July 2020 General Membership Minutes

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

July 16, 2020

1030 PM Video Conference


Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Stacey Mueller, Emilio Florez, Annie Jakacki, Alex Flores, Kurt Crosby, Luke Frederick, Nick Frentz, Karla Herzberg

1.Secretary Report:

Motion to approve June meeting minutes by Adam Castle. 2nd by Steve. Motion passes.

2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero:






SAVINGS: $ 80212.84

SUBMITTED BY: Antonino Guerrero

Motion to accept upon audit by Kurt. 2nd by Steve. Motion Passes.

3. Correspondence: Will be handing out masks beginning this week. They will go to dues paying members only.

International in August. 2 Days virtual meetings. 5 delegates have been approved. Motion by Steve for per diems for 2 days. 2nd by Alex. Motion passes.

Council 5 Convention in September. Unsure of the platform at this time. Voting on delegates next month. Will make a call this week. September 24, 25, 26th. Email Eric Hesse if interested. If we get more than we can have, we will vote.

4. New Business: Nick Frentz asked for 404 endorsement. He expressed his appreciation and respect for AFSCME and local 404. Council 5 has endorsed Frentz. Luke Frederick expressed his interest in improving workplace safety. He welcomes any discussions or questions of him. He also expressed his love and affection for unions. 404 spoke to Luke and Nick about the way overtime is being distributed to other unions. Steve focused questions to Luke about struggles juggling management role and a legislator supporting AFSCME. Luke said he hopes that the needs of the memberships goals and those of management are the same. “working together” His future is unclear, related to his role at FMHP if he is elected due to the time that is needed in his role as a legislator. He desires to have very clear lines between supervisor and legislator.

Luke Frederick is asking for local 404 endorsement. There was extensive conversation with him regarding any implications related to his position at FMHP. There was also a lot of conversation amongst the executive board after the meeting, and before the endorsement. Please contact any Executive board member with any questions or concerns you may have.

404 voted to endorse both Nick Frentz and Luke Frederick

MSOP Meet and Confer Minutes: https://www.union404.com/news/july-2020-msop-meet-and-confer

FMHP Meet and Confer Minutes: https://www.union404.com/news/july-2020-fmhp-minutes

5. Old Business:

6. Items from the membership:

7. Good and Welfare: Reminder there is a canteen for staff that have been inversed or doing overtime that need something to eat.  3 union members had family that lost parents within the last couple of months.

8. Officer Reports:

President: Ryan Cates-

VP: Steve Wilking- Greetings Everyone!


     What I’ve done this past month

            Well, I’m shocked this pandemic continues.  I continue to attend MSOP Meet and Confer.  This month attended Forensic Meet and Confer, Safety Committee, which had quite the extensive conversations regarding Tornado Warnings.  I am covering Ryan Cates as he is out on IOD with a broken thumb.  I continue to field many union calls so please keep’em coming.  I continue to work on various union tasks behind the scenes. 


Management continues to violate our contract.  The most frequent is the 24/48 hour violation.  They continue to say Oh it’s an Emergency.  Just an FYI.  For an Emergency to be used…. The Governor needs to declare a state of emergency and this facility needs to get a waiver from MMB.  So unless they have that waiver…. It’s not an emergency.  Recently, Management told the AODS office to decline all mutual for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is a clear violation of our contract.  If at anytime you feel  your rights are being violated…. Contact a steward or officer and let us know.  We want to fight for your rights!!!!!






            Information Center

     How to file an OSHA Complaint (Link Below)




     Union Recourses



In Solidarity,

Steve Wilking 

Vice President - Steward Coordinator

AFSCME Local 404


VP: Eric Hesse- We continue to work through some issues with COVID Leave, but things seem to be winding down with the newly implemented COVID Leave guidelines and the return to work from those on extended COVID Leave.


Important dates upcoming: SEPC Conference on Friday, September 11th, and AFSCME Council 5 Convention on Thursday, September 24th and Friday, September 25th. If you have interest in attending these, please let me know by August 14th.


We are coming close to calling out for contract proposals for the next State of Minnesota contract for 2021-2023. Please start thinking of some things you would like to see changed, removed, or added to the contract and be on the lookout for an e-mail calling for proposals soon. Once the call is out, please submit all proposals to me. I will lay out the process in the e-mail. To view the current contract: https://mn.gov/mmb-stat/000/az/labor-relations/afscme/contract/2019-2021/AFSCME-2019-2021-final.pdf


As always, if you have any issues, concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


In solidarity,


Eric Hesse

Vice President – Administrative

AFSCME Local 404


Executive Board: Jake Schoenecker- I have been attending to member investigations and attending meetings.

Executive Board: Chief Steward Emilio Florez- This month I attended Meet and confer, safety meeting, we cancelled IBPS group, and sat a few investigations. Please see minutes from meetings when posted. Union404.com 

We have been addressing issues as they come in and are now continuing to meet with Management and move forward on grievances. 

Please be advised that we have been given a directive on mask wearing and encourage you all to keep them. We have discussed this with management and this directive is part of compliance. Non compliance of mask wearing can only lead to more issues unless you are exempt. 

We have reached out to Management in effort to work collaboratively on any issues. We want to be a part of decision making and become a resource. Past history shows Labor and Management resolving issues together. 

We have an extensive network and want to utilize all our resources. 

Please reach out if you have questions, concerns, or just need some clarification. 

Please utilize the chain of command to resolve issues. If you feel uncomfortable talking with your supervisors reach out and I will follow up. We want for management to follow processes and we must do the same. My hope is we can resolve issues before they escalate more. 

These are tough times but we have many great leaders in our membership and on the units. I am confident we will overcome this pandemic and continue to move forward. Also take some time to yourself and regroup if needed. Labor is here and we are working for you! 


Executive Board: Chief Steward Alex Flores-

Executive Board: Chief Steward Nick Weerts- We all continue to keep busy this summer. In addition to Labor Management meetings, I’ve been attending regular meetings with MNA reps as we work collaboratively to get Health Services transitioned over to the Atlas Scheduling program. Due to various issues with the outside vendor, this has been a slower process than hoped for. We also continue to meet regularly with Health Services Admin, as we continue to deal with systemic staffing shortages & contractual issues. Another meeting is scheduled for early August. I’ve continued to monitor the working conditions in Health Services closely, and have filed a number of OT/Inverse related grievances. The end of July saw a large influx of staff returning from COVID leave, which has helped staffing numbers and even allowed for the return of Short Notice Vacation.
With the start of a new fiscal year, FMLA renewals are due. Staff are encouraged to reach out to Leave Management for guidance.

Communication continues to be key to our success & strength, so Members are encouraged to reach out with concerns/observations. Please see www.union404.com for all meeting minutes.


Executive Board: Chief Steward Marvin Sullivan-

Executive Board: Jamie Sheppard-

CS Facility Support: Stacey Mueller-

Chief Steward MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Kurt Crosby- NOCs Report : There has been many issues that were have been addressing with management including inversing and staff morale. These discussions will be ongoing with them and hopefully we can get them to understand our level of frustration. I have been on vacation for a while,  but will be back on my normal Fri thru Tues.  shifts, please reach out to me or anyone on the eboard if you need anything. Thank you. Be safe.

 Annie Jakacki- 867 members out of 910 for 95.3 percent.


Motion to adjourn by Kurt. 2nd by Alex. Motion Passes.

Adjourned at 518pm