12/21/17 MSH Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Marvin Sullivan, Mike Homer, Kurt Crosby, chalen, Ahli Kuhlman, Scott Melby, Carol Olsen, Melissa Gryschek, Colleen Ryan

Melissa Discussion summary: talk about how to have positive interactions and communication outside of meetings also. Came out with good ideas and are committed. Krystal-matt and I involved in brainstorming ideas to make st peter a better place for us and management. Implementing ways to discuss ideas. Goal is to have as a reset and move forward.

Scott-looking at pay period 12/12 do not look accurate. Scheduling got behind. There has been more inversing and more than 212 overtime hours granted. Possible it got printed prior to updating information. Ali will follow up and send it out. Reflection/Celebration:

1. Scott-good staff appreciation. Served a lot of fajita stuff. A lot of people came. Plenty to eat and was fun. Matt-heard good things. Close to 85 to 90 percent of the people that were working

Standing Agenda Items:

1. Osha Information-Handed out the paperwork to AFSCME

2. Overtime Information-

Old Business:


1. Construction Update:Carol has covered this on the sharepoint. Matt-when we build new sally port are food trays going through it or somewhere else? Carol-TC is working with infection control to figure that out. Now going to be middle to end of January work will be in interior in workshop, canteen etc.


1. Aspen-Kitchen Area/Staff Breakroom Camera: Matt- know camera is unplugged but people are concerned. Can we remove it until it will be used. Carol-we can cover it. Scott-talk to security and put an approved cover on it. Scott will have it done by next meeting.

New Business:


1. Position Update/New Dollars-25 of 53.4 filled as of pay period ending 12/12. Got a lot of people coming up in employee orientation. 30 next week for NEO. No LPNs in that group.


1. 1:1 on the unit/Seclusion room broken: Carol encourage people to talk to unit director if it is being done unsafely and should come back to treatment team. Taking into consideration everyone’s concerns. Safety team talked about we want to present to clinical the difference of view of someone in person compared to a camera. Initiate failure mode analysis. Look at high risk activities and where are all the potential failures and what are different opportunities to reduce the occurrence of failure. We are evaluating all injuries for staff and clients. Staff should always talk to treatment team and unit directors. Kurt-patient destroyed seclusion room and isn’t fixed. Staff are very upset. Carol-phase 1 we have to use vendors from phase 1 guys. We can’t use phase 2 contractors. We have done an eor. Being worked on but don’t have an estimated time that the stuff will arrive. The money has to be approved which takes a lot of time. All rooms are set up for seclusion.  Scott-I saw this on the agenda and I brought it to supervisors who had no input and were not aware of the concerns. Let me know what those are and I will bring that to them. People need to be willing to talk to their supervisors and I will talk to the supervisors to be open also.

2. LPNs have 21 vacancies across all programs.

3. HSSS hoodies: Carol-considered part of nursing so No. HSS part of transition services are direct care so the can. Crystal-LPN uniforms. Can we have another conversation on this or was it decided at DCT level. Melissa-due to take affect January 2nd. I know there was a lot of discussion on this. I am willing to ask. It has been drafted 6 times and I think they will want to get this going but I will ask. Policy was crafted by nursing division. LPNs were excluded under that for a reason so I don’t want to say its closed but we need to articulate the necessity of the hoodie. What is happening as a result of not wearing them? We are allowing other things for the cold. To ask for a change, we need to articulate how the hoodie will meet this and what will it provide. Crystal-answer could be that they can represent the union, cost savings for staff, it seems to be a simple solution. It might be a financial impact to them. We want to look at that. Melissa-I understand its change as well. Why cant we wear them now? We are looking for consistency. Not the intent for financial ruin. There are a variety of options. I would start to encourage to use other options but we can look at it at DCT.

4. Kitchen Issues and Concerns: Homer-things happening in kitchen. No beverages in kitchen area. We understand it may be due to safety but we were just told no beverages. Told could use fountain and that’s it. Then, next day as line was moving they had to shut down. Got a drink and came back. Scott got upset about it thinking it was out of spite. Talked to him and they were going to try to compromise but since that now he doesn’t want to do that. Explained while line is moving, a coordinator could cover a spot for a water break. Scott hadn’t explained that but will come out in an email. Coordinators changed to a different schedule to spread out more to cover. None of them are happy about working 7 days in a row. Why not a 5 2 rotation and split up that way. Carol-I have nothing on that right now. All I know is that they asked for an every other weekend off? Homer-some were being called in to his office after this drink thing. They were also told if its above 90 degrees they can have water around.

Add Ons:

1. Transition HSSS and LPN same vacation pool-Matt-I thought we had this taken care of from before. Jodi-I don’t know. Matt-asking to be split into 2 different pools because they cant backfill anyway. Colleen-Ill talk to Jodi about it and get back to you. Sam Portner will be my interim coverage.

2. Control Center backfilling because staff are being temporarily reassigned for 4 months. Melissa-trying to pull together management as well. Discussion will be had about all of this. We want to limit it as well. Discussion about capable and qualified will be had on January 27th meeting about this.