August 2018 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

August 9, 2018

Pexton 287


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Jamie Sheppard, Liz Trandem, Paul Rodriguez. Troy Sherwood, Michelle Breamer. Denise Considine, Andrew Cole, Tim Lokensgard



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. OT/Inverse Numbers: 7/11-7/24  1st Watch-37 staff inversed for 161.75 hours   2nd Watch-22 staff inversed for 57.75 hours    3rd Watch  18 staff inversed for 97 hours

7/25-8/7    1st Watch  25 staff inversed for 102.75 hours  2nd Watch-11 staff inversed for 33.75 hours     3rd Watch-15 staff inversed for 102 hours

  1. B.      Health Services Vacation Reduction-Hesse-Stance this is not contractually right. No other locals have the same thing. Field director at council 5 has never heard of this anywhere. Requesting meeting with MNA and management to hash this out. Liz-I will follow up.
  2. 2.      Roll Call-Hesse-a lot of negative feedback. People don’t feel they are given enough time and have to come in early. Last month’s meeting you said you are open to suggestions? I assume 5 after is off the table? Tim-with 1st watch coming in for straight 8, we still want a good shift change. Hesse-does 2 after work? This is what the Forensic Nursing Home does. Troy-this is your suggestion? Tim-we can talk it over. Hesse-it is getting implemented soon. Tim-I can’t make the decision myself but we can get you a response soon.
  3. 3.      Straight 8 Implementation-Hesse-overnights details on straight 8s is lacking. Are they hours of OT with a half hour lunch. I would assume the OD would be open to staff taking their lunch before they start their OT shift, just like when on 3rd watch. I can clarify when I send you the numbers. Liz-we have 10 days to review minutes, is it something that can be shared at roll call? Tim-we can let them know at shift change.
  4. 4.      Rotating shifts Rumor- Hesse-since supervisors are going to rotating, is that going to happen? Tim-it’s possible. Troy-conversation was how we can get more supervision on third watch. We haven’t decided. When we met with then we asked for top 5 areas based on skill sets. They submitted that. There could be some changes.  Things are going to happen. Hesse- anxiety is high staff also sometimes bid based on who the supervisor is, is there a communication plan? Troy-our communication plan is respectfully with them first. October 3rd is planned for the moves. Hesse-fear is that counselors will be going as well. Tim-Rumor.
  5. 5.      Bids not being posted/filled/inversing/JR not calling staff-Hesse-2nd watch seems there has been spots not being filled or rebidded on. People left for internships. Wondering what is going on with this. Tim-last month bonnie mentioned we are evaluating every vacant position. Senior management is evaluating everything. Hesse-evaluating if you need to fill it? Tim-yes. I haven’t heard when they will be filled. Just evaluating and we are giving our feedback and waiting for the go ahead. Matt-CRP a counselor bid on a position here. He got an email on his days off. Not a phone call. We want to make sure a phone call is made first. Tim-yes, we will run it by him. They should be called. Liz-get me the name. Matt- I think they are in contact now but just for future.
  6. 6.      Rec/Visit Breaks-Hesse-staff are saying they are having a tough time getting breaks in because of all of the directions being pulled. They try to work out with OD but sometimes it’s not happening. Can they just go to straight 8s to rectify it? Tim-do they have options? We can look at solutions how to get breaks ourselves. Troy-we talked about this and we looked at kitchen silverware rolling, it will be moved to free that up. It wasn’t as much that they couldn’t go on break but some wanted to go at the same time. We don’t have those resources. Realistically they should be able to get their breaks. If they are having trouble let us know and let the OD know as soon as possible. If it’s not, we can look at other solutions.



  1. 1.      Levels of Observation Expectations-SC vs HS vs Clinical- Troy-situations where clients will go into observation area on 1 south. They are under nursing order under half hour checks. Nursing is responsible for that. Staff are concerned about what the responsibilities are. We debriefed and want to say that health services initiating it are responsible for the checks. It’s the same as anywhere else, if staff see something out of the ordinary, call nursing or call an ICS. It is not staff’ responsibility to do the checks though. There have been changes to HSA areas and they are as follows: the High Security Area on P1S was updated in Phoenix to reflect Observation Area 1S. With this change, we will use P2N HSA for all PI/AR placements, P1S Observation Area for all LOO placements, and P2S Extended Care for Medical and/or short term unscheduled moves. In doing this, we are providing staff a clear designated area for each individual placement need. This should clear up some of the ongoing confusion with written documentation related to the type of placement and the area utilized for the placement. Residential Post Orders were updated and reflect the specifics expectations for each area. In addition, within the Incident Report system, each one of the above area’s was added within the  “Location” field so staff can reference the specific area when a placement occurs and their writing an incident report and spelling out the type of placement along with location. Michelle- It will be managed on a case to case basis however because some clients are on dual statuses.
  2. 2.      Staff appreciation august 28th. There will be a posting.


Meeting Adjourned at 1220pm