4/18/13 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Andrew Jones, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Eric Hesse, Nate Herme, Sam Arneson, Stephanie Miller, Mike Homer, Nate Vetter, Jeff Boehne, Ann Sullivan, Kelly Woelpern, Ryan Cates, Kirsty Deslauriers, Brett Christensen, Matt Stenger, Mike Hohenstein, Alan Aspelund, Erin Weiderich, Abu Kamara, and Denise Sandwick

I. Call to order 3:00pm

II. Introduction of Officers

III. Secretary Jones - Approval of minutes from last meeting Motion to accept and subject to review by: John Knobbe and seconded by Nate Herme then carried.

IV. Correspondence a) Next wave Conference - Detroit – July 12-14th, 2013  b) March 2013 First Report of Injury c) March 2013 Per Cap report d) Council 5 Presidents Meeting – May 3 e) AFSCME Council 5 Family Picnic - August 4 f) Council 5 Executive Board Meeting Minutes – www.afscmemn.org g) October 2012 – February 2013 First Report of Injury V. Local 404

Old Business a) Scheduling Proposal – MSH overnights going to 10 hour shifts b) Staff Safety – staff injury numbers c) Pay Inequity Proposal for LPN, WTA, SC, and SCL’s submitted d) Lead Leveling – New leveling happening in June, so look for posting to come out anytime.  e) New MOU – effective 5/8/13      Vacation requests: No vacation request may be submitted for a vacation period more than six (6) months in advance of the request. For AFSCME staff, this has currently been one year out, so the change is to go back to six (6) months.   Please note: Management has 10 days under the contract language to respond to vacation requests. From today until implementation, we will be holding requests for up to the 10 days so that they are responded to under the new language which is scheduled for implementation on 5/8. This will avoid a flood of requests for one year out, which cannot be approved.      Bidding: The current supplemental language that allows for staff to have 24 hours to accept or reject the bid and then 72 hours to rescind their decision is being modified. The language under the MoU will allow staff to have two (2) hours to accept or reject the bid and then twenty four (24) hours to rescind.   With this modification, bids are going to be offered locally by the supervisor or designee which will allow for you to be presented with adequate information regarding initial days off available based on seniority so that you can make your decision.  The intent of this MoU is not to change the process for offering, so management will still call the employee and give the information, management will also email (state and personal if available) if management doesn’t get an answer by phone. The 2 hour time frame will begin with the date/time at the end of the successful phone contact OR the date/time stamp of the email sent.

New Business 1. Presidents Meeting Authorization – motion was made by John Knobbe to send Chuck, John, and Molly to the May Presidents meeting, with lost time and expenses paid. Seconded by Mike Homer.  2. Interim Executive Board Vacancy (James Hemshrot, Michael Homer, and Thom Wilkins all expressed interest). James Hemshrot was appointed.  3. Interim Chief Steward Vacancy (Thom Wilkins and Ryan Cates expressed interest) Ryan Cates was appointed.   4. Purchase of AFSCME t-shirts/suspend quarterly drawing – Motion was made by Connie Anderson for up to $1500 to be spent on AFSCME t-shirts for members. Seconded by Molly Kennedy. T-shirts will be available for all members at the monthly General Membership Meetings once the shipment is received. Quarterly cash drawings are suspended for the time being. 

VI. Officer reports

A) Presidents report: 1. FD M&C 4/11/13 – minutes will be posted – Any questions, please contact Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe 2. CBHH/CARE Meeting – minute will be posted – Any questions, please contact a union officer 3. MSOP M&C 4/18/13 –  minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Molly Kennedy or Matt Stenger 4. DHS Supplemental Negotiating Committee meeting – Chuck, John, and Molly attended. Major push to have the state go back to local sup’s 5. SEPC Conference – 8 members attended; Governor Dayton spoke; Contract negotiations were discussed; goal is to get contract settles by July 1st.

B) Vice President John Knobbe:  John has attended SEPC, Council 5 E-Board Meeting, and helped push the new MOU up the chain. Has attended many meetings about scheduling as well. Sat a 2nd and 3rd step this week, and sat a laudermill.  

C) Vice President/Steward Coordinator Molly Kennedy:  Anyone interested in Steward Training please contact Molly Kennedy.  They just hired a new training coordinator Ryan Wells and classes are TBA.   Please see www.union404.com or www.afscmemn.org for additional information.

D) Treasurer Connie Anderson    STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING: March 2012 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH:                                        $ 58300.39 INCOME FOR THE MONTH:                                                                   $ 5519.76 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH:                                                               $ 15142.87 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH:                                                $ 48677.28 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by: John Knobbe and seconded by Nate Herme then carried

H) Chief Steward Matt Stenger: Matt encouraged members to contact HR to get copies of personel and supervisory files for review. 

I) Chief Steward Shannon Pech – not present

K) Executive Board – Adam Castle: not present

L) Executive Board – Ann Sullivan: Ann stated that many employees have questions pertaining to the MSH scheduling rollout. 

VII. Items from the Membership Nate Herme spoke about the June 28-29th Cookout in Mankato that he is organizing. This event is being organized for the SNAPS program, which helps build parks in the community. This event will have a barbeque competition for professional teams and amateurs. A 5k run is being organized, as well as a corn hole toss tournament. The program is looking for donations to help purchase as many wheelchair swings for local parks as possible. These swings are designed to allow an individual to secure their wheelchair to a specially designed swing. Nate asks if the local would be willing donate. John Knobbe made a motion to donate $500 to the SNAPS program. Seconded by Andy Jones then carried. More info can be found about the event at mankatocookout.com. Nate Vetter is managing a local men’s softball team with the entire team consisting on AFSCME members, and asked that the local help with the team’s registration fees.   Audra Hansen is helping organize the 7th Annual Freedom Run Classic Car/Motorcycle Ride again this year on June 15th. Ride starts at The Great Escape Bar in Minnesota Lake, MN @ 12:00pm. Registration starts at 9:30am. All proceeds go to Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) (thankmntroops.org). For more info, go to Facebook – Freedom Run Minnesota Lake. Connie Anderson Made a motion to donate $100 to MMAF, and seconded by Andy Jones then carried.   

VIII. CLU delegate Report – no report

IX. Social Committee/Good and Welfare – 

X. Council 5 Field Representative – Christy from Council 5 encouraged members to attend the Council 5 picnic on Aug. 4th. For more information, visit www.afscmemn.org.

XI. Door /Progressive Drawings – 3 - $10 door prizes were awarded to Sam Arneson, Ann Sullivan, and Alan Aspelund

XII. Motion to Adjourn: 4:25