitions- management had few answers to our questions and responded by saying they do not know the details but they will let us know when they do. 

We asked if HSSS's in Transitions could wear scrubs- yes, and can FNH staff wear hoodies-no.

Brought up problems with the incentive MOU payments, have to be maxed out for a year instead of 6 months and disciplines preventing payments- management does not know any answers.

Presented the issue of scheduling only allowing members to ask for vacation outside of 6 months if it is within the same pay period as the time within 6 months- This is against contract and scheduling will stop limiting the amount of time outside of 6 months that AFSCME members can ask for vacation.


Attended a meeting, we asked for, to discuss LPN issues in Forensics. 

LPN's mutualing shifts with RN's- will be allowed as long as an RN is not required for that shift.

An SNV process for nurses- Names will now be randomly drawn instead of a first person who asked system.

(Emilio has the notes for the entire meeting so I am just giving answers management has given and am not listing all the issues) 


Attended a meeting about the Physical Plant merger. 

Management is pushing back the date of the merger due to "unforeseen" issues with it. Will let Labor know when they decide the date. We presented multiple issues and question we have about the merger and they will consider them.

Went to New Employee Orientation.


Attended Weekly check-ins


Attended Interest Based Problem Solving group where we pushed for staff to be allowed to use cameras to monitor patients on Willow unit. We are working on changing policy to allow staff to use cameras for wellness checks when there is a perceived risk from going on the unit.

Filed multiple grievances and sat investigations.

Talked with members in multiple work areas and listened to their concerns.

Presented and argued grievances.

Became frustrated with management's responses to our grievances and their refusal to consider the idea that they are ever wrong.

Communicated information to E-Board members about issues facing the Local.

Chaired the Executive Board Meeting

Chaired the General Membership Meeting. 



Ryan Cates

Security Counselor Lead

Spruce Unit 507-985-2750

AFSCME Local 404 President



VP: Matt Stenger-Nurses meeting last week. Granted uniforms process for SNV. Was first come first serve. LPNs want names in a hat then drawn. LPNs want consistent schedule week of earlies and lates. Work 7 and 3 rotation. Didn’t make decision so asked LPNs to reach out and find out their opinions. Have not received any more information. Problems with LPNs mutualing with RNs. We would like that put into atlas. Cannot put into atlas but will continue the process. Phone app is still in progress.

VP: Eric Hesse- In MSOP, we are working on ways to get more staffing in all areas.

We continue to collect data on DHS wrongly denying people out of their incentives from the MoU.On January 25th, we start the negotiation process for the next State contract. This process usually lasts until the middle of June.

I urge members to join MemberLink. This is a resource for all members so they can see various documents, such as the contract, constitutions, and contact information for the local. Please visit https://members.afscmemn.org/

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please feel free to contact me.


In solidarity,

Eric Hesse

Vice President – Steward Coordinator

AFSCME Local 404

Executive Board: Jake Schoenecker- Sitting investigations, Monthly meetings and supporting members with questions in person and from emails.

Executive Board: Chief Steward Emilio Florez- I attended the LPN meeting for MSH, I also attended Interest based problem solving group, this one went well we seemed to be moving along topic is on wellness checks and the ability to use cameras for certain circumstances.  I attended the Forensic Labor and Management meeting we had a lot of questions about the merger of all programs becoming Forensic Mental Health please see meeting minutes. I have had a few more grievances this month. Management is doing a good job in responding appropriately and keeping timelines. We are scheduled to go to CBHH Rochester on the 22nd for the CARE/CBHH Labor and Management meeting thereafter we meet with AFSCME members.  We have our holiday party this month as well as Negotiations. I have been helping MSH Chief steward while he’s on vacation cover MSH and FMHP area and had a few grievances in that area.   We are still working on a better solution to livestream the GM meetings. Please refer to union404.com for more information.


Emilio Florez

Chief Steward

AFSCME Local 404

Executive Board: Chief Steward Steve Wilking-

Executive Board: Chief Steward Molly Kennedy-  

Executive Board: Chief Steward Marvin Sullivan

Executive Board: Jamie Sheppard-I attended MSOP Meet and Confer, E-Board Meeting, and the General Membership Meeting this month. I will also be attending Negotiations later this week. I answered some questions about seniority, the MOU on the Student Loan Reimbursement and FMLA. Please remember to forward all of your grievances to me as well as the outcomes for ALL steps. Don’t forget to bring forward Good and Welfare items to myself and Kurt Crosby so we are aware of what is going on in all areas. If you have any questions about anything please let us know. We cannot help you if we do not know what is going on.


In Solidarity,

Jamie Sheppard, E-Board


CS Facility Support: Stacey Mueller-Nothing to report at this time


Chief Steward MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Kurt Crosby-During the past month I have set to investigation's filled out one grievance and set in several meetings including information based problem solving. It was a very productive meeting in which management and our local work together to try and come to a good resolution for camera usage on Willow and tamarack. Will definitely keep everyone informed of any . This next month I will be attending the contract negotiations assembly. The toy drive again was a huge success please keep an eye out on our local for 04 page for some pictures of all of The donations that all of the employees at SPRTC and M So P came together and donated it honestly was amazing ..happy New Year!!


Council 5 Agent: Crystal Kreklow-


Motion to Adjourn by Kurt. 2nd by Jamie Sheppard.


Adjourned at 412PM