January 2019 MSH MInutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

January 17th 2019 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Marvin Sullivan, Ryan Cates, Crystal Kreklow, Emilio Florez, Kurt Crosby, Scott Melby, Lisa Vanderveen, Alli Kuhlman, Denise Considine, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen, Roxanne Portner


Reflection/Celebration: Scott-Finally rolled out standardized shift times. They are posted but haven’t started yet. This will help a lot of things. 

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. OSHA Information-Handouts from Alli.
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts from Alli.

Old Business:


  1. 1.      LPN Meeting Follow Up: SNV process is communicating to the ODs to draw from the names they get when they can offer it. Consistent scheduling, waiting on afscme for examples they have. Atlas is designed to count the amount of lates, earlies, etc. Still waiting on suggestions from members. OT call out in advance. Ted said there will be a period of time when they call out and wait for a response. Possibly can do this when it goes to the AODS office. Float pool- Scheduling holiday preferences. Afscme only submits requests if they do not want to work the holiday. MNA submits when they do want to work the holiday. Turnarounds frequently waiting on members. Scheduling staff on vacation. Email scheduling availability. Jodi is ok with that. Email her. RN and LPN difference in atlas. It would take a lot of programming which we cannot do right now. Will keep it out of atlas. Maybe in the future but can still mutual as it is being done now.  Scheduling consistency with lates will be discussed with members if they are interested. 

Emilio-some were getting preference of early or late because they don’t have a rotation. Roxanne-Jodi doesn’t do preferences. Stenger-Can they put in vacation and if they want to work a different shift? Roxanne-Jodi doesn’t allow preferences for MNA either. It’s not a guarantee to be granted.


  1. 1.      Cedar Unit Lead: Carol-looking at that being an additional spot with 2019 budget. No promises but it may come out of the new dollars.
  2. 2.      Staff on IOD when lead list was open for interest: Carol-isn’t the first time and not making exceptions. Cates-It was because of IOD in this case, is why it was asked. Carol-not going to make exceptions.
  3. 3.      Policy on Radio Checks: Scott-trying to develop a process to be compliant. Asking for regular checks, not mandated on NOC. If we all do them at once it causes crash. Looking at something else. Doing some piloting for checks without malfunction. Talk to Luke Pearson or Brian Wills. Marvin-why is policy still in existence then? Giving ok to not follow policy. Scott-it was written and now trying to write it as how it works now. The ICS policy is one sentence so I want to keep that policy in place and work on this. Marvin-members are bringing this up that we aren’t following this policy but we do others. Scott-I understand, I am working on the policy change. They think they can come up with one. Crystal-it’s been months now. However, what is the hold up. Scott-system isn’t working how we think it will. We try to make changes to be baseline and policy hasn’t changed because we are hoping it will work with our fixes. There is a self-diagnostic. Do a radio check any time you put a radio on. Kurt-kickback sends mixed messages because it is a policy to follow but it’s important to them because it’s their lifeline, who gets in trouble? Carol-we hold people accountable about policies. We know it’s not being followed and we aren’t going to hold people accountable for it. We have asked to do a check every time you pick a radio up, check. This is the training on 2 ways. Its better practice than just on nights. You are right we aren’t following policy. We aren’t going to hold people accountable for a policy we aren’t following right now. We want you to follow policy but if there is something we can’t do, we won’t hold them accountable. Radios are getting better and better. We have someone coming tomorrow for the master override. Seems there is always a domino effect. Crystal-you said independent checks are better. Why not put this in policy for an update? So we have that in place until you figure something out. For us, if this is working better right now, change it now until the best practice so there is something in there. Stenger-it just cleans it up for everyone. Melby-trying to get them to work the way we want them to. That contributes to it.

New Business:


  1. 1.      Organizational Structure Change: Carol-what parts of CRP and MSH transition merger are as far as staff processes. Nurse Backfilling? Carol-we haven’t worked out yet. Remain the same for now. May slowly blend and mold. No answers yet. Cates-staffing number changes? Carol-could be the acuity of units that could change in the future but not at this point. Cates-any plans to change how they function? Tamarac, spruce etc. Carol-variance still talks to level a, b, c. all dictated by levels of care. Cates-rumors about changing what the units are. Carol-we will be shifting things in the future. Scott-we won’t change the mission of tamarack, and willow. Will there be changes at some point? Probably. Carol-when there are changes, we will be talking to afscme. It’s easier to pick up entire units as we have done in the past. Crystal-could you email a presentation of how this may work out? Carol-yes. Crystal-with the merge do you have a new org chart? Carol-yep. It will be shared to campus next week. We had 4 different programs. MSH, CRP and transition is licensed the same. I’m merging all 3 to forensic mental health program. Nursing home will remain separate because it is separate. 2 programs under forensics. Still working out a lot of other pieces. Lisa is director. Vanderveen is the administrator and will answer to Scott. Crystal-how will the effect OT, inversing, etc.? Carol-for now, remains they all connect that way. Roxanne-will it change yes. But we will keep everyone informed. Crystal-we need to be brought back if there are changes. Stenger-everyone going to same handbook or separate? Carol-where it makes sense we will. Always uniqueness. What was CRP, you now have 10 MI&D committed. It’s about continuum of care. That’s what we are trying to do. How inversing OT etc. remains the same. Stenger-under same handbook? Carol-not right now. Eventually maybe. I don’t want to create chaos. We will slowly move forward. Emilio-why can’t CRP go to certain activities? Carol-with this merger….this is not becoming one MSH etc. good parts of all of them and take the good of all. Emilio-how does it change for community? Carol-it will be one of our changes. Emilio-still makes sense to make one unit or separate? Carol-north campus is locked. It will probably serve same people. Becoming one doesn’t create artificial barriers. Stenger-some use Velcro restraints. Would like to see those go away. Carol-that is something for us to look at. There are no plans on turning transition staff into counselors yet. Cates-will organizational structure change the cost of care? Carol-I don’t think so. It could change a little bit. Kurt-more supervisors on overnights? Carol-our night supervisors were reporting to Security Services and that doesn’t make sense. They will be reporting to residential. Adding a supervisor on nights and in nursing. We ant an RN sup 7 days a week. We have a lot of needs on nights. It’s important to have a nursing supervisor giving directions. Restructure nights to report to Lisa.



  1. 1.      Transition Scrubs/Nursing Home Wearing Sweatshirts: Carol-something in policy that says they can’t? Michelle-it does specify they may choose between scrubs or business casual. Carol- “I say yes.” Marvin-can staff at nursing wear sweatshirts? Michelle-not hoodies. Carol-they are kind of like warm up jackets. Michelle-it doesn’t specify in policy. Scott-The history of this is that we have had a few incidents where staff had a hood on and where they were pulled etc. Carol-yes for transition HSSS. I will look into the other
  2. 2.      Incentive MOU issues: Cates-MOU said staff had to be topped for 6 months then was applied only to 12 months. Outside of MOU language. Also, said satisfactory performance but staff are being denied if they have a discipline on file. Crystal -not implemented as negotiated. Denise-I would defer to Melissa. I was not part of that at all. I will let her respond to that. Carol-Melissa would be best. It was at DCT executive meeting and explained options. We made the decisions but I’m not an expert on the language. There is a word “discretionary” in that and how we decided.
  3. 3.      Vacation Granting Process MOU: Cates- it’s being done if you ask 6 months as long as 1 day is within the 6 months. Scheduling has been doing it as they will deny everything if it goes beyond that pay period. It’s outside of contract. Asking to discuss MOU on it. Contract doesn’t allow you to deny the vacation. Stenger-he requested vacation that overlapped 2 pay periods. They denied last part because it was in next pay period…I think we could agree but would like to see 2 pay periods. Crystal-need MOU because it is against policy. Stenger-we could file grievance on it because it was against contract. We are asking to not do that and make MOU. MSOP is also asking to do it this way. Cates-it violates contract so we need an MOU for it but to add another pay period. Alli-I can get back to you guys on this.
  4. 4.      Vacation Issues: Marvin-Putting in for days off at 6 months. Employees have the day off at the 6 month mark then come back to see it’s already taken because they weren’t working. Cates-discussion about emails to the scheduler. Stenger-this is currently the process from our supervisor to submit email to Jodi. We would need that communicated. Roxanne-so I can follow up with Jodi. We are still working on atlas but to have a missed email, etc. is a lot right now. Marvin-requests get looked at right away and others sit there a week. Carol-atlas doesn’t allow to put in 6 months out? Marvin-no. Stenger-some issues will get resolved but in the meantime… Roxanne-Jodi has communicated she wants staff to email her when they want to put in for vacation if they are off that day. They are working on the app. But only if you are not here, you can do that. Carol-we can put a posting out there with the information. Marvin-when you put in for a partial shift of vacation. You select the box 5 to 9. It puts in for the entire shift. Puts you out on vacation for the whole day instead of just the 4 hours. It forces you to burn the vacation. Roxanne-Jodi wanted me to communicate that we are close to being able to see accruals. Kurt-any plan in works for granting more spots on Tuesdays?  Why can’t they grant vacation every day instead of 1 day? Cates-contract says only supervisors can grant vacation.

Add On:

  1. Nurses filling counselor roles: Covered above
  2. CRP changes: Covered above
  3. Flu Vaccine Survey: Cates-Why? Roxanne-looking at vaccination rate. Same as hospitals. The commission has goals and this is a data process so we can show improvement, etc. It is not mandatory.
  4. Vacation Slots: Cates-transition unit gets 1 for day and 1 for evenings. This isn’t comparable to other areas here. Carol-we will look at that.
  5. Coverage on Staffing sheet: Cates-someone scheduled to cover spruce and another unit at different times. Unless they look through every staff for the day, they won’t see it. Can there be something that shows they have more than one assignment? Scott-I will look into that.


  1. Scott-working with the kitchen and SNV process. When we get close I will call Marvin. Positions filled and opportunities filled. We aren’t ready but want a good system before we implement. We need to talk with AODS office too.


Adjourned at 140pm