9/14/17 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Tim Benesch, Michelle Sexe, Jessica Miller, Tim Headlee, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Mike Homer, Crystal Kreklow


Follow Up Items:

1. OT/Inverse Numbers: For the month of August, for 1st Watch there were 38 inverses for 166 hours, for 2nd Watch there were 45 inverses for 112.5 hours, and for 3rd Watch there were 9 inverses for 49.5 hours.

2. Injury Packets: Eric asked what the progress was with this. Bonnie stated that they got the packets from MSH, but there was some old information in them. Barb Nordstrom is updating them, but they are in the OD’s office to give out when people get injured.

3. CPS Placements: Eric stated that from the notes that there was supposed to be something presented at this meeting about this. Michelle stated that it’s on the agenda for the CPS Lead meeting on Tuesday, but she would like to see the leads delegate it so there aren’t two new staff on the same unit or no two new staff on any trips. Eric stated it would be nice to have another lead on 3rd Watch since there is only one and if he is gone or on vacation, then there is no one to delegate, which ties in with the Union’s number 7. New Agenda Items:

4. A-Team – Tomlinson Water Checks: Eric stated that this is something that A-Team feels is maintenance’s duty, not theirs. Tim L stated that this was rolled into their duties due to them being there for their rounds, but will let maintenance know that this can be done by them. Michelle suggested that this could maybe be something that client vocational workers could do and will add it to her proposal.

5. XL Gloves/Cavi Wipes Cuts: Eric asked if the rumors were true that, due to budget cuts, XL Gloves and Cavi Wipes were going away. The rumors were true about the XL Gloves but not the Cavi Wipes. Bonnie stated that Steve Sturlaugson states that no one really needs them or need to use them. Tim L stated that he will follow up and get them ordered again. Molly stated that maybe since they are on top that people just grab them since they are on top and it needs to be put out that if you don’t actually need them and can fit in a large, then don’t use the XLs. She also stated that with cold and flu season coming that it would be hard to believe that Cavi Wipes would be eliminated. Eric also stated that staff’s personal protective equipment should never be used as a budget cut measure.

6. Bump to 1st Watch Bidding Rights: Eric brought up that we brought this up a few months ago due to someone bidding off of nights, but before he could execute his bid, he got bumped back to nights. Eric stated that the union had tried to contact HR regarding this and seemed to be a matter of miscommunication on not getting this resolved. Eric stated that while yes, he did successfully bid on a position, and per contract it states that he cannot bid for another 6 months, that he never fully executed the bid. Bonnie stated that it is something they can talk about. Molly stated that he might have the right to bump someone by now since it’s been quite a while. Eric stated that while that may be true, we still need to work something out regarding this in case he doesn’t or to prevent this from happening in the future.

7. Extra Lead on CPS 3rd Watch: Molly stated that she heard that there was going to be another lead on 3rd Watch added. Michelle stated that was not the case. It was in their staffing proposal that they didn’t get, but it is something that she would like to see happen.

8. SH1E & SH2E Leads 6-2 Rotation: Eric stated that the leads on Shantz 1 East and 2 East have 6-2 rotations and the majority of them would like to have set days off to be consistent with the other leads. Tim L said the leads on those rotations have choices if they want set days off. Eric stated that it sounds like basically Tim is saying that if they don’t like it, then they can bid off. Eric stated that this may be true, but the leads have limited positions they can bid off to. Tim then said that it could be something they could look into.

9. Rec/Visit – Breaks, Sharps, Fridges, Printer: Eric stated that Rec/Visit post on 3rd Watch are still finding it hard to get their breaks in, especially due to having to wait for key audit to get done. They also would like it if they didn’t have to have individual sheets for sharps and just put that they completed sharps on the shift report like all the units do. They also would like to have access to the refrigerator and printer in the Activity Building. They used to have it but don’t anymore. Troy said that he would check in with their supervisor and get some clarification on the refrigerator and printer.

10. Inversed for Training on 8/30 – Eric stated that on August 30th that there was a few 1st Watchers that were inversed to 2nd Watch due to their being training that day for 2nd Watchers. Eric stated that if they are looking for budget cuts, that this could certainly be one. He also stated that this is effecting morale since it was for training. Tim L stated that it could be a training that needs to be completed, like Verbal Defense and that they can’t cancel the training.

11. PX1S 3rd Watch position being eliminated: Eric stated that while doing his rounds, a unit staff stated that she heard from her supervisor that a 3rd Watch spot on Pexton 1 South that was vacant was not going to get filled and was being eliminated due to budget cuts. Tim L stated that this was not going to happen.

12. Lower Access: Eric stated that he heard that A-Team is taking this over on October 1st. Tim L stated that it won’t be that soon. They don’t have the staffing yet but will be putting out six positions for the A-Team, 3 for 2nd Watch and 3 for 3rd Watch. Eric asked if there were going to be any 1st Watch spots added and Tim stated no. Eric asked if 1st Watch was going to man the booth or do campus patrol at all and Tim again stated no. Eric then asked why it needed to be A-Team since it seems like they are limited their pool to draw from by doing so. He also said that management would then only be inversing 2nd Watch for this position then and there at least was a lack of cross-trained 2nd Watchers for A-Team. Tim brought up that they could cross-train the utility pool as A-Team and could cross-train the whole utility pool for just the Access Booth. Tim stated they are still hashing out the details on this. Eric asked if it was true that they would have to patrol around on the bikes instead of a car. Tim said yes because there is no budget for a car. Eric stated that it would not be good if they are riding the bike in winter conditions or during hot days. Eric agreed that it would be better to revisit this issue once more information is gathered and worked out.

Management Agenda Items:

1. Forum Date for Oct: The next all staff forum will be on October 17th for all three watches and overtime will be allowed so people can come early to attend.

2. Suggestion Box: A reminder that there is a suggestion box in the Pexton Sally Port and online that people can utilize. It’s a good way to suggest ideas.

3. Staffing Dominos: There were two work out of classes for 1st Watch OD and 1st Watch AGS in CPS due to various managerial spots being shifted around to backfill. Chris Hagen accepted the OD positon and Tim Manley accepted the AGS position. (Local 404 would like to congratulate both Chris and Tim on their new positions.) Eric asked if their spots were going to get backfilled with WOOC Leads. Tim L stated that they weren’t as of now, but they’d look into it.

4. Hiring Event: This will be held on September 27th so you may be hearing advertisements promoting this.

5. Staff Mentor Policy Developed: The Employee Engagement Committee came up with a policy that would give new folks with someone from a different work area and class to develop a working relationship and let them know where to go for certain things and what to do (i.e. where to take the trash, etc). It will help develop team building.

6. 2 SC’s participating in Mentor training through MSU and staff development: 2 SC’s from the Employee Engagement Committee have been chosen to take online courses through MSU for 3 months that have been paid for by staff development

7. No Union Representation at Safety Meeting (2nd request): It was an oversight and Molly will now attend these meetings. They are held on the 1st Thursday of the quarter.

8. 2nd and 3rd Watch staff start times: Just a reminder that even though roll call is at 5 after, you are expected to be through the sally port by 6am or 2pm or you are considered tardy.

9. Former SP client that assaulted staff revoked for an additional 180 days: Client went to Moose Lake after being let out of DOC but got revoked back to DOC again.

10. Mantoux Screenings: Health Services revealed that the Department of Health has releveled MSOP as medium risk, so the annual Mantoux tests will be coming back. Looking at a clinic to be held in the fall for this.

11. Shantz Basement Post: The post hasn’t been being used in a long time so they are going to eliminate the post, but not the position. They will be moving the PCN to a different area and the person in this post will need to either bid on a position or be reassigned somewhere after the holidays.

12. Next Labor Management Meeting: This will be held at 12pm next month for a trial basis due to labor being asked to be at the Community Liaison Meeting each month which conflicts with the pre-meet for labor.

13. Staff Appreciation Day: The union was asked if they heard any feedback about Staff Appreciation Day. Eric stated he had heard some positive and also negative. When asked what the negative feedback was, he stated that some staff had a level of disgust that the buns and the sweets were made by the clients at Moose Lake with one comment made from someone that was unaware at the time saying “If I had known that, I wouldn’t have eaten.” This topic will be brought to the Employee Engagement Committee.