9/17/15 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Marvin Sullivan, Ryan Cates, Nicki Buechner, James Hemshrot, Shannon Pech, Mike Homer, Matt Stenger, Stacey Mueller, Eric Hesse, Tim Headlee, Connie Anderson, Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz, Adam Castle, Jerry Castlewetz, Amanda Hollum, Luke Frederick, Jamie Sheppard, Shawn Lochner, Justin Racek, Karla Herzberg, Danielle Laird, Kendra Benson, Katie Erickson, Anne Shetson

1. Secretary’s Report: Motion by James Hemshrot to approve Secretary’s meeting minutes from August, 2015. 2nd by Matt Stenger, motion passed.

2. Treasurer-Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING August 2015 Motion to accept by Molly Kennedy, 2nd by . Motion passed CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 61241.91 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5634.66 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 8891.17 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 57985.40 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson

3. Correspondence: • There is currently picketing going on at the Radisson Hotel in Duluth, where Local 404 is staying for convention. It was communicated that if we do stay there we will receive a note stating that we support the union. Because most hotels are booked in Duluth for convention there may not be another option for stay. Connie Anderson will be looking into this further. • The contract will be finalized October 1st. Hopefully it will pass and come into effect November. Please check the Council 5 site for dates. • Steward Training will be October 6th and the 9th. This is an 8 hour class from 8am – 4pm at the Redman. You can attend for the purpose of just becoming more knowledgeable. You do not necessarily have to be active as a Steward but we encourage people to take this class. Please email Molly Kennedy if you are interested. • While at Staff Appreciation Day we encourage members tell administration your frustrations even if you do not eat. • If you interested in running for Treasurer in November please email Connie Anderson so she can work with those people for putting together a training time. Only those serious about running for the position please.

4. New Business: • Because having Union Appreciation Day did not work this year due to not enough notice to organize, the E Board had a unanimous vote to set a day aside next year. James Hemshrot made a motion to cancel Union Appreciation Day on September 23rd, 2015 and reschedule to a later time so there can be better planning and can involve all sites. 2nd by Shannon Pech. Motion passed. • Local 404 currently has an office in the Sunrise Building. For now MSH does not have to completely evacuate. Local 404 is thinking of other possibilities for an office location. • Please do not key in to interrupt radio transmissions. Management is tracking radios that are doing this. • Stacey Mueller, Sarah Moeller, and Adam Castle have volunteered to be part of the Social Committee. This would involve keeping track of 404 members retiring, members who have been injured, and organizing any social events. • The St. Peter Kitchen presented in hopes of receiving a donation from Local 404. The local normally does donate to the Kitchen. They are starting their 7th year. Some background information: this was started by a group of kids from St. Peter who went to Milwaukee and worked in a soup kitchen. This is an organization that is supported by almost all of the churches in St. Peter. Their average weekly count is 100 and they usually go through all of the food. Anyone is welcome to come get a meal, no discussion, no information given. Meals are Monday’s from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at Trinity Church. They do accept donations from those coming to eat but they are not obligated. If you would like to volunteer you can sign up online or just show up. They are always looking for help, even if you would just like to walk around and talk to people. Molly Kennedy said that she has 15 turkey’s left that she will give to the Kitchen. They are running out of money and at this point cannot make it until Christmas. Molly Kennedy made a motion to donate the normal yearly amount given of $1200. 2nd by James Hemshrot, motion passed. • At Labor Management Meetings the union is allotted 7 people to attend. Tim Headlee stated that he wants to fill those 7 seats at all meetings. If those who normally attend cannot make it, please let the E Board know ASAP so the seat can be backfilled. If no one from the E Board can fill in, we will reach out to Stewards.

5. Old Business:

6. Items from the membership:

7. Officer Reports

Presidents Report Tim Headlee:

VP- Matt Stenger:

VP- Molly Kennedy: We had MSOP joint labor management on September 10th, this meeting was with Moose Lake and St. Peter. Some if the items that were discussed were Lead Leveling and there being new criteria for obtaining a lead score. Labor expressed that we usually have had input on how lead leveling is handled and this time Management are deciding how this will look without speaking to the union. We will be having further conversation about this before it is implemented. It has been about 2 years since a leveling has been done. We also spoke about bids getting dead on the third round especially when it falls on an early shift position and having that go to a new hire. We expressed that we should come up with a MOU when this happens since early shifts are sought after positions in MSOP. Further conversation will be had on this topic as well. We also requested that with the expansion of CPS they consider adding lead spots in each building, Dr. Barbo said the CPS lead position will not be an additional staff, it will be a reallocation. One CPS staff would be converted to a lead position. Management stated that it is highly likely that staffing will change with growth and would let AFSCME know. Please see www.union404.com for all of the items discussed. We will be offering a couple of steward/contract trainings in October. The first class will be offered Tuesday October 6th and the other Friday October 9th. Both will be held from 8-4 @ the RedMen club in St. Peter. You would only need to attend 1 of those days as it is the same class offered both days. Please contact Molly Kennedy if you can attend. We are also looking for a couple volunteers to head a social committee. The job duties of this position would be coming up with ideas on union building events and help organize them, keeping up with 404 members who are retiring and those who are injured at work. Please contact myself and Tim Headlee if you would be interested in this position. If you are a current steward please contact myself if you are interested in becoming more involved, I know in MSOP we have quite a few step 1 grievances and it would be a good way to see how the process works. Molly Kennedy Vice President Steward Coordinator

Executive Board: Marvin Sullivan

I attended a couple of meetings this month, but nothing to report!!


Marvin Sullivan

Executive Board: Adam Castle

Executive Board: James Hemshrot

CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates

CS CBHH / CARE: Luke Frederick

In the last month I went to the local ALC meeting in Mankato and met with other labor unions and shared what has been going on in our local. I talked about the increasing injury rates and the severity of some of the attacks. I was asked by some of the other unions to have some of our people come to their meetings and share what is going on with their membership. Still getting the details worked out on that.

The union won a grievance and clarified with the employer that part time employees are eligible to sign up for overtime and get paid at the overtime rate.

Ryan Cates, Kaija McMillen and I met with the Governor and expressed concerns about injury rates and staffing levels. Another concern that was brought up was the limited number of IOD hours. The Governor stated at this meeting that he wanted another meeting with all the stakeholders at the same table. The meeting with all the stakeholders happened on Sept 15th and Tim Headlee and Matt Stenger represented the local.

Ryan, Kaija and I had a meeting with the Commissioner of MMB and Commissioner of Labor. We again pushed that there shouldn’t be a limit of IOD hours. We said that ideally no one would ever need IOD due to increased safety but in those cases where someone does get brutally assaulted in the workplace they shouldn’t have to worry about their finances on top of it.


This last month I have met with HR about the schedule for the Main Kitchen as well as cleared up some issues with scheduling in the Main Kitchen. I have a step 1 grievance in for a scheduling issue on a holiday. I have sat 2 investigations for MSOP. Mike  

CS Nursing Home & MSOP: Eric Hesse

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Shannon Pech

Council 5 Field Representative Chris Hanson:

Motion to adjourn meeting by James Hemshrot at 12:33 pm, 2nd by Shannon Pech.