8/18/16 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present:  Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Luke Frederick, James Hemshrot, Eric Hesse, Joann Holten, Antonino Guerrero, Kurt Crosby, Tim Headlee, Marvin Sullivan, Shawn Kennedy, Ryan Cates, Ponce Gonzales, Connie Anderson, Judy Ehrman-Haight, Jeff Bohnet

1. Secretary’s Report: E-Board voted in favor of Molly Kennedy stepping down from VP to fill vacant E-Board position and assumed Social Committee chair, Hesse will take VP/Steward Coordinator position, Hemshrot moving to Chief Steward for Transition and Nursing Home.

2. Treasurer-Antonio Guerrero/Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING June 2016 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $59052.56 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $5632.36 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $22807.60 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $41877.32 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson/Antonino Guerrero Motion to accept by Tim Headlee, 2nd by James Hemshrot. Motion passed.

3. Correspondence: A. AFSCME Council 5 Picnic August 21st in Maplewood.  Motion to donate 150 by hesse. 2nd Hemshrot.  B. Convention-Hesse, stenger, cates, wilkins, joblanski, cooney, headlee, Jesse Doerr, Jacob Doerr, Crosby, hemshrot, Schwichtenberg, Frederick, Guerrero, Gonzales.  Must cancel within 48 hours to avoid union being charged. Motion for mileage, registration, hotel, per diem by Hesse.  Motion passed. Those attending must get address, email address and county of residence to Connie by September 5th.  Names must be in by Sept 12. Go online if there are certain groups you want to attend. Afscmemn.org. Motion by hesse to donate 150 to hospitality room. 2nd by Hemshrot. Passes. C. Management has agreed to offer an office space for the union to use Admin.  Motion to volunteers to assist in organizing and going through files in the new office by Crosby.  Motion passes.  Email castle if interested.

4. New Business: • http://www.union404.com/index.cfm?action=cat&categoryID=a51b59c8-e87c-4c... • MSH Overtime and ability to rescind-Stenger-practice to give away overtime after it was given. Denied ability to give away overtime to another staff due to an emergency. Generally cannot rescind it but case by case may be able to.  Table issue for later. Bring to membership for vote on how to move further. Bring issues with inversing to Scott or TC right away. Fair amount of people taking OT then rescinding the OT and causing more scheduling issues.  Causes problems with scheduling and also with following contract. 

5. Old Business: A. MSH MOU 26/48-Incorporate MSOP into the MOU? Cindy-should try for separate MOU for each program. B. Intermittents being offered units and staff being misplaced to another unit. Recent occurrences of it happening. Continuity of care?

6. Items from the membership:

7. Officer Reports

President-Tim Headlee: Days off upon bidding to new unit-2 months movement day. Looking for mutual agreement for splitting days off when moving to new days off. 1. Days off upon bidding to new unit-2 months movement day. Looking for mutual agreement for splitting days off when moving to new days off. 2. Double Inversing and Inversing part time employees (LPNs)-3 timing an inverse.  Understanding OD is not required to split up an inverse 3 times.  2 times is max in MSH. Nursing is not allowing them to give away inverse. (Crosby) Bring it up to management as it occurs. LPNs being inversed and not having a full 24 hour day off.  Nursing supervisor is helping on the floor..Thank you

VP-Matt Stenger: On 08-17-2016  management and AFSCME local leadership came to an agreement about how days should be counted within your vacation request. The current practice was when requesting vacation that included your weekend no one else could request your weekend as days off. The reasoning was if someone had their days off included and their days off changed it would short staff the facility because 2 people would then have the day off. This resulted in people not being granted vacation because the days were being taken up by someone that already had the day off as their weekend.  The agreement made during our meeting would mean that days off would still be counted against the work area until the next bid movement day (bid movement days happens every 2 months).  After the bid movement day the employees days are guaranteed not to change and their weekend should be offer to the work area. We would like to put this new practice into play on pay period of 09-07-2016 and will continue to re-evaluate in the coming months.

VP- Eric Hesse: Non Certs, Grievances in transition, watch out for ETL/sick use. Management is cracking down.

Executive Board: James Hemshrot: Investigations, step ones, working on vacation data with scott melby

Executive Board: Stacey Mueller: Not Present

CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates: Grieveances and went to international convention

CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Luke Frederick: Nothing to report at this time

CS FACILITY SUPPORT: Mike Homer: Not Present

CS Nursing Home: James Hemshrot: Light Duty

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Kurt Crosby: Add on’s for overtime. Definition of Emergency. 3 step three’s. Thanks membership for sending him to Las Vegas for convention.

Council 5 Field Representative Joann Holten: Working on MOU for paid parental leave

Motion to adjourn meeting at 5:30pm by Eric Hesse, 2nd by Matt Stenger