5/12/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, John Collins, Connie Anderson, Charles Johnson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Chuck Carlson, Jasmine Bohnert, Michelle Chalin, Nancy Draves, Tom Christensen, Larry TeBrake

Old Business:
1. Safety
• Current injury numbers- 1 patient related injury in MSH
• CRP Injury/Incident- 0 staff injuries. Repeated ICS on 1 patient attacking another patient (3 instances). TC stated they are still trying to work with this patient and will handle each situation individually factoring in aggression type and mental illness diagnosis.
2. SOFS Budget / plans /OT tracking
• Michelle reported that the Nursing home had funding approval for up to 34 patients. They currently have 17 patients leaving room for 17 more. Patients from Shantz 1W will be interview to see if they qualify for these spots- this process will take around 30 days. They will be interviewing and hiring 31 staff with orientation in June or July. Upon completion of training they will begin moving patients with a goal of late August or early September.
• There was discussion at length about the status of the nursing home and whether it will change to a forensic facility and MA, CMA and Nursing home licensing.
• The union requested that management hold the postings of open positions- true vacancies that are not due to retirement or termination-until the supervisors for all units are in place. A vote at the General Membership meeting later this night showed that the membership was in favor of this- management was notified. TC, Larry and Nancy will discuss.
3. Vacation / Holidays Unit based Process
• Overnight staff vacation is still not in Schedule Anywhere- TC has been monitoring this. This is being work on but is not yet entered 1 year out.
• TC stated that the 2 shift of vacation currently granted per day will need to be looked at in order to avoid excessive overtime and inversing this summer. He built an excel spreadsheet to look at the data and met with Larry earlier this week. There will be no final determination on unit minimums until unit moves are finalized. Having 3 building extras on the late shift is also being looked at. Chuck asked that AFSCME be present for this discussion. We currently have 49-50 staff scheduled per shift. These numbers will change when S1W moves to FNH and with the changing of PI and seclusion. This will be addressed at a later date when moves are final.
• Update on the proposed MoU to change vacation request back to 6 months. John Knobbe will be sending a proposal to management for them to look at.
• April 27, 2011 will be the implementation of staff using Schedule Anywhere for time off requests. An e-mail will be sent out regarding a CBT. Update: TC believes that all staff are currently using SA for vacation requests. If anyone has areas or issues to address with this please contact TC.
4. Space utilization issues and CRP
• Covered above
5. Bidding process Checklist/Bid awards
• The proposal brought forth by the union was approved by Central Office HR and is being used.
6. Posting of positions during transition of units
• Covered above
New Business:
1. Nursing Inversing procedure
• Nancy and Chuck will coordinate a time and date to meet with Colleen Ryan
2. NASMHPD visit
• The visit is scheduled for June 2nd and 3rd. They are interested in meeting with labor management as well. The focus will be on “heal the healer” and trauma informed care.
3. SPRTC Centennial Celebration
• TC said they are still in the planning process. It is set for September 21st and 22nd with the first day being for the community and the second day being for patients and staff. Larry said that state funds cannot be used to pay for food. The unions are still discussion the funding of food for the celebration.
4. New hires/Intermittents
• We currently have 5 non post retirement intermittents. They are being contacted and offered positions- 1 has accepted a FT position, waiting to hear back from the other 4. They are filling 4 .8 positions
5. NOCs bumps
• TC stated that nobody has been notified of being bumped to nights-this is hung up with the unit moves. TC has asked the NOC OD’s to look at scheduling and will be meeting with them to discuss needs.
• Nancy and TC will be meeting to discuss the work rule on forcing to nights.

6. New org. chart—how has it been introduced, chain of command/authority explanation. Clinical decision making— line staff input
• The “Treatment Team Supervisor” role is not in place as of yet. They are awaiting approval of the position description which should take 7-10 days. TC will discuss with management how decision making such as patient transfers are to be addressed. For now these decisions will be made “collaboratively” stated TC.
7. Full-time TTS on unit 200?
• TC stated that there will be a unit director for each unit someday in the near future. The need for separate programs such as YAAP and SNS is also being looked at.
8. Commitment to Trauma-Informed Care—as pilot on unit 200 and campus wide
• TC is working with Robbie Bach to order supplies etc.
9. Work areas with high turnover/exodus of staff—alarm bells to management? Nursing home, 300, CRP.
• Michelle stated that she is unaware of high turnover in the FNH but said that some staff has moved on to other areas of the hospital.
• Some staff have left CRP to become Security Counselors. A field study will audit CRP next week.
• Unit 300 is another unit that many staff have left/bid off. Larry and TC have spoken with some of this staff and were told that bidding off has been because of days off and that they are unaware of other issues. If there is more to this issue they should let TC know.
Management Issues:

1. Larry had a meeting with Hennepin County today. He is working with them in hopes to resolve the bed crunch issue.
2. TC and Nancy are working on a campus wide tardiness policy. This will be distributed to labor organizations for feedback.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm

Step 3 grievances- 6 presented