July 2020 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

July 9 2020

Human Resources Room Teleconference



Attendance: Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking, Nick Weerts, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Sexe, Ryan Kern, Denise Considine



Follow Up Items:

  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services: Bonnie presented the number for Operations for the month of June. 1st Watch staff inversed were 29 staff for a total of 103.15 hours. 2nd Watch staff inversed were 17 staff for a total of 82.5 hours, and 3rd Watch staff inversed were 9 staff for a total of 61 hours, with a grand total of 246.65 hours for the month of June. Michelle Breamer presented the number for Health Services (LPN) for the month of June and there were two staff inversed into 3rd Watch for a total of 11 hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers – Operations & Health Services: Bonnie presented the total number of overtime hours for Operations in June was 957.15 hours and Michelle B presented the total number of overtime hours for Health Services (LPN) in June was 114.5 hours.
  3. Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process: Eric asked if there was any updates on this. Denise replied that there hasn’t been any update on it so far and that Cindy Jungers is talking with Melissa Gresczyk regarding this and they hope to have something next month.
  4. PPE Supply Stock: Eric asked what the supply of PPE and cleaning supplies were looking like. Bonnie stated that everything was in good shape. Eric asked if they have been having any issues ordering anything and Michelle B stated there has been no difficulties ordering anything from Command Post.
  5. Health Services ATLAS Update: Nick asked if there was any update on getting ATLAS running for Health Services. Michelle B we are planning on meeting with the vendor on Monday morning and enter in the schedules accurately and then review the vacation calendar and process and hopefully be live shortly after that.
  6. Heath Services Staffing/Schedules: Nick stated that he had noticed that the bulk of the posted available shifts were LPN shifts and just wondering how the schedule is looking like in the future. Michelle B responded that they just had one agency nurse start last week. That nurse has been filling in and with the intermittent nurses they have gotten hired, the next schedule that is coming out has only one open shift. She stated that the intermittent nurses have been picking up quite a few shifts and there has been a trend downward as it pertains to inversing and overtime. Nick asked if the contract nurse was an RN or an LPN and Michelle responded that it was an LPN.
  7. Temp Reassignments (Shift/Days Off) End Dates: Eric asked if there was any updates on when people that were temporarily reassigned to different shifts or to different days off were going to be going back to their normal shifts and days off. Tim responded that there was only one left that got put to a different shift and they are resigning. He then said for the people that got put to different days off that the hiring pool is now full and with two people in that should be off of OJT by the end of the month and then they can move the 2nd Watch people back. He said two more have just started and by the end of next month the 3rd Watch people should be back to their days off, barring any resignations or issues. Eric asked why 2nd Watch first and 3rd Watch last. Tim responded that the two hiring pool people are going to 2nd Watch and 2nd Watch was hit a little harder with COVID Leave. He also stated that if anyone has any questions on this to come talk to him.
  8. SNV Continuation: Eric asked when short notice vacation was going to be coming back. Bonnie said that there should be short notice if it’s available. Tim said the OD’s should be giving this out unless something out of the ordinary happens.
  9. Extension of 3rd Round of Bid for SCL Openings: Eric asked if there was any follow up to last month’s discussion about possibly extending the third round of bidding for the open Security Counselor Lead positions. Tim stated that after the third round of bidding a 1st Watch control center spot opened up and if they opened it up to more than three rounds, they would have to open it up for three more rounds. He said instead of doing this they decided to move forward with promoting. Eric asked if this could be looked at for future rounds of bidding on SCL positions. Denise responded that it always open for discussion but reiterated that they would have to open it up to three more rounds. Eric stated that he understood that it may be more work for them to do this, but there is very limited movement opportunities for SCLs, hence the request.

New Agenda Items:

  1. Health Services Reduction in Hours: Eric stated that with the reduction of hours that Health Services if available during the overnights that some 1st Watch staff are worried that they will have to make Health Services decisions and will be in trouble if they make the wrong decision. Michelle B stated there are three options to do here for staff. One would be to put the client on levels of observation since the policy states that everyone is able to do that. Another option would be to call the OD and have them contact the charge RN from Moose Lake. The last option would be to call the ambulance and send the client to the Emergency Room. She stated that no one will come down on someone if someone makes the wrong decision. Denise asked if there was communications with the overnight staff about this. Bonnie stated that it has been in the OD announcements. Eric stated that maybe more communications on this with a little more detail than a quick OD announcement would help ease their minds. Denise stated they can look at doing this through an e-mail. Nick asked if this structure was going to be the same going forward. Michelle stated that they continue to evaluate this going forward and are not committing either way. Eric stated that there was some talk about having MSH nurses come down and help out and was the plan but suddenly got overturned. Eric asked what the reasoning behind this was. Michelle said that after their discussions on this, Forensics depleted their pool to bring down due to having to open a new unit. They are leaving open a possibility of creating a nursing pool between both Forensics and MSOP in the future that can cover both areas. Denise stated that there was some overtime needs up there as well that prevented this.
  2. Audits of Masks: Eric stated that there has been some anxiety over the audits of masks and wanted to give them the opportunity to let our members know what this process looks like as far as if it’s just looking for compliance rates and if this applies to all disciplines. Bonnie said that it’s strictly the numbers of who’s wearing the mask properly and compliance rates. She said that Eric Thomas has been doing the audits. For the week of July 1-7, 65 people were audited, which included ODs, clinicians, Health Services, and counselors, and only 3 people weren’t wearing them properly, for a 96% compliance rate. She stated they will continue to do this on a weekly basis. Eric asked if they are planning on talking to specific people if it is a continued issue. Bonnie said possibly but hopes that other staff or the supervisor will talk to that staff about wearing their masks properly before they would have to do this.
  3. Hospital Coverage Laptops for Access to Phoenix: Eric stated it would be nice to have a laptop sent to the hospital so staff can do official communication logs and incident reports and not have to worry about carrying around paperwork that could be lost. Overall it would be nice to eliminate all paperwork going to the hospital and make everything digital. Bonnie stated that she agreed that this would be preferable but it cannot be done due to IT. Each person would have to have their individual fob to access the network. Eric asked if there could be just one fob for hospital coverage and Bonnie said that they couldn’t do that. She stated that they will keep working on this but not there yet. Denise also brought up that resources, such as laptops, are hard to come by now with COVID and people working remotely from home, but once everyone is back to work they may be able to set something up.
  4. COVID Unit Staffing if No Volunteers/Open Shifts: Eric asked what their plan was to staff the COVID unit if there wasn’t enough volunteers to work there and if there were open shifts on that unit. Bonnie stated that it would depend on where the extra staff were at the time and that hopefully there will enough volunteers working that day, but there will be days that we don’t. Tim said there isn’t really a plan for a set group to only work there. He said they have asked for volunteers twice and had no takers to his knowledge the last time. Troy stated that we are all trained the same and it will be up to the OD’s discretion on what we need and what we have available for staff. Eric said maybe some communication needs to be made that you don’t necessarily have be a volunteer in order to be scheduled to work there.


  1. FMLA Recertification for the Fiscal Year: Ryan Kern stated that he wants to remind staff that every fiscal year, people with FMLA will need to do recertification. If staff are calling in to use FMLA, they need to make sure that they have the process completed. Denise stated that they will need to get that completed by a doctor. Eric asked if they still need to have a sick occurrence related to why they need FMLA for them to get the paperwork. Denise said that either they need that or to have a doctor’s appointment set up before the occurrence to get the paperwork filled out. Nick asked who was the leave management person and Denise said to just send it to the leave management e-mail drop box. She said they can do a homepage announcement as well.
  2. CPS Unit Management during Quarantine/During Suspected COVID case: Paul stated that two clients were moved to the COVID unit last weekend. He stated that there was some challenges with how they were monitoring the unit and were informed of the issues and are working on addressing them. He stated they should have more guidance out on this. One issue that arose was where the radios were located at for the client rooms.
  3. Pexton Unit Community Meetings: Troy stated that the community meetings in Pexton will now be in the morning and afternoon, which the OS’s and SC’s will be managing these. The morning meeting is more of a meet and greet and trying to get clients motivated for the day. There will be a community ice breaker and staff announcements. This is to get more participation as well. He stated that this is going to start shortly and wanted to get this to this meeting before rolling it out. Eric asked if there was discussion on starting the Shantz community meetings back up and Troy said not at this time. They had talked about moving them to the Activity Building to do this but it’s not ideal.
  4. Performance Review Time: Troy stated that it’s coming up on performance review time and is encouraging staff to fill out their self-assessments and individual development plans. Troy said that this is a way to get people more engaged in the process and to help them grow. Eric said that he’s heard comments that people don’t fill them out because if they put down a goal that if they don’t achieve it within the year, it could negatively impact them on their next review. Troy said that this wasn’t the case. Denise stated that it was just a way to find out if there is something that we can be working on or something that we may need to offer.
  5. Possible Probation Extensions Due to COVID Leave: Troy stated that there may be probation extensions coming to probationary staff if they were out for COVID Leave. Bonnie stated that if they are gone on leave for more than 10 days, they have the right to extend their probation, but will only extend it for the amount of time they were on leave.
  6. TSS Roles: Troy stated that they did what we asked last month and got some feedback and worked on that. They want to start a pilot program of this on Pexton 1 South to determine what needs are before rolling it out to other areas. Eric said one of the concerns he has was that with the amount of staff bid to a unit and the number of clients, especially in Shantz right now, that the amount of TSS’s the staff could have more TSS’s and would interfere with their regular work duties. He stated that it may be a little more manageable on 1 South, but if they are going to implement it in Shantz, it should be after 2 East opens back up and the numbers on the units are a little more manageable. Troy said they will also look at the client needs and may not require each client to have a TSS. They are still working on the process and there is no rush to implement this. He said they will start on 1 South and go from there.

Meeting adjourned at 12:46pm