February 2021 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

February 11, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Eric Hesse, Nick Weerts, Annie Jakacki, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Breamer, Chris Hagen, Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Sexe, Tracy Johansen, Bryce Fazekas, Nikki Boder, Jamie Schwartz



Follow Up Items


  1. 1.      Overtime/Inverse Numbers:  Tim-January 69 staff on 1st for 311.92 hours. 36 staff on 2nd for 120.42 hours. 31 staff on 3rd for 116.25 hours. Health Services we had 10 staff for 111.5 hours for January. Eric-Is there any reason for the high numbers? Tim-There has been more staff movement over the month. We are hiring. We have all positions in for hiring for internal at 6 right now for perimeter. Some headed to hiring for new employees. Still have leaves of absence and WOOC that are affecting different things.  Sexe-CPS just filled all of our positions.
  2.  Overtime Numbers: Total inversed-136 staff for 548.59 hours. Total overtime for January 1839.25 hours. Health Services-8.9 percent of overtime was inverses.
  3. 3.      PPE Supply: Breamer-no difficulties obtaining PPE or sanitizer. Troy-we have 35 gallons of sanitizer. Doing weekly audits and we are okay. Eric-at DCT it was stated staff are allotted 3 new masks per week. Bonnie-We won’t be changing our current practice. If staff need a mask, they can get one. Eric-is it the ODs limiting to 1 per week? Bonnie-No, if you need one, ask at any time. M. Sexe-CPS can go to Lanin or Tollefson. Eric-what about on a weekend? Sexe-we can figure it out. Nick-they have always been good about supplying.
  4. 4.      Health Services Scheduling Update: Nick-we have had some staff losses with overnights again, so we are back to schedule with lapse of coverage at night. Has that spot been filled? Possibility of a shadow positions? Breamer-retiree position has been posted. I have not gotten the list. The position behind the extended leave has been shadow filled and will be posted Monday. Looking at filling another extended medical leave with a contract fill. Nick-an AFSCME member is retiring in 4 to 6 weeks. It would be nice to be proactive. Breamer-I agree, and I have heard the rumor. I encourage that person to come forward so we can go forward. Nick- I may reach out. Atlas is up and running. Working to get through the overtime. It has been going well. Breamer-Jamie and I have gone through to make sure everyone knew how to do it and are able. It will be set up and ready to go through atlas for everything soon.
  5. 5.      Notification of Not Filling Positions: Nothing new.
  6. 6.      1st Watch Inversing: Eric-have you done anything? Tim-We have tossed around ideas of continuing to call people signed up in advance. I think with what we have in place is working. And I am aware staff also have a place to notify people. It seems a lot of people aren’t having a problem. It’s still forced overtime, but they are getting them taken care of. We continue to watch the inversing and limit first watch inversing. Eric-So, no, not calling in advance? Tim-yes, that is correct as of now. Eric-It seems that with HR, they have an interpretation that you don’t have to inverse, or you can do whatever you want. Seems that is only implied when contract gets violated. When it helps our members, it doesn’t happen. Tim-how is it being violated? Eric-HR thinks that the step says “may” mandate overtime. Their interpretation is they can do whatever they want. To defend the breaking of contract or have other bargaining units take our overtime but when it comes to helping our members, that isn’t what they do. Bonnie-Eric, do you have specific examples of this happening in MSOP? Eric, I guess this applies more to Forensics, but we have the same language.
  7. 7.      Lead Leveling process: Eric-It has been going at a snail’s pace. Can we get this done soon or open it up at the old process? Bryce-I will take it back to Denise and get in touch after that. Eric-thank you.
  8. 8.      Green Acres North Staffing: Eric-how will this be filled? Any answers? Sexe-Paul is working with SMT on staffing plan. Nothing at this point to bring forward. Nick-Health services standpoint. The clinic has been altered due to staffing. We will have more workload at cps so keep it in the forefront how we will meet those needs as well. Nikki-that is being addressed and looked at with next fiscal year. Sexe-it’s on Paul’s radar as well.

New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Pexton 1 South Staff Assault/Charges: Eric-any charges being brought forth? Troy-Are we talking about client putting stuff on the door handle? Eric-yes. Troy-During the altercation, an elbow to staff and kicking at staff. It didn’t rise to OSI and PD level as a chargeable offense. Other activities…Consultation with OSI and legal. With any substances, it needs to be transferred. Intent is not enough to rise to chargeable felony. If it was transferred to staff, that will be pursued. I reviewed with Mark and he is working with the team on PX 1st floor. If we see it on a handle, we will ask the client to clean it. Staff need to wear gloves. If they come across something with their gloves, take it off and place in a paper bag and place in evident to be examined by OSI. Mark is doing his best along with staff. Eric-Talks with team members, they are feeling deflated because nothing happens to this guy. Seems he is freely able to offend our staff at will. People have been sent to Moose Lake or prison for less. Troy-I hear that, and we will try to help staff. He is an AP client. Moose doesn’t provide programming for clients in our alternative program. Eric-Staff are feeling deflated. Troy-Mark is bringing it forward too. We will try to visit and give an explanation to those staff. It is difficult when it comes to felony charging. Troy-If staff are sitting in unit station and see him smear something on a door handle.  Staff will let him know he needs to clean it off.  If staff are doing rounds and they happen to grab a door handle with a substance on it. Take glove off, put in a paper bag, write report and place in evidence. It actually has to transfer from client to staff before it is felony level and chargeable. The direction isn’t to swab it. Mark has communicated that wouldn’t help us. Nick-you come across a mystery substance as opposed to actually seeing someone do it.
  2. 2.      Demobilization Plan For MSOP: Eric-Is there a plan posted? Bonnie-its fluid as we move through Covid. We meet as needed and every week. Depending what is happening in the community, we may not be doing anything. Non-contact visits opening up is part of demobilization. We bring forth ideas and the group meets about it locally and DCT level. Eric-Timeframes for clients? Nikki-This is decided at DCT and filters down. We will not look at anything more as far as cross unit issues until minimum 2 weeks post 2nd round of vaccinations is completed for staff and clients. Then we will look slowly at opening up. Client clinics aren’t until mid-February, so I don’t see until mid-March. Eric-Covid units? Bonnie-command post says that we feel we need the unit right now (Pexton 2 North) but to also look at our numbers of clients on the unit. We haven’t had a positive case at either facility recently. A far as closing the quarantine unit, in my opinion, that will be the last thing outside of masks. Eric-91 percent of clients were vaccinated? Nikki-In the perimeter 90 percent of clients. CPS was 96 percent. Moose Lake was 87 percent. Eric-that helps with demobilization? Nikki-correct. Heard immunity is k80 percent and up. The 2nd shots will tell us more. We don’t have staff numbers yet. Homeland health has to put that up. We had other agencies take it as well. They are sifting through the information now. Eric-do clients need to wait if they didn’t get it? Nikki-ability to get through DCT is done for 1st round. Those will need to come through thrifty white now. Not until end of February and into march. 2 additional clients couldn’t get it, but we did get them in last week after the staff were given the doses. There is a possibility but it’s not immediate. Eric-Staff that didn’t get it will now have to use healthcare provider. Next round is specifically for 2nd round staff and clients. Letter on DCT Covid site that you can bring your care provide proof you are a level 1A priority that will help you.
  3. 3.      2021 Legislative Agenda for MSOP: Eric-Is MSOP going to ask? Bonnie- I have not heard of anything.
  4. PRP Concerns: Eric-Pilot programs staff feel it’s more of a clinical role with the requirements. Feel as though they are doing clinicians jobs. Theory is it’s because they are backed up. Sexe-In CPS we are doing this. The goal is to involve security counselors more into the clients’ treatment There was a lot of staff upset when PRP’s were removed years ago and have been asking for this to return. I have been pushing for this system to be put in place since Paul came to CPS. The meeting with client consists of reviewing their budget, property and room and client hygiene. We wanted to develop a system that is similar to when a client moves into the community on PD where they need to discuss items with their agent and community treatment provider. We will add more items for discussion, but we have framed it as security counselors and therapist are partners working with clients. Eric-So, they may touch on issues of the clinical world? Sexe-they shouldn’t. That isn’t their role. SC should know what is on the client’s treatment plan and have a general idea on how they are doing in core group.  Bonnie-it’s not just SCs. Every staff is part of treatment, this is a small nugget of it where we all contribute with a client’s treatment progress. It is those “after group hours”. It’s all of us interacting with clients, not just the clinical department. Having the SC’s sit down and speak same language helps. 49 clients on the wait list for CPS. Trying to get people out and moving. Hoping to contribute so they don’t get stalled after hours. Nick- I feel we were informed well, so I didn’t have concerns. Eric-1 south is the only unit right now. Maybe it is a collection of a lot of things. Maybe a better message or explanation. Troy-I will bring concerns back to Marc. He worked with them already and he reported the meetings have went well. Staff got a lot done. They worked on property and healthy lifestyles. Quarter 2 is in the perimeter and we are looking at 2nd floor of Pexton.  Quarter 3 will be in Shantz. Conventional in Shantz is pretty full. 6 clients per staff is a large workload. Troy-we hope we can partner to bring in a team and utility pool as well. They have good rapport as well. Eric-we have a lot of utility staff that don’t work units too and have no idea what to do. Sexe-at CPS, we tried to pick clients that would have a lot of interactions with. If they are on outings, they have an outings counselor. Troy-there are staff who like to work in certain areas as utility also. Eric-I just don’t want someone who never works units coming in. Sexe-CPS clinical supervisors are saying there is a lot of great documentation counselors are doing.
  5. 5.      COVID Unit Communication Logs: Eric-after every shift, we need to do comm logs? We consider it “fluff” comm logs. On the unit, staff have little interaction, so it seems like fluff. Stuff like “they followed the rules and acted appropriately” Troy-just a small summary how the shift went, not a book. Eric-Isn’t that accomplished during shift change? Troy-Staff get switched out. Eric-they can say how the day went. Troy-we don’t want fluff. Mike is looking for some communication when he comes in as well. Eric-there hasn’t been a lot because they are in their room. Bonnie-Comm logs were designed so anyone can see what the pulse is every single day. Its nice to see what’s happening. Its good communication. Troy is saying it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just want what the shift is like. Troy-especially with CPS traffic, helping Michelle and her team. It’s nice to look and see how someone is doing. Eric-wouldn’t you know if there was a negative comm log rather than a daily? Bonnie-Having a log that says they missed a meal; health services would be interested. Eric-I see its quick and easy. Bonnie-we value all communication staff contribute.


Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Construction Update: Sexe-Last week we had construction walk through for electrical that met criteria to walk in for scope of are. Bids are due next week. We expect that will start in March and hope to have it ready in January 2022. We will move clients at end of January. We will give regular updates at this meeting.
  2. 2.      Supervision: Bonnie-Staff are going to see more interactions with supervisor in preparation of reviews. Every other month we will review things like; training needs, achievements, IDP, Goals, Communications, etc. Our intention for these meetings is to build trust and change our culture. We have good intentions, but this is important to us. Starts with me, Troy, Tim, and so forth. We are making a commitment to this to make sure it happens. It will feel strange at firs then become natural. We welcome feedback as we go. Eric-I’m not opposed to this. Management needs to know more about what is going on with staff and struggles. There will be some hiccups.
  3. 3.      Mask Compliance: Bonnie-we have seen several weeks of 100 percent compliance. Thank you. We appreciate your efforts.
  4. 4.      Lowering Minimum on Quarantine unit when there are 5 or less clients: Bonnie-We received a suggestion from an AFSCME member to consider lowering our minimum when there are 5 clients or less. We are going to look at this. It came from the suggestion box from a member. Eric-If you decide on something, please keep us notified. Bonnie-I understand when it is full. Eric-even with 2 you are constantly being buzzed. Using the restrooms, coming out of rooms, etc. Bonnie-we can have further discussion.
  5. 5.      Meeting Minutes: Bonnie-Minutes are supposed to be a summary instead of verbatim, you don’t need to capture everything. They don’t need to be exact. Otherwise it has to be in quotations and be exact. Bryce-if its verbatim, they need to be quoted. We can summarize. Bonnie-It makes it easier when we go back to review. Currently, it makes it difficult trying to get everyone to review.  This would make it easier when Adam requests minutes.


Adjourned at 130PM