6/15/17 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Adam Castle, Krystal Kreklow, Matt Stenger, Kurt Crosby, Antonino Guerrero, Marvin Sullivan, Stacy Mueller, Eric Hesse, Jeff Brunz, Molly Kennedy, Ryan Schere, Matt Stenger, Alex Palmer

1. Secretary’s Report: Quorum was held for $100 for Jamie Shephard tracking grievances and passed. Vote to give $100 for AFSCME family picnic.  Cates and Hemshrot were contacted for vote.
2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero:
SUBMITTED BY: Antonino Guerrero.
Motion by Marvin Sullivan subject to audit. Motion passes.
3. Correspondence:
August 20th from 1pm to 5pm. Battle Creek Regional Park in Maplewood. Asking for volunteers. Link on AFSCME website.
Approval of last month’s meeting minutes.  2nd by Hesse. Motion passes.
4. New Business: 
Marvin Sullivan motion to pay Jamie Shepard to track grievances for 100 dollars per quarter. This is a trial. Send your grievances to her. Motion passes
Marvin makes motion to donate 100 to AFSCME family picnic. Motion passes
Possible arbitration regarding IOD language. Went to arbitration review this week. Will be heard next month. Responding to ICS. More to come.
MSOP Report
MSH Report-have to follow FLSA and the formula. However, we have supplementals. FLSA is the minimum. Intermittents through afscme have to be offered first. If it gets to you after going through the list and you are in the bargaining unit, it is overtime pay.
Refer to meeting minutes in email AND 404 website.
5. Old Business:
6. Items from the membership:
7. Officer Reports
Presidents Report-Tim Headlee:
VP-Matt Stenger:
VP- Eric Hesse: Management will not support anyone going into SERP at this time.  AFSCME is trying to get anyone who meets qualifications into SERP. We need someone from the department to support.  120 days or more need to pass background check.  Even if injured. Management said it has always been this way.  I asked where it is. They don’t know and will look into it.  Talked about health services keeping secrets. Not letting line staff know what the contagious illness is.  Said there are different grades of it.  Doing a steward training in august and looking for people who want to do it or help.  Convention in October. Contract negotiations. Finished language portion. Didn’t come out with much. We have 130 issues to their 37. Vacation during probation passed. Comp time to 200 passed. We beat back if you are out for one illness you only get 1 year and you are gone.  They came back saying still a year but if you come back and stay for 3 months it will reset.  If same illness occurs you only have 3 months to get better. We beat that. It is unlimited. AFSCME killed it.  Monday is push week. Wear green next week in support. July 28th is next negotiations assembly. AFSCMEMN.ORG. for any updates on negotiations.  State came back that 124 million in increases for insurance. 44 million shifted to us.  They want to double the single coverage and increase 100 for families. They want to increase copay. We are trying to fight this back and do not agree! The state is disrespecting us. They gave the tobacco companies a huge tax break and they are trying to make it back on our dime.  Please sign the MOM cards when your union reps come around. This will help maintain our power from numbers. They want to take away our negotiation power.
Executive Board: Ryan Cates-
Executive Board: Luke Frederick:
Executive Board: James Hemshrot:
Executive Board: Molly Kennedy: Watch all negotiation reports. People don’t know what is going on. Inform people
Executive Board: Kurt Crosby: Remember this stuff has been agreed upon but has not been voted on. I will be out for a month for surgery. Address Stacy, matt, or Tim, and Eric.
CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Stacy Mueller: investigations. Try to get new schedule in
Council 5 Krystal Kreklow: Be aware that on May 23rd we lost collective bargaining rights for 48 hours. Legislation was slipped into some a bill. People were there all night fighting. Be aware they are coming after your right to bargain. A small sentence on page 400 that said you don’t have the right. At 2 am.  Went to Dayton and went back and forth.  People were mad at Dayton but he was holding out to get that taken out for us. State is pulling nasty stuff right now. Everyone needs to know that people you voted for may have approved this.
Motion to adjourn by Hesse, 2nd by Palmer. Motion passes
Adjourned at 1155