8/16/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

For AFSCME: John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, Andrew Jones, Matt Stenger, Kevin Graves, Amanda Prince, Jason Montgomery, Jen Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Daniel Williams, Stasha Sickler

For Management: Cindy Jungers, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold, Kevin Mosier, Kim Franek, and Liz Barbo


1. Short Notice Vacation Random Number Generator Demonstration A couple months ago, it was discussed to change the short notice vacation (SNV) process, to something useful at both St. Peter (SP) and Moose Lake (ML) campuses. Currently the process in SP is via the phone, whereas ML was via email. The new procedure will use a random number generator. Staff who report to roll call and are interested in obtaining shift in progress will sign their name on the sign-up sheet provided. This sign-up sheet will be numbered 1-60, and interested staff can write their name next to the number of their choice. If staff works a shift that doesn't have a roll call they will notify the OD in person upon reporting to work that they want to add their name to the pool. The ODs will use the random number generator to “draw” numbers to award SNV vacation. Draws will be made at the time(s) the OD is able to allow staff shift in progress for the remainder of their shift. If SNV is available, the OD will contact the selected/approved staff. The goal is to get this implemented as soon as possible, but to make sure all OD’s and employees are able to absorb the change first. An announcement will be posted on the SharePoint site.  

2. Addition of Action Items to Agenda Action items will be addressed at the beginning of each months meeting.

3. Tardiness Policy Update To follow up on the discussion from last month’s meeting. HR and Management have looked at this policy in depth. The “unforeseen emergency” is the hang up here. Change to the policy would be changing unforeseen emergency to authorized and unauthorized. Previously supervisors have treated cases differently. All this will go through Facility Administrator from now on to make it more consistent. If an employee is tardy, it is their responsibility to report this. If they choose not to, it gives the Facility Administrator no info. Employees will have 3 days to report. The labors concern with this is what if an employee doesn’t know that they were marked tardy. Kevin Mosier commented that one tardy per year is reasonable. This is an action item.


1. When Does Six-Month Bid Ban Start? Bid ban starts the day the employee accepts bid.

2. Forced Breaks on Overtime There have been some issues around what time, or if, an employee is required to take a 30 minute duty-free break when he/she isn’t working a full overtime shift. Labor gave some examples of employees who worked an overtime shift of 5 hours, and were instructed by the OD, that they must take duty-free break. Management mentioned that when overtime is offered to an employee, it is scheduled by shift. Employees should plan to take a duty-free break, although, there are many times overtime needs may change throughout the shift. This is an action item.

3. Mutualing to Doubles The meeting with MMB hasn’t happened yet, but is scheduled for next week. HR requested that the original proposal put together by labor be sent to Melissa Gresczyk again. This is an action item.

4. Vacation Proposal and Piggybacking This is a follow up from last month’s meeting pertaining to the vacation calendar being 18-20 months out on some watches due to “piggy-backing.” Management agrees with the local that following the contract language is the correct way. This is just a change in practice of how it’s been done. HR plans to put an announcement on the MSOP homepage. This is an action item.

5. Tracking Overtime for Contract Violation Purposes The local asked if there is a way to view all overtime sign-ups and overtime granted. Currently there is no way for employees to view this on the new electronic overtime signup. What is the easiest way for employees to track the overtime distributed? This is an action item.

6. Visits from OCHS and MSRS/Deferred Compensation It has been awhile since a representative has come to campus. Someone should hopefully be here in September.

7. Ability to View Rescinded Vacation Labor asked if there is a way the scheduler could post a notice of rescinded vacation days. Contract language indicates all rescinded vacation should be posted. Members have complained that requests to rescind vacation have not always been dealt with in a timely manner for others to pick those vacation days up. Emailing the scheduler is currently the only way to rescind a vacation, and then the days aren’t open until the scheduler views the email and processes the request. The local was curious if there was an option in the scheduler program to allow employees to rescind vacation, instead of having to email the scheduler. Management indicated that is not an option at this time, but the scheduler will begin to post rescinded vacation on a bulletin, so employees are aware of recent rescinded vacations.

8. Security Counselor Leads Bidding to Set Days Off The original agreement was to have 4 leads on each floor of each building. Currently there is a lead vacancy being posted with set days off. The understanding was that because leads are on a 5/2 rotation, days off would still be determined based on seniority. Management wanted this to be an action item.

9. Hospital Coverage – Moose Lake Local had concerns regarding client in the hospital and having 1staff as coverage. Kevin M. states he has had discussion with business agent (Diane) and to “get the information from her.” Kevin M. states that no safety concerns came up by Diane. Management is paying OT for the half hour breaks and relief is offered by hospital staff. Due to this particular client’s condition, management feels there is not a security concern. This is a temporary staffing pattern based on the needs of the client, and is an isolated incident.

10. Staffing Levels – Moose Lake & St. Peter Lately, there has been 1 staff covering each unit with 1 float that goes from unit to unit. Questions about whether or not this is an “upcoming” pattern, Kevin M. stated this is not the normal pattern, but seems to be the best option right now. Amanda encouraged management to go on the units to observe how this is working. Labor informed management that a lot of the chaos is around 6 pm, and being short staffed can be difficult. St. Peter management did agree to do rounds at the suggested time to observe.  

11. Overtime Memo A memo was posted by both schedulers in St. Peter and Moose Lake on the MSOP homepage this week about signing up for overtime. Labor showed management the memo and explained the memo has many big contract violations within it, and needs to be looked at. Management said they will take a look at it. This is an action item.  

12. AMS Movement Coordinator The local wanted to know what this job entails. Management stated the Movement Coordinator (MC) will work with the Count Coordinator. All clients will be receiving AMS bracelets. The MC will be responsible for putting on and adjusting bracelets when needed as well as monitoring the AMS computer. Bracelets will eventually be suspended when clients leave perimeter on outings. Right now this is a temporary position, and not sure if this will eventually be a full time position.