11/10/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, John Collins, Connie Anderson, Michelle Chalin, Tudy Fowler, Melissa Gresczyk, Tom Christensen, Colleen Ryan, David Proffitt

Management Issues:

1) Discuss on goals/purpose of the labor management meeting. The purpose of these meetings will be to establish shared interests, to decide how we are going to work together on strategies for improvement and to decide what is working and what is not working. Clarification on issues that AFSCME members wish to have voiced will also be part of these meetings.

2) Requests for information – employee personnel and supervisory files In order to be more consistent and provide structure around disciplines and investigations, all requests for this information will go through HR. Supervisors will also be working through HR. This information will then be copied or scanned to a disc and tracked by HR.

3) Injury and overtime numbers are available to view on the SOFS Performance Improvement Sharepoint site. In the process of structuring this data, instructions will be sent out regarding how to access this information online. Management will continue to try to find things for employees on light duty to do and is open to suggestions.

4) TC will provide data to the union regarding IOD, inverse hours, sick hours and numbers of vacancies prior to the Labor Management meetings. Questions regarding this data may then be discussed at the meetings.

Union – Follow-Up Issues:

SAFETY/SOFS BUDGET NUMBERS/PLANS/OT TRACKING • Security Counselor injuries for October- 8 first report of injuries with 2 lost time injuries. • Number of current Security Counselor vacancies- 10 + 3 INT (6 FTE) • October OT hours – 1224.25 • October IOD hours – 822 • October Inverse hours – 192.75 • October sick hours- 3104.75

LAST MONTHS Action item: next month will report as a percentage of overall hours worked and put on the dashboard. 4% of total hours were overtime and 10% sick.

SPACE UTLIZATION ISSUES AND CRP Space Utilization – update from TC on Bartlett Hall minimums/moves and tunnel use Bartlett Hall minimums and moves Unit 300 minimum will remain 4 earlies and 3 lates Monday- Friday and 3 earlies and 3 lates on Saturday and Sunday in order to promote more activities and opportunities for that population. S1W is currently scheduling 3 earlies and 3 lates plus 1:1’s and a treatment person on the early shift. Management will be looking at this when moving to B1S with the possibility of having 4 female patients on the unit. Tunnel usage is not an option right now due to safety concerns. Bed crunch concerns were discussed and program integrity including SNS/YAAP vs. other units. TC will voice these concerns with MSH leadership committee and SNS/YAAP leadership.

CRP JOB AUDIT Melissa did some checking on this and they were going to look at other facilities (Anoka). This has not yet happened. She also checked with Central Office HR on this and they had no info. She will push to get this information and forward it on as soon as she gets it. Scott Grefe requested to see the results from the first audit which was said to be completed last June in order to compare the two reports. Melissa stated that the first report may or may not have been completed; she will look into this. Scott expressed his concerns about why this is taking so long. John Collins asked about the incorporation of CRP HSSS staff when they are in the MSH building. TC has a meeting scheduled with Carrie Archer and CRP staff and this will be discussed.

PERFORMACE APPRAISAL FORMS Melissa has tried to evaluate this data but with missing and overdue evaluations she does not have enough information to compile results. Appraisals are also being done differently by different supervisors (some on the yearly date, some on the ½ year, others after probation being completed) and this needs to be cleared up and more consistent. The second step of evaluating the actual form and its content will now begin. She will update us on this process at next months’ meeting.

VACATION AVAILABILITY Management has stated that there is a formula used for granting vacation by unit. The union asked why the numbers are so different unit by unit if this formula is being used. When looking at Schedule Anywhere, staff is confused about when vacation is available and why it is sometimes denied when it looks like it should be available. Management is in the process of analyzing vacation balances and looking at problem areas. Management urged staff to request vacation on Schedule Anywhere as needed and if they feel they are unjustly denied they should contact their supervisor for an explanation. If staff still feels the request should have been granted they should contact Tom Christensen for an explanation or a union steward to grieve the request. Management stressed that vacation is granted by needs not by minimums and that it is not an option to pay overtime in order to grant vacation. The union also pointed out that contractually vacation can be limited but not eliminated. David agreed that a more consistent process is needed.

ACTION ITEM: Dave asked for a % of vacation per unit.

BARTLETT HALL NOCS AND THE RESPONSE NUMBERS This has been addressed with NOCS supervisors.

SECURITY COUNSELOR LEAD LEVELING Chuck Carlson will contact Melissa to get a copy of the current lead list. A separate meeting will be scheduled to discuss this process including how supervisors should be contacting and communicating information.

WORK STRUCTURE AND VARIOUS COMMITTEE DEVELOPEMENT Dave would like to see the scope of accountability defined in order to reduce violence and increase care effectiveness. This will be discussed at future meetings with the goal of ‘How to Get Better!’

BEHAVIOR REVIEW PROCESS Dave wants to see security counselors involved in the behavior review process.

Union – Current Issues:

Future of the Joint Forensic Labor Management Meeting This meeting has not been held for several months. Scott feels that the meeting is helpful but not needed at this time. He would like to see this discussed on a monthly basis and be able to have a meeting as needed by whichever bargaining unit may have issues to discuss. Melissa will follow up with other bargaining units.

MSH LPN positions – loss of 5 and conversion of 4 to FT from .80 Acuity and RN needs where looked at when filling these positions. The positions posted should have been posted as .8= 3.2 FTE’s. Management will make sure this was posted correctly.

LPN Vacation use over .80 time Colleen Ryan will look into this.

*A nursing meeting will be scheduled to discuss issues including mutualing, time off, and reduction of LPN positions.

Completion of current Security Counselor Lead list Discussed above.

New employee two-day orientation at Fountains of Ramsey The training is the same as previously in Anoka- Anoka was unavailable.

Union Steward availability – a shared mailbox for use in setting up and contacting stewards (from April meeting) Chuck will discuss this with TC.

Contract language interpretation and use of developmental plans, corrective actions plansand letters of expectation.Union concern about implementing discipline without a history of attempted intervention. This item was tabled for today.

Union access to all members schedules This was brought to management’s attention as it would be helpful for stewards in filing grievances. It would also allow management to send an email to one mailbox in order to contact a union officer instead of several. More conversation is needed about parameters.

Offering OT in advance parameters Certain supervisors do this more thoroughly than others. TC stated that this is a generally a night OD duty with variables such as intermittents factoring in. He agrees that this should be done as soon as needs are known and encouraged staff to sign up early.

Work areas for patients on lower campus, laundry and Green Acres. TC is unaware of any plans for Green Acres to go to MSOP. No changes anticipated.

No Step 3 grievances presented.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40pm