5/19/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Jason Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Jen Collelo, Stasha Sickler, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Jen Montgomery, Melissa Gresczyk, Ralph Schmidt, Kevin Moser, Cindy Jungers, Elizabeth Barbo

Hiring Update
Moose Lake has 11 new Security Counselors orienting in May and 5 more in June. St. Peter anticipates hiring 4 in June as well. HR agreed to be flexible with these openings due to MSH re-organization.
Training for Staff Being Targeted by Clients – TAC (Training Advisory Committee) Follow-Up
Self-care training that deals with work stress and targeting experience will be coming out soon. Administration is working with specific targeted staff.
Uniform Issues – Problem-Solving
MMA and the Uniform Committee have been looking at a clog type shoe which will be brought back. The progress that has been made with problems/issues has been good.
Overtime Project in HIMS
Overtime will be opened up to all AFSCME staff interested in taking approximately 8 hours of training to work on client records scanning in HIMS. The project will run from 6am to 10pm. Staff will work their regular shift and be eligible for overtime either before or after. They intend to train 40 in 1 pool and 20 in the 2nd pool and people will have to test out to become capable and qualified. State seniority will be used to assign the overtime which includes current HIMS staff also. Up to 10 voluntary staff will be working on the project at a time in both Moose Lake and St. Peter. There will be no inversing. Facility operations take priority and staff will not be pulled for this project. Melissa will follow up with Jen Montgomery regarding the details of the training.

Ability to Mutual Between a SC and SCL in Moose Lake
Management stated that SC’s and SCL’s cannot mutual due to capable and qualified issues. AFSCME argued that lead duties are not specific to a shift and that if work orders and other paperwork need to be done for a specific area there are other leads available. AFSCME asked that each request be looked at case by case and if there are specific duties that need to be done on a specific shift the staff should not be allowed to mutual. Management agreed that some valid points were brought up and would like to have more discussion with the schedulers. St. Peter allows mutuals between SC and SCL’s.
Work Out of Class and Temp Reassignments
Management stated that they are taking a look at all of the WOC with the construction etc. and that all positions have been posted- not selected. The administrative policy reads that it can last 6 months and be extended for 6 more months. When the year is up the position is to be pulled. The hiring freeze and budget issues have caused many problems with getting work done resulting in many WOC positions. Melissa asked that questions or future WOC issues be addressed to her.
Radiation Exposure When Staff Assist Clients During X-Rays
Ralph stated that MSOP has purchased a portable x-ray machine that emits no exposure. Pexton x-ray will be used by only MSH- this is a MSH issue and will be addressed as such.
Schedule Anywhere
Kevin said that they just signed a 1 year extension on the current contract. Melissa will contact Tudy Fowler and get Schedule Anywhere contact information. Kevin and Ralph will talk to the schedulers and look at options and abilities for future scheduling software decisions.
HSTs in Moose Lake – CERP Retirement
This issue has gone to DHS policy committee. CRP in St. Peter is also being looked at. Melissa stated that these positions were audited and came back as HST positions not SC positions on the basis of cares expected to be given. Employees can request a job audit by contacting HR.
How Investigations Are Conducted
Management has been working with supervisors, offering investigation training and action is being taken. Improper investigation practices are not supported and management cannot do anything about issues unless they are made aware of them. HR is notified only when an oral or written reprimand is given not with corrective conversations. A committee has been formed to deal with cleaning up the investigation process- Ralph asked that we bear with them.
Management agreed to cc Molly and Chuck on the email notification that goes to staff when an investigation is completed and unsubstantiated.
Requirement to Sign Expectations Each Month by 1st Watch OD
This issue has been cleared up.
Thank You – CISM Response After Client Death
Staff felt that the next day follow up was very helpful.
Leads Doing Supervisory Tasks
If there are issues with this please let HR/Management know. AFSCME staff should not be supervising or approving vacation other AFSCME staff.
Uniform Committee
The uniform committee will be contacted in regards to staff requesting to wear t-shirts supporting breast cancer, child abuse, domestic violence etc.
Union Leave and Other Payroll Questions
The request for union leave goes to HR in Moose Lake. Payroll changes or questions should first be asked to supervisors. HR can help with issues and lead people in the right direction

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am