11/18/10 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Jill Gorman, Michelle Rodning, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Chuck Carlson, Annie Thelen, John Collins, Kevin Graves, Anne Mehltretter, Connie Anderson, Erin Granberg, Britta Higginbotham, Douglas Kampen, Paul Schwichtenberg (Pickle), Randal Erickson, Sam Arneson, Mark Heilman, Keir Carstensen

Greet Membership
1.Secretaries Report:-- Oct 2010 meeting minutes- Additions or Corrections? Motion to approve by Michelle Rodning, second by Pickle then carried.
Correspondence Review (See File)
a) Appeal to Arbitration Memos – 8
b) August and Sept First Report of Injury Notice
c) 2011 Minimum Dues increase – 2.1 cents per month – 0 to membership
d) Workday Minnesota appeal – motion to send $250 by Jill Gorman, second by Sam Arneson. After discussion this motion was denied. Another motion was made by John Collins to donate $100. Motion seconded by Kevin Graves then carried.
e) Contract Copies cost notification – all copies will be charged to local
f) Oct 2010 Per capita and PEOPLE report
g) Negotiations Assembly notice
h) August C5 Exec Board Minutes
2.Presidents Report:
A. FD M&C today- Minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe
B. CBHH Meetings- Minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or Kevin Graves
C. Forensic Division Joint Labor Management meeting 22 Nov- meeting to be attended by John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, and John Collins. Please see Facebook for information and updates.
D. MSOP Quarterly with Moose Lake 1092
E. Political Action//Phone Banking/Lit Drops- this was the #1 mission of Local 404 for the Last month
3.Old Business: None from Oct carried forward
4.New Business
1. 30 day notice for change in vacation request procedure to be changed to 6 months.
2. A suggestion was made by Chuck Carlson to purchase more t-shirts at negotiations. John Collins proposed that we spend $2100 on t-shirts and $1000 on hats for a total of $3100. Proposal was seconded by Annie Thelen and carried.

5.Items from the membership- none
Social Committee: Michelle Rodning spoke about the AFSCME Christmas party which will take place following the meeting on Thursday December 9th. Shelly Maas is working on an invitation to be sent out via email. All AFSCME represented employees are invited to attend. Attendees are encouraged to bring an item for the food shelf. A motion was made by Anne Mehltretter that there be a budget of $1000 to purchase food and door prizes. There was discussion at length regarding what will be served for food and where we will order it from. Michelle will do some research on this and make some decisions within this budget. A committee including Josh Coopman, Michelle Rodning, Annie Thelen, and Anne Mehltretter will work on the party details. Names of staff from Rochester will be included in the drawings for door prizes.
Officers Reports:
VP-John Knobbe: “In the last month we completed new steward training, met with MSOP, filed 3rd steps in forensics, met @ CARE in St. Peter, had the MSOP 1/4ly in St. Paul and met with forensics today. The mood isn’t good, but might be improving. Maybe because of the Governor’s race outcome. Thanks all who helped in the elections. Now if the recount gets done we can start at least having a chance to work within the contract.
In solidarity,
W. John Knobbe”
VP- Molly Kennedy: “In MSOP we just had a joint meet & Confer Nov. 8th in St. Paul. One of the things discussed was mutual to doubles which Dennis Benson presented on. We are going to get a group together to go over the agreement with corrections and fine tune it and then present it.
We also spoke about job postings on the MSOP homepage and they are going to link our site to the i-net so we are able to see everything available.
And the huge topic we got straightened out was the ability to mutual from 2nd or 3rd watch to first watch- if it doesn’t put you into a 16 hour shift this is acceptable. So you can mutual to an overnight shift if both people involved do not work a 16 hour shift. There were more items and please check www.union404.com for the meeting minutes.
I am currently working on the agenda for next month on Dec. 6th. Some of the items we are going to include are looking again at days off per week area, transports to pathfinders going down to 1 staff and how vacations are being granted. How many people are kept above known needs?
If you have any ideas for agenda items please e-mail me.
In Solidarity,
Molly Kennedy”
Treasurer-Connie Anderson: October Treasurers report presented. A motion to accept subject to audit by Molly Kennedy. Second by John Knobbe then carried
CS MSH/Transition: John Collins: “Two weeks ago I was part of a group from MSH who went to a Violence Reduction Conference in Baltimore. Heard some good success stories, came up with some good ideas, and had some healthy discussion. Action plan for culture changes will proceed and we are hopeful these will be some positive changes.
Status of the Gov. Election: Nov 29th- recount begins in every county at a central locale. Most big counties will take up to a week for recount. Recount should be done approx. Dec 8th-10th.
Then: State Canvassing Board meets again and will look at challenging ballots. A decision should be made by Dec. 14th at which time the winner will be certified.
Then: Any legal contesting of results need to be filed in 7 days.
If this happens: In 20 days trial must begin.”
CS-AMH/CARE: Kevin Graves: “Extended Campus Report: NOV.
CBHH Rochester
• M&C this 11-24-2010.

CBHH St. Peter
• – 1st step grievance on discipline related to computer usage.
• - 3rd step needs to be presented.

CARE St. Peter
• Sam received her reflectors. (Although they have yet to be properly installed)

Kevin Graves
AFSCME Local 404
Chief Steward.”
CS- NOCs/CRP: Jeremy Tubbs: “CRP- scheduling issues on CRP. Will follow up with staff. MSOP/MSH Nights- no issues.”
CS – Facilities and Forensic Nursing Home: Jill Gorman: “There is an ongoing investigation in the Nursing Home. Planned move is December 8. Campus Maintenance is finishing up with some minor details. There will be some restructuring in the physical plant department. DVD’s reporting to Sherry Fischer and Brad/Jeff reporting to Pat Kennedy. I also attended the Nov. CLU mtg.”
CS – MSOP: Matt Stenger: Nothing new to report.
EB-Anne Mehltretter: Nothing new to report.
EB-Charles Johnson: “Presented a step 3 grievance which we lost. I also attended contract negotiations.”
EB- Eric Ridout: Excused
Good and Welfare: Patty Balderas, Janeille Ringeisen, Nicole Rock, Alex Rock, Allan Campbell, Roxanne Christ, Lynn Erickson, Tammy Lassen, Paul Jirik, Theresa Lambrecht, Maggie Bolstad, Kristen Drager, and Lori Pherson
CLU delegate report: Jill Gorman attended and was part of political action committee discussion.
Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe: Excused
Message to Members: “Harm to one is harm to all”

Drawing for door prizes: Pickle, Ann Sullivan, Britta Higginbotham, Michelle Rodning
Progressive Drawing: $490 Marlowe Grau- not present.