January 2019 CBHH/CARE Minutes

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services

CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting Agenda

Meeting Location: Vidyo-Anoka HR Conference Room

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Emilio Florez, Steve Wilking, Antonino Guerrero, Ryan Cates, Kristine Wahlberg, Patrick Everett, Sarah Stranky, Frederick Beldman, Jim Pierce, Diane Andrews, Bill, Bill Stoner, Fred Bedner



  1. 1.      Introductions
  2. 2.      Management Updates
    1. A.     CARE St. Peter: Fred-staffing performance is upward stabilizing staffing. Engagement and hiring and filling vacant positions. Vacancies are nursing. LPN positions 2 night positions having challenge getting them filled. Discussion today about potentially up number of nurses available. Bill-we have intermittent CDPA open. Putting out some communication to applicants to fill. Opening for LADC. Ongoing for 2 months. Still waiting on applicants. LADC is challenging. Jessica Engles is now responsible and putting together a different approach for better results. Critical positions for care sites. Kristine-everyone given copy of overtime reports. Will be bigger than last one. We didn’t meet in December so it’s extended. Any questions? No. bill-we have opportunity to improve but some has been attributed to long term vacancies. Continually over extending staff. We still have work to do.
    2. B.      CBHH Rochester: Patrick-programs going fine. Trying to hire to fill. List of positions handed out. Numbers are low but getting better. Hiring RN supervisor. Sarah Strenky stepping down.

Labor Questions and Updates


  1. 1.      Mandatory Overtime on day off: Emilio-There is some confusion with overtime language. Contractually staff are guaranteed 2 hours. We had a discussion on a grievance. Expectancy is to check in before they can leave. Haven’t seen anything more on that. Re introduce contract language for mandated 2 hours minimum. Management job to let them know if they have anything else to do. Pat-yeah, we told them they can use leave. Diane-that’s where the confusion is. We need to tell them they get 2 hours. They don’t have to use leave time. Kristine-call back? Stenger-if someone comes in for a meeting and it’s not their normal shift. They get 2 hours no matter what. If manager wants them to stay for the other hour, that is fine. Kristine-we have them stay for CBTs. Stenger-that is acceptable. Emilio-we just want to clarify that this is how it works.
  2. 2.      Time Sheet corrections and notifying employer: Emilio-Apparently there are corrections being made to time books but staff were not being made aware and then have issues with the time. Stenger-if the supervisor needs to correct something, the supervisor just sends an email to tell them what they did. Then it’s not confusing to the staff and the staff can explain why they had this on the time book. Kristine-I thought this was one isolated incident. Emilio-I have two emails but I am just trying to keep it vague to bring it to your attention. Diane-writing it on the comment section, is this notification? Jim-employee never gets notification if it’s in comments. We are obligated to put comment if we do change something. I try to email the employee about it if I can, if I make changes. A common courtesy. Cates-it also allows the employee to have communication. We are asking that they email the employee. Pat-I don’t want anyone to be surprised. You will get a nasty gram from payroll if you don’t put comments. We don’t have to do it but it is a good practice.
  3. 3.      Atlas Scheduling-Vacation requests. Can you see what’s available? Emilio-I don’t know how it works here but staff can’t view vacation days that are available? Pat-Sarah does this and there are ways to view who is on. Emilio-we do have a box that we can check for availability. Stenger-it shows the calendar and a number for what is available. It doesn’t say who, just what is available. You can double click the day and see who it is. If there are questions, we can show you. Cates-it is contractual when they are posted. Can they see? Pat-I’m not sure. Diane-there is no notification until it’s approved. Pat-we haven’t had any that have put in the amount of days that it has to be posted. Steve- a week in advance or a single day?  More than 5 days, it has to be posted, not for requests with less than 5 days. Diane-atlas doesn’t let you put in 7 consecutive days. Pat-it doesn’t charge vacation for your day off because you don’t get charged. Cates-it still counts as days though. Pat-we have a long list for atlas. Emilio-they are looking at browsers and apps. Starting in St. Peter and when bugs are worked out, they will transition to other programs in the state. Starting with the browser. No timeline. Stenger-anything that isn’t working on managements end? Pat-how long it takes to make individual changes. If I get 5 sick calls, I have to go in one by one. Jim-it’s cumbersome, it takes a lot of time keeping up with schedule. We didn’t have that with schedule anywhere. You could see 30 days at a time and reports. Seemed simpler and easier to get those tasks done. Mutual shift exchanges are difficult for staff to do. Pat-can only access at work so when it’s verbal, it gets confusing. Jim-when we had schedule anywhere, I had hair. Stenger-let us know what issues you have and we can help talk to the vendor. Steve-MSH takes a lot of sick calls. Stenger-Jodi does our schedule but also works with the vendor directly. I don’t know if they work out issues and don’t roll them out to everywhere. Pat-we don’t have a scheduler so that is tough for us to do when our person has other things to do. Bill-we are interested in partnering with you guys to take care of this. It’s been troublesome. Emilio-I will talk to Jodi about this. Pat-have her talk to Sherilyn Sands. That is who talks to Luke on our site. Stenger-we can go back with Jodi so we can get changes added to yours.
  4. 4.      Mutualing into doubles: Diane-we usually don’t do that here. Has to do with inverse language…. Emilio-if I work different rotation and want another day off. We mutual shifts so one works 16 hours and you have the day off. Then another day it’s for the other staff. I’m not sure we have that language.
  5. 5.      Going up to capitol: Stenger-anything legislatively you would like us to push for when we go up to the capitol? We are trying to get some things changed in St. Peter. Pat-no, that’s a curious one. Jim-not that I can think of. Bill-nothing right now. Stenger-going next week. Let us know if you have anything.

Wrap up and miscellaneous

Meeting dates for 2019: Kristine-Do we want to stick with 4th Thursday of the quarter? Stenger-yes that works. 130 to 230. Thank everyone for their time. Have a good day.


Adjourned at 210pm