September 2021 FMHP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME FMHP Labor/Management Meeting

Pederson Building MOJ

September 16, 2021


Attendees: Scott Melby, Becky Robinson, Michelle Chalin, Roxanne Portner, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Marvin Sullivan, Eric Manriquez, Annie Jakacki, Ali Kuhlman, Kristin H



Becky - They tore down the trailer from the construction area

Scott - It will be asphalted at some time but not immediately

Becky - injury rate is declining

Roxanne - no restraint use and no outliers for the month of august

Scott - some people happy pebbles are off lower campus


Standing Agenda Items

1. OSHA Information

Barb will be getting information from Diane - no reports for this meeting


2. Overtime Information:

Same as above


3. Budgeted Position Review:

Scott - Carol normally covers- every position we have open we are trying to fill

We struggle with recruitment, but we are doing what we can


Old Business





1. Covid Issues: Vaccination or Testing Mandate (2 sheets)

Ryan - (2) documents were sent to HR.

Alli - some answers were in FAQ were able to answer all of them, if there are still some

questions that are missing from second document. 

There are (2)   one from MMB on be ready and 1 from DHS website. That might be helpful to get that info out

Ryan - since testing started how is it going

Scott - Yesterday... testing in MOJ... it went pretty well, traffic jam. People are setting up accounts for the first time. no real concerns brought forward.  everyone was cooperative in working through the new process. Marvin’s frustration on how long it took. That’s all i heard

Roxanne - 1st time will take the longest... it will go faster as each time passes

Scott - thanks everyone for patients

Ryan - did anyone get sent home?

Answer no


2. Grove A vacation Spots:

Becky - Grove a has continued to look at vac. allotments. Not intentional to drag it out. staffing and how its scheduled to look at north campus.  want to look at that and see how it’s all going. Shortly after north campus will open


3. HSSSs cleaning assignments in Grove A:

Becky - Talked to Patti K, task assignments for housekeeping.  Will resume with housekeeping taking the lead. Onboarding with some housekeeping resources.  Deep cleaning on weekends if there is an emergency transfer. We do have sat/sun 8-4 to radio if we need their services.  They are willing to help out.  Some addition support.


4. New Lead Spots:

Becky - as we talked about last time... won’t be until those will be assessed for probably be until the beginning of the calendar the year. With some exceptions Elm... not having 4 leads for elm. 


5. Vacation Availability issues:

Ryan – Brought this up last month... sept going into it was all red.... shown new vac calendar with open slots

Becky - we are willing to take a look at this

Scott - I’ve talked with scheduling and i want to learn more. it’s very detailed and i want to be able to have people to take time off.  Thanks for showing the impact



Add On

6. Aspen, Birch, Cedar updates:

Becky - Aspen we are waiting on 1 door.... we are waiting for 1 fire door. 

Scott - north campus - work on the med pass area is safe.  I'm hoping in a month that north campus will be done

Steve - explained why Aspen and Cedar couldn't open, explained the frustration of staff covering and positions being filled.

Becky - Asked why those two can't open... we could consider it. 


New Business



Add on

Becky - Asked management to talk with supervisors of level of care B - scheduling adjustment ideas. During busy points of our day, some thoughts have had to do with 4-4 as base staffing.  Pros and Cons if we are going to consider an early shift to a 7-3 and a late shift to a 12-8.  This could handle shift changes and skills fair.  hoping it would offer some additional options for staff who don't want to do a 6-2 scheduling pattern.  We are looking at restraint and seclusion, 1st report o injury. We are starting with Grove B we have started with level of care b.  we know level of care a would need more.  Want to start with one area.  I would be interested to know people’s thoughts.  What is appropriate in one place may not be appropriate in other areas. 

Ryan - are you looking for pros and cons or just telling us

Beck - we are asking

Ryan - pros and cons are good start - cons consistency of people getting it. 

Becky - would there be value to be PCN designated and flexibility. those mid shifts you can't pull form earlier shift. How would we look at pulling and inverse? 

Marv - we used to have 12-8 and 8-4.  We have asked to get rid of them.  IT is confusing.  it is a juggling match

Becky - With the mid-shift and overlap we want to listen... lead meetings, skills fair.  That enhances things and communication in general.

Steve - Will the mid-shift be bid positions

Becky - possibly, i would want to talk about it





1. Vacation with new contract- process for moving to 1 year out:

Ryan - is that going to go into effect day contract is ratified, or a specific date

Scott - do you have a preference, HR do we know a date contract will go into effect

If i would have it my way... in 2 weeks i would like to say the contract is in effect.

Marv - A lot of people have said we would like to see a day it would go in effect. 

Scott - I’ll take it back to the group.... thanks


2. Referral Bonus issues:

Ryan - i know i sent emails to hr... we have had issues with a member.  they made it through probation. you have these referrals in place.  They don't get paid that out... they aren't going to refer people to refer if they don't get paid. its overall it’s a bad idea. 

Ali - I know Denise was going to do some additional work on that.  We were looking at that specific issue.  I don't know that outcome.  they would need to be done at the time of the interview.  I do know she was looking into that. She is out on leave until next week.  I'll reach out.  Going forward... the supervisors will have that form.  IT does need to be completed at the time of the interview.  Good option to find individuals who want to work here.  Word of mouth is a good avenue and we would hate to lose that. 

Ryan - sis that a special form...

Mel - just a form that says they were referred by a specific individual. 

Scott - Alli can we attach that form to the meeting minutes. 


3. Lack of LPN's and inability to hire:

Ryan - now you have talked about issues hiring LPN... some of the sites you use to hire people.  There are some bad reviews on these sites.  INDEED, is the site... (gave an example of the review) this could discourage people from applying.

Scott - it interfaces with the start of NEO... every single person stated that it is a good place to work.


Add on


4. Work comp 1st report of injury:


Ryan – On the DLI webpage... what to do if you are injured at work.  On there, it states a copy of the 1st report of injury should be sent to your labor partner. 

Scott - I’m guessing since you asked you want it

Steve - yes

Becky - asking if we could forward the language

Ali - I’ll follow up