CBHH/CARE April 2022 Minutes

CBHH/ CARE Labor/Management Meeting

April 28, 2022




Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Steve Wilking, Judy Ehrman-Hate, Teri Hable, Jonelle Gressman, Elizabeth Trandem, Jim Pierce, William Kopf, Heather Tucke, Eric Hesse, Mista Hellekson


  1. Introductions


  1. Reports:
    1. Overtime:
    2. Vacancies:


  1. Management/Program Updates
    1. CARE St. Peter: Mista-Still have vacancies. LPN and contract nurse started today. We have 3 active contract nurses right now. Hoping to fill at least 2 more day/evening positions and overnights as well.
    2. CBHH Rochester: Jim-Struggling to fill afscme positions with lpns and HST. Only 25 percent of schedule is being filled. Trying to plug gaps across all disciplines. We don’t even get to 80 percent availability with leaves, etc. We do have HST starting and another one in May.


  1. Labor Questions and Updates

Old Business:

  1. Staffing Issues:

New Business

  1. Concerns about Non-Nursing staff giving medications: Ryan-We have received letters from CDPAs. Were told they would do PRNs with nursing available. If there is a med error, what happens? There are concerns without any support. William-That may have been a while back before we had nurses available. Now, we have quite a few. There shouldn’t be any times where that is happening now. We are trying to provide quality care. Its not likely to occur right now. We want to get them trained while we have an abundance of nursing staff to provide oversight. Mista-It is part of their description to be able to do it. other care sites do this. The training was done and observe med passes monthly. There has been a lot of pushback. Its minimal to step into the role. We have some trained to do full med passes with nursing there. Those have to be observed for training but they may need to step in if nursing is busy. Ryan-Has there ever been a time where they have to do meds because of no nursing in building. Mista-On overnights it would only be PRNs. Matt-When they are certified, do they have to be working under a licensed nurse. They feel there should be one on site when passing meds. Mista-The wording doesn’t indicate such. That is not a requirement. A past concern from nursing that a CDPA was passing under their license, but it is under the facilities license. Ryan-Can you send a copy of the program abuse prevention plan? Elizabeth-email the request.
  2. Unfilled Shift Bonuses, Part time staff working extra hours: Ryan-If 8/10s only working 64 hours? Mista-.8 staff get 64 but if I’m in need for more, I can schedule up to 80 hours. As needed, they could have more but in general they work 64 hours. We can’t schedule less than. Ryan-If they voluntarily work more, are they getting the shift bonus? Mista-Should be but if they are on the schedule prior to it being posted, that isnt overtime shift.
  3. Short Notice Vacation: Ryan-An email said they are being told they cannot get snv because they are short on the schedule. Mista-No one has inquired about it recently but justifying staff to leave when there is overtime, it doesn’t make sense. Ryan-If over staffing numbers, why not send home? Mista-There is stuff to do so there is a need for the numbers. We arent staffing above minimums. People are orientating but it may seem we have extras but they are learning.
  4. Scheduling Pattern for weekends: Mista-.8 are every other weekend and rn are every other 3rd. CDPAs are ever other but based on vacations also. They may be scheduled every other weekend. I have explained to the staff what the rationale is and then rotated through. We needed people to pass meds. Ryan-So being trained makes you more able to cover weekends? Mista-Yes, but we have more training on the first week of May so that doesn’t occur as often.
  5. Vacation Posting: Ryan-How is this done? Atlas or paper and can staff see it? Heather-Done on Atlas and then posted. they should be able to see it. Ryan-Prior to approval can they see if its above 40 hours? Mista-It would be posted so others can take a day off in that window. If not, its posted. Ryan-For us there is a tab to see posted. Does CBHH run it like that? How is it posted? Heather-I have seen it does show them that someone is wanting it and a different color code. Steve-Are you posting it with a color in October or can you see a date range? Heather-Staff looked and it appeared to be a yellow code that it was requested by someone else. Ryan-We will get back to you on that after we take a look. Elizabeth-If you find something, talk to Jim and we can look into it.
  6. Overnight Staffing: Ryan-Is nocs running short in Rochester with direct/floor staff? Heather-they have been doing call outs but I would have to look at dates to see if they are. I was aware people were picking up. Contract nurses helped also. Ryan-Picking up partial shifts? Heather-Not that I am aware of. Judy-A couple of days people stayed until 3pm. There were 3 staff and an RN wasn’t replaced. Contract nurse had no experience being in charge. That was unsafe. Its good until its not good. I will have to look back at the date and get back to you. Teri-That would help so we can look at it and see what we can do different.

Wrap Up and Miscellaneous

  1. Next Meeting Scheduled for June 23, 2022

Jonelle-Propose we rotate from month to month. Ryan-We take notes ourselves but we can rotate for official notes.


Adjourned at 135pm