5/15/14 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Eric Hesse, James Hemshrot, Mike Homer, Sarah Moeller, Julie Moeller, Mike Hohenstein, Adam Castle, Amanda Mathiowetz, Clay Haglund, Kendra Benson, Allison Hughes, Stephanie Attenburger, Marvin Sullivan, Luke Frederick, Ryan Cates, Molly Kennedy

1.Secretary’s Report: Additions or corrections for April 2014 meeting minutes? Motion to accept subject to review by Amanda Mathiowetz, second by Molly Kennedy then carried

2. Treasurer-Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING April 2014 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 81904.66 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5659.30 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 15937.38 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 71626.58 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by John Knobbe, 2nd by Molly Kennedy

3. Correspondence: • Jerry Clark Memorial Scholarship- Contact Tim Headlee with any questions or go to the following link http://www.afscme.org/members/scholarships/jerry-clark-memorial-scholarship • 5 for the Fight will be beginning January 1st 2015- will be the first boost in per-capita dues since Council 5 formed 10 years ago. The increase will be $5 per month ($2.50 per pay check). This increase does not go to Local 404. It will go to Council 5. Convention delegates will vote on the recommendation September 12th. Council 5 officers and directors will lead informational discussions in 17 cities during June. Mankato’s meeting is Friday, June 20th at 1pm and 5:30pm. The meeting will be held at MN State University, 219 Centennial Student Union, Room 238 Nickerson. • Advanced Steward Training will be June 6th. Contact Molly Kennedy if interested. Motion by John Knobbe for the local to pay per diem for instructors and trainers, food/usual expenses. 2nd by Adam Castle, motion passed. • AFSCME International Convention will be July 13th – 18th in Chicago. We are able to take 5 delegates, 1 possibly being Scott Grefe. Will vote on the remaining delegates at June’s General Membership (June 19th 10:30pm @ The Redmen). If you are interested please email Connie Anderson. • Jill Gatzke kitchen at Trinity Lutheran Church sent a thank you for Local 404’s donation of $100 per month in a lump sum once a year. Opportunity to help any Monday. Prep starts at 5. • Clay Haglund, an AFSCME employee on overnights, presented an organization he started 3 years ago, Mankato Area Mountain Bikers. This past January they got nonprofit status so they are currently looking for sponsors. They are currently sponsored by Jake’s Pizza and Mankato Brewery. This provides funds to buy tools and lumber. No one is paid in this organization. There are 3 sponsorship levels of $100, $300, and $500. There is a trail in St. Peter that is 8 miles started at Traverse De Sioux on the east side of the sidewalk after the Dead End sign. Mankato has 4 miles by the recreation area and 2.1 miles at the intersection of 66 & 90. There is no cost for members. Tim Headlee motioned for AFSCME to sponsor at the $300 level, 2nd by Stephanie Attenburger, motion passed www.mankatoareamountainbikers.org https://www.facebook.com/joinMAMB 4. New Business: • Motion made by Molly Kennedy to provide a pizza lunch for new AFSCME employees both MSH & MSOP. AFSCME generally presents during orientation at 11:30am, with lunch release at 12:00pm. By providing lunch to new employees, there would be more than 30 minutes to present information about the union. Motion by John Knobbe to whoever puts on the training, they are allowed to submit the lunch expense that day to Connie Anderson, 2nd by Adam Castle, motion passed. • Has been an excellent month as far as things moving forward. DHS Salary Supplement went through. All of the members making phone calls were very affective- thank you. • Bonding went forward with no amendment attached. • If there are issues with the doors at the Nursing Home, let Tom Kolstad or AFSCME leadership know. Please record when you are finding doors unlocked. Management reported that this has only happened twice. Mark the check with “Found unlocked.” • YAAP- received a schedule, hoping that it has not been completed and sent out. They are not going to need many bodies from MSH. There will be 4 lead spots, 3 full time security counselor’s, 1 .8 security counselor, and 6 LPN’s. Management is committed to making 2 Fulltime LPN’s on low control, 2 fulltime LPN’s in CRP, and 4 other spots. A lead spot on Unit 100 will be vacant that will become a CRP lead. 1 Lead and 3 security counselor spots that they are committing to part time with set days off. We have never gotten this before. Nights are moving to 10 hour shifts. • During investigations you have the ability to say, “I believe you are getting more formal. Do I need to ask for union representation?” if you are getting the feeling it may affect your employment. • For MSOP- was researched if uniforms must be made in the USA by 2016 and this is for Federal only.



5. Old Business: • Vote on increase for Chair spots: pay scale has not changed for Local 404 since 2005. Motion by John Knobbe that the following changes be made: - President go from $200 a month + $65 cell phone allowance to no cell phone allowance and $350 a month - Vice President & Vice President Steward Coordinator go from $200 a month + $65 cell phone allowance to no cell phone allowance and $350 a month - Secretary & Treasurer go from $200 a month to $300 a month - 5 Chief Stewards go from $100 a month to $200 - 3 E Board members go from $50 a month to $100 Asked if some stewards can get a different raise than others. This has been attempted in the past and does not work. The local is not against paying per diem to those stewards for the work they do. An example is when 2 stewards spent a day cleaning and organizing the union’s office on campus- they received per diem. Motion 2nd by Shannon Pech, motion passed

6. Items from the membership: • Nothing to report

7. Officer Reports Presidents Report: Please see May’s MSH Meeting Minutes @ http://www.union404.com/index.cfm?action=article&articleID=539b9520-2eb6...

VP-John Knobbe: It has been a busy month. Working on CRP Expansion and MSH YAAP unit disbanding. This was presented on a change of program on 100 and the staff being changed to CRP. We presented the contract language that didn’t allow this and have been in many meetings about how this can happen within contract language. The schedules should be on the SharePoint site Friday, May 16th. This also means LPN spots are going to CRP and MSH High control will be losing LPN coverage. As of today, CRP will be looking to establish 4 SCL’s, 3 FT SC’s, and 1 .8 SC. They are opening 2 FT LPN’s and 4 more .8 LPN’s. MSH low control will be going from 9 .8 LPN’s to 2 FT and 7 .8 LPN’s. They will be going from 1 vacation spot shared by LPN’s and SC’s to 3 for SC’s and 1 for LPN’s. The CRP spots will be offered by voluntary reassignment, most senior to least. If spots remain, least senior in MSH and 100 staff will take the openings. Very few (2) or more should be forced to CRP. We have been working on issues at the Forensic Nursing Home when it comes to vacation and bidding issues. We are continuing to support bonding for our facility and following the pension bill through to where it is now completed. The salary sup went through which takes away the threats to downsize the number of line staff and safe handling of patients while keeping staff as safe as possible. 4 licensing reports came back. 2 false, 2 unsustainable. In Solidarity, W. John Knobbe


VP- Molly Kennedy: WORKERS COMPENSATION/EMPLOYEE INJURY INFORMATION There have been questions about where to access the most current forms for injured employees. They can be found at http://dhsinfo.dhsintra.net/InfoLink/Policies_Procedures/HealthandSafety... . You as the supervisor should be prepared to go through the employee forms with them if they have questions and then complete the supervisory portion and follow the instructions for submission. In addition to this, it is important to note that if the injury involves exposure to blood borne pathogens, there are additional steps that must be followed by the supervisor and employee and those details are found at http://workplace/msop/policy/Policies%20and%20Division%20Policies/Employ... Please see May’s MSOP Meeting Minutes @ http://www.union404.com/index.cfm?action=article&articleID=4c481ba0-250e... Advanced Steward Training was scheduled for May 30th. That date is cancelled, and rescheduled for June 6th at the RedMen Club from 8am-3pm. Please contact myself and Chuck Hottinger if you would like to attend. You would have had to take Basic Steward training to attend.

Executive Board: Luke Frederick The Area Labor Council is looking to have a summer get together for all the unions in our area. Hopefully will be a great opportunity to get to know other union members from local communities. As details emerge I’ll make sure to get the info out.

Executive Board: Adam Castle I am looking for people to become involved in the Member Action Team. This team comes up with different ideas on how to get members more involved by coming to meetings and signing cards to be a full member. If you are interested please email me.

Executive Board: James Hemshrot I am exploring options and gathering ideas for a Local 404 gathering.

CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates



CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Matt Stenger

Won an inverse grievance last month. Only have two grievances in for this month. I will be putting out a call for topics for June’s Meet & Confer.



Still waiting for 2 hours of pay for a grievance that was won for a call in overtime. Sat an investigation for Facility Support last Friday.

CS Nursing Home: Eric Hesse


CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Shannon Pech It has been quiet on MSH overnights. CRP is waiting for everything to get settled and what that will look like. Grievances have been quiet.

CLU delegate report- Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe:

Reminder that we are 1 local. Please remember that when expressing your views/opinions, we cannot say that we are representing Local 404.

Every year there are changes made to the Omnibus Pension. Statute will now read SOFS so this will now cover everyone. The bill has been passed and will go to the governor for his signature, then become a law. This will be a very big victory. All of your calls have helped. We do have a lot of power when we put our mind to it.

Cambridge is closing as a facility. We got all of the line staff grandfathered in as they move off into the community for retirement.

Salary supplement passed. Will get extra money to pay for all of our wages, specifically MSOP. This is a big deal because they are obligated for raises but they could lay someone off to cover that. Now everyone can keep their jobs.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Luke Frederick at 5:57pm, 2nd by Connie Anderson