8/19/15 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Shannon Pech, Tim Headlee, Mary Scovill, Amanda Mathiowetz, Adam Castle, Luke Frederick, Stacey Mueller, Matt Stenger, James Hemshrot, Cory Stadick, Mike Homer, Connie Anderson, Marvin Sullivan, Nicki Buechner, Ryan Cates, Mike Sutherland, Beau Drouillard, Amanda Holom, Randilee Dauk, Kendra Benson

1. Secretary’s Report: Motion by Adam Castle to approve Secretary’s meeting minutes from July, 2015. 2nd by Mary Scovill, motion passed.

2. Treasurer-Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING July 2015 Motion to accept by Mike Homer, 2nd by Luke Frederick. Motion passed CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 45104.58 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 23982.50 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 7845.17 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 61241.91 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson

3. Correspondence: • There will be an upcoming date for Steward Training (TBA). Would like 2 members of our local to shadow the training being conducted by Chuck Hottinger and John Knobbe. Shannon Pech, Matt Stenger, James Hemshrot, Mike Homer, Luke Frederick, Ryan Cates, and Tim Headlee expressed interest. • Decision made at E-Board Meeting: AFSCME Council 5 Convention October 1-3rd in Duluth. The deadline for members to express interest in being a delegate was August 18th. There were 23 delegates signed up as of this meeting. A motion was made by Molly Kennedy to have those 23 members attend Council 5 Convention, 2nd by Amanda Mathiowetz, motion passed. • There will be a motorcycle ride this year for Team Collin. It is the 1 year anniversary and the family is wanting to give back to other families in the same situation. All money raised will go to the Pediatric Cardiac program. They are taking personal donations. If you have any questions, contact Mike Homer.

4. New Business: • Representative Clark Johnson spoke to the General Membership Meeting. Molly Kennedy asked, “Do we have your full support?” Mr. Johnson replied, “You know that.” • A vote was made at the E-Board meeting before General Membership as to who would be filling an E-Board position so current holder, Luke Frederick, can temporarily fill the empty CARE/CBHH Chief Steward position. Out of the members who expressed interest, it was voted to have Marvin Sullivan become part of the E-Board. • On the day of Employee Appreciation, the union will be holding Union Appreciation Day. Matt Stenger made a motion to pay for the local to pay for pizza at this event. The dollar amount should not exceed $2000. 2nd by James Hemshrot, motion passed. • Clarification: Due to a recent incident in MSOP- you DO NOT have to do mouth to mouth when performing CPR. There was a supervisor who said this was required and that is not true. You do have to do chest compressions until a barrier comes. • When dealing with the media please respect personal privacy. If a person does not want their name released when a critical incident happens, please respect that. The local would like to find 1 or 2 members willing to take a hold of good and welfare. This would involve calling the member the day after an incident and this would include retirees. Ryan Cates volunteered to do this. If you know of any incidents or injuries please let him know. • Motion made by Connie Anderson to cover travel expenses and per diem for those traveling to the capital to speak to Governor Dayton. 2nd by Marvin Sullivan, motion passed. • Chris Hanson is our new Business Agent from Council 5. His email is [email protected]

5. Old Business:

6. Items from the membership: • MSOP has a Facebook page for people who get inversed or are looking for overtime. This has helped a lot. This page is purely for overtime/inverse purposes and is a closed group. Maybe this would be a good idea for MSH?

7. Officer Reports Presidents Report:

VP- Matt Stenger: So far this month we have had two labor relations meetings. Our Labor Relations meeting is held every other Wednesday and is with Carol Olson, Scott Melby, Cindy Jungers, Melissa G for management and Tim Headlee, Jo Pels from council 5, Joann Holton from council 5 and myself. This meeting is set up to bring the leaders of labor and Management together to work through some of the issues we have on campus. Labor has repeatedly stated if the major issues like assaults on staff and the disrespect line staff feel coming from management aren’t resolved. It will be very hard to rebuild labor relations without taking care of those major issues first. Management stated they are going to inform Labor leaders more on how they plan on dealing with situations and why to help keep down on the rumor mill that can sometimes be a problem.

I also attended a DCT Meet and Confer on Aug 7 at 444 Lafayette. The DCT meeting is a state wide meet and confer for the heads of every department people like Jim Yates, Wade Brost, Carol Olson, Nancy Johnston and Lucinda Jesson attend this meeting. During this meeting the juvenile that assaulted one of our member’s may be moved into a group home because they think a smaller setting will help him. I asked isn’t that where he was prior to bringing him to us? And how do they plan on keeping the staff safe in a smaller setting with less training and fewer staff. The answer I got was they haven’t figured out all of the details yet and are still working on the best plan to handle this client. Carol Olson mentions the use of restraints and seclusion that is in the media is incorrect, she then said we can use physical restraint on DD clients. I asked her if we have a waiver to use mechanical restraints on a DD client for self-injures behavior why can’t we get a waiver for when a DD client is punching a staff member? Or why can’t we make the case that by hitting a staff member he is injuring himself in the process? Carol responded was that is a question for clinical or Dr. Pratt.

We also had two reps from DHS licensing at our meeting at labors request. They went over the changes in the licensing law, timeline issues with DHS licensing and how slow it’s been over the years. DHS licensing recognizes that in some cases they are taking entirely too long on investigations, background checks among other things. They said they have set a 60 day window to resolve these issues and has been working well. They also brought a copy of the new licensing statue. I asked about the “access to” language because our local had an issue about a year and half ago. We fought and end up winning about alternative work when flagged for DHS licensing. They stated that access too means access to personal property, the client, and personal information stuff like that. It doesn’t not mean they can deny you access to work because the clients are walking around campus.

Wade Brost also spoke to the CBHH and CARE, He said they have lowered the amount of clients at all facilities because of a lack of available mental health doctors. I asked Wade why they are lowering due to lack of doctors available when we don’t even have an enough staff to run the facility properly. He then corrected himself and said the staffing levels also play a role in lowering the number of clients each place. Nancy Johnston gave an update about the hearing on Monday August 10 with more information to come after these meetings.

Our Meeting with Governor Dayton was cancelled on Thursday August 20, 2015 and is going to be rescheduled. We will be starting a mediation process due to Governor Dayton’s request. This will be an outside mediation company. Mediation is set to start August 25, 2015. In Solidarity, Matt Stenger

VP- Molly Kennedy: This last month was really we really concentrated on answering questions on the proposed contract. I tried to put out a document that broke down some of the raise and insurance stuff. On August 25th the votes were counted and by 84% our contract was approved by AFSCME. Now it will go to the legislature to get it voted in or rejected, I will get that information out as soon as I hear something. Thanks to everyone who came and took the time to vote!!! We will be have a steward/contract class that will be offered 2 different days in October. We decided on Tuesday October 6th as on one of the days and Friday October 9th as the other. These classes will be from 8am-4pm at a location TBA. You will need to have the day off from work to attend either of these classes. We would really like to see more people get involved and get a better understanding of the contract. Please contact Molly Kennedy if you would like to attend either of these trainings. Please see www.union404.com for the MSOP meet and confer meeting minutes.

Molly Kennedy Vice President Steward Coordinator AFSCME Local 404

Executive Board: Luke Frederick Executive Board: Adam Castle

I have been updating the Inverse Call List for MSOP and fielding a lot of questions about what “vote no” means.

Executive Board: James Hemshrot CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Matt Stenger CS FACILITY SUPPORT: Mike Homer

This past month I have been working with HR, Management and our Members from the Main Kitchen. Management needs to restructure the schedule to save some money. We have come to an agreement on a schedule and are waiting for management and the scheduler to put some final touches on the new schedule to see if there are any holes in it. I have had no grievances as of late and the other areas I cover have been quiet.

CS Nursing Home: Eric Hesse

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Shannon Pech CLU delegate report- Council 5 Field Representative Chris Hanson:

Motion to adjourn meeting by Molly Kennedy at 6:07 pm, 2nd by James Hemshrot.