11/10/16 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Adam Castle, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Bonnie Wold, Jessica Miller, Tim Lokensgard, Troy Sherwood

AFSCME Agenda Items


Follow Up:

  1. Scheduling Program-JR sent out an email.  If you are having issues please contact him.  Many of the issues encountered by staff have been problems accessing the program with certain browsers.  If you are accessing through a cell phone, copy the URL into the site address area.

  2. Switch Rotations Approval- Management will accept these within reason.  Contact JR if you are interested.

  3. More Leads at CPS- Tim Benesch is looking into this.  There is a need for more staff and proposals have been submitted.(Tim L)  

    Molly K- Asks for bid staff at CPS be scheduled according to CPS as a whole, not specific units of CPS. Example: roll call-instead of staff A assigned to Sunrise East, staff A would instead be called off as CPS. Staff could then figure out which unit of CPS to work.  Molly will present this to Michelle Sexe and Tim Benesch.

  4. Vacation Audits- Audits will be completed at the end of the pay period before the switch over to semaphore.

  5. Rec/Visit Staffing- Management is looking at this closely and changes are coming soon. Have been staffing heavier on weekends due to increased visits during this time.  There is a meeting scheduled with management and AFSCME to go over staffing options. 

New Agenda Items:


1.  1st Watch AGS calling people at home before inversing- Staff can request names of staff on the advance overtime sign up list from the OD when inversed.  Staff must obtain contact information themselves.  Please access any social media sites during break time and on non-unit computers!

2.  Hand Sanitizer on Units- Management is unaware of a shortage at the warehouse and will look into this.  Non-alcoholic only.

3.  Pexton 1 South Staffing- This will be part of the conversation of the Rec/Visit staffing meeting.

4.  Badge Policy- The policy covers all staff in facility. May be a performance issue if this is occurring consistently.  If a badge is lost, please notify the OD immediately.  Level 1 incident reports do not go into staff files.  Your supervisor is notified the issue for follow up only.


Management Agenda Items


  1. DCT Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products Policy, Effective December 6th- This policy has been updated with no big changes.  No alcohol, tobacco, or firearms allowed on campus.

  2. Computer Usage- There have been a lot of reports of internet usage while on the living units and client areas. Use of “drop downs” should be utilized.  Molly- Where are these drop downs? One is Stacy’s office, Tammy’s office, and the back room of the Pexton Lobby-(Wold)  I didn’t know that..Molly.  Tim Headlee-are people getting their breaks? Leaving staff on unit.  Bonnie-“call the OD if you are not getting your breaks in. The reason for the audit is not to be punitive” Randomized audits will be conducted soon which will include; Date range, time periods, and staff names.  Please be mindful of only using the internet in the drop down areas on your breaks and away from client areas.


Meeting adjourned at 11pm.