1/21/16 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Ryan Cates, Shannon Pech, Connie Anderson, Tim Headlee, Matt Stenger, Adam Castle, Amanda Mathiowetz, Luke Frederick, Kurt Crosby, Cory Stadick, Michael Carson, Mike Homer, Molly Kennedy, James Hemshrot

1. Secretary’s Report: Motion by Molly Kennedy to approve December 2015’s meeting minutes. 2nd by Adam Castle. Motion passed.

2. Treasurer-Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING December 2015 • Please note that the information given below meets our constitutional rights to the members. The requirement for the minutes is to publicize that the motion was passed. Local 404 has chosen to share more information with their members than required. We are one of the largest locals in the state of Minnesota so we do have more to cover. 404 is trying to be transparent by keeping this information in the minutes. CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 38841.46 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5637.24 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 1561.71 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 42916.99 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Motion to approve subject to audit by Molly Kennedy, 2nd by Luke Frederick. Motion passed.

3. Correspondence: • The Safe Staffing Conference put on by Council 5 was on January 20th. Tim Headlee stated that he thought it went great. It was a lot of information on OSHA and a lot was learned. There is a lot of things that management isn’t doing that we can up our game on. There was a long talk about an action plan moving forward. MSH has already had two pickets so we would like to steer away from that in fear of it losing its effectiveness. We would like to talk more about the issues with the Forensic Nursing Home, Transition, and CBHH/CARE. These programs are drowning. The plan is to have this focused on DHS. • With elections we had 147 people sign cards for AFSCME. The goal is to have everyone sign a card so this is a good start. Please read Tim Headlee’s and Molly Kennedy’s reports on why this is so important. 4. New Business: • Asked for volunteers to be on the Ballot Committee to count today’s votes. Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, and Shawn Kennedy volunteered. Outcome of the votes: Chief Stewards will be Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Luke Frederick, Kurt Crosby, and Mike Homer. The 3 E-Board members will be James Hemshrot, Stacey Mueller, and Tom Keck. • Motion made by Luke Frederick to receive mileage reimbursement for his trip to the Rochester CBHH/CARE. 2nd by Shannon Pech. Motion passed. • Purchasing laptops for the President, Vice President, and 1 for all Chief Stewards was discussed at the E-Board meeting held before General Membership. Motion was made by Matt Stenger to purchase 3 laptops, a scanner, and cloud storage up to (clarification: this does not mean this amount will be spent) $2000. This is to get all union information off of the state server. We would like to go paperless. The local is required to keep at least 7 years of information. This would also streamline information among the E-Board and improve the communication in our local and with Council 5. Council 5 is going to Unionware with a roll out date of February 1st. This motion 2nd by James Hemshrot, opposed by Luke Frederick and Ryan Cates. Everyone else present at the meeting for. Motion passed. • Ryan Cates made a motion to purchase zip up hoodie’s for the members who want one. There would be a form that would need to be filled out by the member including the size they would like via email. We do not have specifics yet. Ryan will present numbers at February’s meeting. • The Retiree Chapter is asking that Local 404 cover all of their retired member’s first year of member dues with the Retiree Chapter. 404 has covered the first year’s dues (approximately $25) for those who have come to the 404 General Membership and asked. It was decided that those retired members who would like the first year of their dues paid for will need to contact Local 404 or show up at a meeting. Connie Anderson will talk to Peggy Kreber (the president for the retiree local) about this. • We will be running an election for the Treasurer position only. At the time of nominations the information received was that Connie Anderson could keep her chair if she paid full member dues. It was later discovered that this is not accurate. The constitution states that a person is not eligible if at the time of elections (not nominations) is retired. Please email James Hemshrot if you would like to nominate someone. Those nominated will have to accept the nomination. Nominations will be closed at the next General Membership meeting at The Redmen at 4:30 pm. After nominations close an election can take place 14 days later if there are multiple nominations. Motion made by Molly Kennedy to hire Connie as a consultant at her current rate until we get someone elected and trained. Connie stated that this would be about 6 months for a full cycle to run and a lot of information that has to be submitted around the May/June mark. 2nd by Shawn Kennedy. Motion passed.

5. Old Business:

• Nothing to report

6. Items from the membership:

• Nothing to report

7. Officer Reports Presidents Report Tim Headlee:

Hello AFSCME Local 404, I look forward to another two years of representing Local 404 as your President. The first two years has been a great honor, experience and that of several blended learning components. We Local 404 have preserved, reintroduced and helped add new tools, policy and procedure as to help improve and provide a safe, secure campus, environment, and working conditions for our members. Although there is still plenty of work to be done. Local 404 can be found attending more meetings including committees being held internally and throughout programs within the departments of DHS. Local 404 will ensure a voice which holds a high demand for equality, resources, and other. 404 Leadership and its rounded 800 members raising awareness and demanding attention during the last two years: Safe Staffing, OSHA abatement plan, Term 9 variance (Rule36), Bureau of Mediation, Adopted Felony Law, OSI process, IOD extended insurance coverage, Stronger Safety Committee and Safety Team, Testifying at the Capital, Bonding for a new building, Bonding to expand MSOP, BMS Staffing proposals, health benefits and coverage, cost of living and wage, protecting the contract, AFSCME Strong, Day on the Hill, AFSCME Communications Volunteer Awards, C5 conventions, and many more all while maintaining relations and communication with AFSCME Council 5 and related locals, the Governor, Chief of Staff, DHS Commissioner, OSHA, Licensing, State Legislature and Representatives, and many other stakeholders. Many above the first for a soon to be 150th year anniversary of this campus. With the above - hats off to AFSCME Local 404 elected officials, 404 E-board, 404 members including our brothers and sisters of AFSCME Council 5 and the Locals within. I’d also like to send my deepest gratitude to those who volunteered to step forward during our recent 404 elections and those whom voted. With great hope all will remain active and supportive of our mission and goals moving forward as the above only a drop in a bucket of accomplishments when we remain united and stand together in solidarity. Moving forward: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association Could Devastate Working Families. On Monday, Jan. 11, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that seeks to undermine our rights to negotiate for fair pay and benefits that sustain our families. “All working people should be concerned about a case called Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association,” said AFSCME Council 5 President Judy Wahlberg. “The lawsuit is bankrolled by the Center for Individual Rights, a front group for wealthy extremists. This time their hostility is aimed at public employees – teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public workers who serve our communities. “Wahlberg said a bad decision “could have devastating consequences for working people nationwide. A negative ruling could tear down the labor laws that have protected workers for decades. That would make it harder for the average American to negotiate for the wages and benefits of a middle class life. It would make it tougher to stand up for safer workplaces and patient care, better schools and stronger communities. We ask all AFSCME including Local 404 members to sign or re-sign new membership cards to help empower AFSCME during and throughout this fight. For further information please contact our Local 404 field rep Chris Hanson (651)-287-0557. Local 404 representatives will be going around asking for your support and renewal and addressing questions and concerns. Furthermore: Local 404 will focus on Increasing Staff and Safety, reduce unhealthy overtime, make available vacation, and demand consistent & healthy schedules. Focus on retaining issues for existing members, expand qualified and capable resources, collaborate programs, reduce and stop the use of outside contracting companies, demand consistent and fair interpretation of our contract language, improve light duty, improve permanent injury work placement and benefits,  Update technology to better track grievances, bid awards and 7yr record/document keeping. This a brief and simple look at list of many tasks moving into the next two years.

AFSCME…“Who does the WORK?? WE DO!!!” In Solidarity, Headlee, Tim MSH unit 700 SCL, AFSCME Local 404 President, 985-2700, 985-2342, cell: 469-5609. http://www.union404.com/

VP-Matt Stenger: Over the past couple weeks we have been in touch with DHS Commissioner Emily Piper about not have 7.5 hours between shifts when it comes to inversing. If you would like to read these emails between the local and the Commissioner please feel free to contact any E-board member they all have the emails. Here was her last response to our emails. “I followed up with Connie Jones on this, I am copying her on this email because she has a really good historical summary that she shared with me. It appears that AFSCME and the state reached an agreement on the definition of this issue in the late 1980s and this agreement and the language is master contract driven. I understand the change you are requesting a change to this agreed-upon, statewide interpretation and would require either a statewide agreement between AFSCME and MMB or a CBA master contract language change. Connie, will you work with Matt on the detailed explanation and perhaps pass this concern on to the appropriate people at MMB“?

VP- Molly Kennedy: This month at MSOP meet and Confer we discussed the amount of work out of class positions that there is in MSOP currently and how it is taking away from our SC/SCL pool on 2nd watch.  We discussed the need to hire new SC and our current staffing situation.  We also discussed utilizing the overtime known in advance list before inverse.  We mentioned that we understand that it isn’t contractual but leads or a point person working could help the OD’s with this process.  We reminded HR and management that when there is a change in days off or you change start and end times of someone’s shift that the union needs to be notified.  Management shared that when you would like to suggest revisions to a current policy that you could contact Dave Bornes even if the policy isn’t up for review.  Please see www.union404.com to see the full version of the meeting minutes. Lastly I would like to discuss the reason behind having to sign a new AFSCME member card.  Right now there is a court case in the Supreme Court called Freidrichs vs the California Teachers Association.  The teachers don’t want to pay ANY union dues.  Well folks without some financial backing in unions they will fold.  That means that we will not have the right to collective bargaining, and that means no raises, our insurance premiums sky rocketing, and our pension will change from a defined pension to playing our money in the stock market.  By signing that card it shows that we don’t want to lose any of those benefits and we stand strong with our union.  Someone just gave me an analogy today that I thought was quite clever, she said paying union dues is just like paying an insurance premium, you may not file a claim for years but if something did happen you would be covered.  I feel that way about our contract and our union! Molly Kennedy Vice President Steward Coordinator Executive Board: Marvin Sullivan

Executive Board: Adam Castle

I am working on tracking cards that are being signed. Please send that information to me as cards are being signed.

Executive Board: James Hemshrot

I am working with the BMS group. I am also working with the staff who is getting released soon with Tim. We have sent out an email to everyone and anyone that would listen. Other than that I have had a couple of grievances.

CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates

I have had a few overtime and vacation grievances. I am working on BMS and problems with the nursing schedule. I have been attending a lot of meetings this month.

CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Luke Frederick


CS Nursing Home: Eric Hesse

In MSOP, we’ve had a busy month. Been working on not running units short, especially as it pertains to units covering kitchen. 70% of MSOP security counselors/leads (could have been more with more time) signed a petition to beat back this and we got it changed. We are still working out the details as it pertains to coverage on the weekends. Also we were able to maintain AFSCME positions that were slated to go to AGS spots. We are also working on the modules. We have come to an agreement to do 3 modules a quarter instead of 2 a month. I’ve also filed a third step for a written reprimand and to attempt to get schedules posted properly per contract. I’ve also had a few overtime/inversing grievances. In the Nursing Home, we’ve had discussions on having someone wear the main ICS radio on their person and it was determined that a RN will be wearing it. Staff will be going back to a every other weekend schedule instead of the 6-2 rotation. They had their decision day on the 21st. I have filed grievances on vacation and inversing. In Transition, I’ve been working on getting overtime distributed properly and still attempting to prevent changes in FT employees schedules there. There was a reduction in vacation days there as well due to shortages of staff, in which we did not support. Once they get funding to hire more staff, we will push to restore the amount of vacation to its original allotment. We attended the AFSCME Safety Conference on January 20th. It was a good conference as we learned what our rights are under OSHA and developed a work action to continue to strive for a safer workplace for all. I would like to extend a welcome to our newest officers as Kurt Crosby was elected to be a Chief Steward and Tom Keck and Stacey Mueller were elected to be Executive Board members. I look forward to working side by side with them to make this Local stronger and fight for the rights of all our members we represent.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me. In solidarity, Eric Hesse CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Shannon Pech

CLU delegate report-

Council 5 Field Representative Chris Hanson:

“If you're not at the table, you're on the menu” Council 5 has turned up the heat in organizing members and fee payers and all members will be asked to resign a membership card before the Friedrich’s vs California Teachers Association lawsuit is final.    The Friedrich’s vs C.T.A.  is a law suit that is trying to make fair share union dues unconstitutional.   This will create a nationwide right to work environment.  We will have a union in this type of environment and this is how we counter  this attack. We are trying to get an accurate idea of the member and how to move forward accordingly. There is only one way for our union to go down and that’s if we don’t recommit to this group.  Membership cards are going to be with stewards and Adam Castle is the coordinator of this effort to resign all members of 404 on the recommit cards.   If you have any questions please feel free to ask about it.  In solidarity, Chris Hanson Field Representative East region AFSCME Council 5 300 hardman ave South St Paul MN 55075 651-287-0557

Motion to adjourn meeting at 5:38 pm by Molly Kennedy, 2nd by James Hemshrot. Motion passed.