5/19/16 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Amanda Castle, Tom Keck, Kurt Crosby, Luke Frederick, Matt Stenger, Connie Anderson, Molly Kennedy, Stacey Mueller, Beau Drouillard, Jeff Boehne

1. Secretary’s Report: No changes to be made. Motion to accept subject to audit by Eric Hesse, 2nd by Molly Kennedy. Motion passed.

2. Treasurer-Antonio Guerrero/Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING April 2016 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 62931.01 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5933.29 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 5221.30 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 63643.00 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson, Motion to accept by Eric Hesse, 2nd by Kurt Crosby. Motion passed.

3. Correspondence: • Nothing to report

4. New Business: • Please see MSH & MSOP meeting minutes at http://www.union404.com/index.cfm?action=cat&categoryID=a51b59c8-e87c-4c... Please note the MSH will be sent out soon. Management has asked that AFSCME give them 1 week to review meeting minutes before they are sent out (if you have ever wondered why they are not sent out right away). • Our local has been asked to send 1 person to the capital per month in regards to pay inequity among HSSS and LPN’s. The first date is June 8th. Stacey Mueller volunteered to go. Motion by Luke Frederick to pay per diem and mileage for the person attending this once a month. 2nd by Eric Hesse. Motion passed.

5. Old Business: • For AFSCME International Convention Local 404 has been allowed up to 5 delegates and 5 alternates. An alternate sits in the back of the conference area and does not have a vote. It was recommended that we send 5 delegates and 1 alternate. o Eric Hesse motioned for 5 because the 1 alternate does sit in the back and does not have a vote. Motion passed. Connie Anderson made an amendment to this motion that we vote on an alternate in the event that someone cannot make it. This alternate will only attend if one of the 5 delegates is suddenly unable to attend. Amendment passed. o Motion made by Eric Hesse to pay per diem, hotel room, travel expenses (i.e. parking), and mileage to the airport for the 5 delegates. 2nd by Ryan Cates. Motion passed. o The 5 delegates attending International Convention were voted on by those in attendance at this meeting. The 5 voted on are Eric Hesse, Ryan Cates, Tim Headlee, Kurt Crosby, and Matt Stenger.

6. Items from the membership: • Clay Haglund presented a PowerPoint presentation on the Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB) to the meeting. To see more information on this you can go to http://www.mankatoareamountainbikers.org/ or their Facebook page. Clay asked for a donation of $500. Due to guidelines set up and voted on at the General Membership meeting at May of 2014 a committee was put in place to come up with a proper donation. A motion was brought forward for a 3 person panel. That panel consisted of Molly Kennedy, Kurt Crosby, and Connie Anderson. They decided on a donation of $350. The cap in the guidelines is $250 but the panel thought $350 was appropriate due to the presentation and that AFSCME had donated $300 in previous years. Motion 2nd by Clay Haglund. Motion passed. • Molly Kennedy stated that she will be stepping down from the role as Vice President Steward Coordinator. Please see her report below under Officer Reports.

7. Officer Reports

Presidents Report:

VP-Matt Stenger:

VP- Molly Kennedy: In MSOP this month we discussed some of the issues going on with the new scheduling program and found out that we should be able to access it from home very soon.  We had a long discussion about shift differential, we also discussed having the OD’s provide a list of people that signed up for OT know in advance to reference for when people get inversed, we explained what the definition of emergency is according to state policy ( which does not say that not having enough staff for a shift is declared an emergency) CPS units running short on overnights and Pay Inequity with Security Counselors.  Please see www.union404.com for the discussion on the meeting topics.

It is with a heavy heart and many months of consideration that I put in my resignation as the Vice President Steward Coordinator of local 404.  I have put in many years of dedicated service and I feel as if it is time to step down from my position and let someone else gain the opportunity and experience.  I will help my predecessor in every way I can  and hand off all of my union related items.  I will remain a strong advocate and continue to do the work of a steward.  

Executive Board: James Hemshrot

Executive Board: Tom Keck

Executive Board: Stacey Mueller

CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates

CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Luke Frederick


CS Nursing Home: Eric Hesse

In MSOP, we are still working on getting a safe staffing ratio on units, in particular where it pertains to kitchen coverage on the weekends and holidays. We believe that two to a unit is not enough, let alone one for up to 3 hours. In the Nursing Home and Transition, we are still working on improper inversing issues. We are also working on the scheduling issues that are occurring in Transition, specifically on the overnights with LPNs. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and we will continue to fight for this to occur. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please feel free to contact me. In solidarity, Eric Hesse

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Kurt Crosby


Council 5 Field Representative Chris Hanson:

Motion to adjourn meeting at 5:04 pm by James Hemshrot, 2nd by Stacey Mueller