3/19/15 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes


*The following who attended were also at the Steward Meeting beforehand

Tim Headlee, Stacey Mueller, Jamie Sheppard, Adam Castle, Amanda Mathiowetz, Molly Kennedy, Marvin Sullivan, Ryan Cates, Shannon Pech, Alison Hughes, Kendra Benson, Eric Hesse, Luke Frederick, Scott Grefe

1. Secretary’s Report:

No changes to be made for February’s General Membership minutes. Motion to pass by Molly Kennedy, 2nd by Adam Castle. Motion passed


2. Treasurer-Connie Anderson:






SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson

3. Correspondence:

· Day on the Hill is March 24th. The bus will be leaving at 7:30 am. Per diem and usual expenses will be covered as discussed and approved at February’s meeting.

· April 8th- This is the first day we will be meeting with the employer for negotiations. It will begin at 10:00 am so we are asking all staff at this time to stand at their work station for 30 seconds and have a moment of silence. We will be handing out AFSCME green band aids for staff to wear.

· At the negotiations assembly held March 13th there was a Pass the Hat for a member from local 2181, Macy Kujava. Her and her daughter were in a car accident. She is now in a coma. AFSCME made a donation of $100.

· A motion was made to cover the expenses for an event to be held April 28th. This motion was to cover up to $1500 by Marvin Sullivan, 2nd by Molly Kennedy, motion passed.

· A motion was made by Ryan Cates to order hats, shirts, and bags for the members. This will not exceed $10,000. This does not mean $10,000 will be spent. Looking to embroider the hats, print on the bags. Motion 2nd by Eric Hesse, motion passed.

· There is a benefit for member Andrea Ballman April 24th, 4:00 pm at the Redman. Andrea had a premature baby. AFSCME is donating 14 turkeys as decided at a previous meeting.


4. New Business:

· MSOP & MSH minutes from March’s Meet & Confer meetings discussed. You can find those minutes at


· CARE/CBHH Meet & Confer will be held at Rochester this month on March 26th.

· Reminder to all members to please keep an eye on your vacation accruals and what you have approved. By asking for more vacation than you can accumulate, you hurt your co-workers. This is not the spirit of the contract. Also, if you are going to rescind vacation please do so in a responsible manner. When rescinding within the pay period you also hurt your co-workers.

5. Old Business:


6. Items from the membership:



7. Officer Reports

Presidents Report:



VP-Chuck Hottinger:


VP- Molly Kennedy:

This month at MSOP joint labor management some of the topics that were discussed were staffing levels and how many positions are vacant at MSOP St. Peter and MSOP Moose Lake. We also asked when these positions will be filled. Another topic was our new scheduling program and when they plan to pilot that project. There we many more items brought up as well, please see www.union404.com to see what was discussed at MSOP meet and confer. We have an upcoming Steward Training on April 10th at the RedMen club in St. Peter at 8 am, there is still room for more people to attend so contact me if you are interested in attending this training. Lastly please seek out a member of our Local 404 executive board to ask them about 2 upcoming events we will be having in April.

In Solidarity,

Molly Kennedy

Local 404 Vice President Steward Coordinator


Executive Board: Luke Frederick



Executive Board: Adam Castle


I continue to work on tracking grievances.


Executive Board: James Hemshrot



CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates



CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Matt Stenger


This month so far we had a meeting at CARE Saint Peter with the MAPE union about the working conditions in the programs due to the supervisor. I have had a chain of emails between myself and Ann Barry about the staffing levels for the CBHH’s and Care programs. I have been working with Kathy F from MAPE on two class action grievances 1st for the supervisor, 2nd for policy and procedures that are inadequate for the CARE program. We have filed 4 grievances, 3 of them have come back granted and waiting to hear back on the grievance that we presented today. Chuck, Tim, Scott G and I will be meeting with Ann Barry on March 27, 2015 about the staffing levels. This month I have attended Contract negotiations. If there are other problems that I haven’t already addressed please send me some information for us to look into.




In solidarity,


Matt Stenger





CS Nursing Home: Eric Hesse

I have five 3rd Step Grievances between both the Nursing Home and Transition on the docket and we are meeting with HR and management on March 31st to hear them. I also have three 1st Steps out from Transition that I’m awaiting responses from.

I met with HR and Nursing Home management on March 11th and we discussed the following topics:

1 – We discussed the inversing to an overnight shift when a staff comes in for a 1pm meeting and then works the late shift, thus violating the “cannot assign overtime for more than 24 hours in a 48 hour period” language in the supplemental section of the contract. HR disagreed and stated that this language only applies to voluntary overtime, not inversing. I disagreed with management about this stating it means inversing. I will follow up on this issue at the next meeting on April 9th. I also stated that some staff were under the impression that these meetings are mandatory. Management agreed to clear this up with staff that these meetings are voluntary.

2 – Discussed management giving out staff phone numbers to staff to try to get rid of an inverse. Management should not be giving out this information as it is protected information. Management denied that they gave out the number and insisted that it was another staff that gave it out from the overtime call list. HR stated that all phone lists on the units need to be removed. I suggested that if the staff there want to start an internal inverse call list (similar to the ones in MSH and MSOP), then they can gather that information of the people who would like to be contacted and don’t mind if people have their number. This list then can be shared amongst themselves.

3 – Discussed mass trainings and assigning people to work on their days off to cover the units. I asked management that if they are going to continue with this practice, even though AFSCME disagrees, then we would like to have some prior notice so the people that it would effect could arrange their lives around it with proper notice, since that would be the person-centered thing to do. Management stated that they sometimes don’t know when these trainings are going to occur, so they couldn’t reasonably always give staff advanced notice. They stated they will try to give as much advanced notice as possible, but wouldn’t be able to provide a 2 month notice as requested.

I put in an issue arising at Transition to be heard at the Forensic Meet and Confer on March 19th. The issue was scheduling full-time staff on their set weekend off to cover weekends that they are short-staffed. There was an e-mail sent out by management that all FT AFSCME staff would be rotated through covering these. We are looking for how often this is occurring, so we are looking for your feedback on this.

Once again, I encourage anybody to get a hold of me if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Eric Hesse


CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Shannon Pech


A brief overview of the CRP Labor Management meeting:

Present: Lisa Nagel-Vanderveen, Meghan Goodrich, Jenn Frew, Tony Hanten, Shannon Pech, Tim Headlee

· The proposed schedule was discussed.

· The definition of an inverse was discussed. If you find someone to take your inverse before the beginning of that shift, it is still counted as an inverse.

CLU delegate report-



Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe:



Motion to adjourn meeting by Eric Hesse at 11:08 pm, 2nd by Adam Castle.