September 2021 General Membership Minutes

Sept 16 General Membership meeting

Jakes Pizza-Mankato



Attendees: Steven Frederick, Rick Pitts, Eric Manriquez, Antonino Guerrero, Jake Schoenecker, Ryan Cates, Hans Paulson, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking

Secretary Report

Motion to accept Steve, Second Eric M, Motion Passes

Treasury Report (Sent to Adam) Antonino Guerrero

Total Income for the month: 7843.79

Interest: 5.56

Allowances 5739.85

Retirement Gift 150.00

Meeting Expenses: 165.97

Total Expenses 6055.82

Checking End of the Month: 130,645.70

Savings End of Month: 125,672.45

Total: 258,111.68

Motion to accept July subject to audit by Steve

Second – Jake S

Motion passes


New Business

Ryan -Contract passed the membership vote 90 % went to SER on Sept. 10, if it passes it will go into effect.  If they do none it passes.  They have until oct 10th.  Guessing about a month after it passes to go into effect.

Rick Asked about vac for a year out

Ryan- As for the vac. For 1 year out. We have asked that there be a specific date it goes into effect. 

Old business

Ryan lead leveling process – they have the questions just need to meet with labor.  Both HR are out on leave and we are at a standstill….

Ryan – convention 2 weeks.  It will be on Sept 30 and Oct 1.  It will be virtual

Ryan – new lanyards and badge reels…. They should be here any day now.  We will order T-shirts for the sizes we are missing

Ryan – items for the membership? – Referrals

Ryan – Hr said if they refer someone there is a form that is supposed to be filled out at the time of the interview.  They are to give us a copy, so we know what the form looks like.  They are not going to go back and backdate the referrals.  The hr director is supposed to look at some of the outstanding cases.


Steve Frederick  – Can afscme hold management accountable to hire within rather than to hire from outside. For advancements within each department.  Mgmt. has too much power over the general worker and they aren’t treating people correctly. 

There have been hiring carpenters outside the facility rather than inside the facility. 

I think the most senior person should get the position.  If you have worked that job in the past, then that makes you qualified. 

Ryan – we heard a little bit about this… we don’t know specifics, but we can look at changing the process moving forward.  We’ll look into it.  We will address the issue. They consider it a promotion from a GRW to a carpenter.  They own the process, but it needs to be a fair process.

Ryan – any other items from the membership

Hans – I had a young lady, a lot of coverage to redwood.  Something we as a group a reminder for us to do.  New person who is quitting.  Some of the reason is time off.  We should show we understand what they are going through.  The process is the process… this is a seniority-based system, and you need to plan accordingly. Help them out.  The new person was told too bad… they made a decision this wasn’t the job for them as time off was important.

Ryan – reminder to all officers to represent all employees equally and help them along. 



CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes:

FMHP Meeting Minutes:

MSOP Meeting Minutes:


Good and Welfare

Cindy Blaschko retired as of 9.15.21 – Congrats


Officer Report

Annie – doesn’t have anything. 

Local numbers 796 member/870 in the local=91.5%

Hans – asking for a trend note… is the number up or down each month?  Requesting it for the future meetings. 

Annie – Ryan and some others can see some trending numbers as to where they are coming from (non-members)


Hans – feedback on testing yesterday… good bad…

Ryan – it took a long time.  The first time they test they have to fill out information and this made a line as the paperwork took some time.  Future testing should go quicker. 

Motion to adjourn – Jake

Second – Eric

Motion passes meeting adjourned



Jamie Schwartz-Answering a lot of questions about hospital coverage and COVID positive clients and the inconsistency with DCT and MSOP. More to be discussed at MSOP Meet and Confer.

Judith Ehrman-Nothing for September

Nick Weertz-It was another active month in MSOP, there always seems to be something that needs attention! I attended our monthly Labor Management meeting and our monthly e-board meeting. I also helped facilitate our New Employee Orientation, where we had some inter-departmental transfers, as well as 9 new AFSCME employees begin. Be sure to welcome these folks to your work areas and help them adjust. There were interviews this month for another 20+ AFSCME positions, so I anticipate another good size class in October!


This month I wrapped up a number of investigations and grievances. Signed settlements were achieved for a 2nd Step Grievance regarding OT, as well as a 3rd Step Grievance regarding a discharge that was reversed to allow the staff to retire. So, I’ve been working with HR and staff to complete that in the required timeframe. Currently, I have no pending grievances or significant issues awaiting resolution. That’s a nice a feeling!


I participated in a joint meeting with Admin, HR & MNA reps as we solidified the transition of Health Services into 2 separate work sites. The planned implementation for this change over is the beginning of the new pay period 10/27/21. The department continues to interview for open positions and had new staff begin in September and anticipate additional staff to start in the October NEO. There are current recruitment bonuses for new hires, so if you know a RN/LPN looking for a job change, there’s opportunity there for additional monetary perks! 


The implementation of our new contract is just around the corner! So please familiarize yourself with contractual changes regarding vacation, bidding process, etc. There will also be guidance as these roll out!


Remember July 1st was the beginning of the new Fiscal Year, and with that came a new Floating Holiday, don’t forget to use it. Eventually, Floating Holidays will expire at the end of the fiscal year, without any Administration oversight/scheduling. Plan to Use It or Lose It.


Also, with the start of new Fiscal Year, those with FMLA qualifying medical conditions also need to reapply for FMLA coverage.


Reminder that contact for HR is [email protected]

Leave Management requests (FMLA) should go to [email protected]


Communication continues to be key to our success & strength, so Members are encouraged to reach out with concerns/observations. Please see for all meeting minutes.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nick Weerts

MSOP Chief Steward



Jake Schoenecker-Over the past month I have been sitting investigations and union meetings.