3/8/12 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

 Present: Mary Scovill, Connie Anderson, Jill Gorman, W. John Knobbe, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Chad Cabanilla, Eric Hesse. Shannon Pech, Annie Jakacki, Molly Kennedy, John Collins, Chuck Carlson, Shawn Schultz, Michelle Rodning, Sam Arneson, Randy Erickson, Shawn Kennedy  

Greet Membership  

Secretaries Report: February 2012 meeting minutes - additions or corrections? Motion to accept subject to review by Molly Kennedy and second by Michelle Rodning then carried.  

Treasurer - Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING: February 2012 CASH BALANCE AT BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 44,491.48 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 21,114.67 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 4,339.95 CHECKING BALANCE AT END OF MONTH: $ 61,266.20 SAVINGS ACCOUNT BALANCE AT END OF MONTH: $ 54,017.93 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by: Matt Stenger and second by Jeremy Tubbs then carried.  

Presidents Report: a) FD Meet & Confer - Minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe b) CBHH/CARE Meeting – Kevin Graves will report c) Forensic Division Joint Labor Management- none held d) MSOP Meet & Confer – Any questions please see Molly Kennedy e) Spent the week of Feb 20th at the capital lobbying and meeting with DHS Administrators. f) Meeting with Deputy Commissioner Anne Barry weekly in St Peter.

Correspondence Review: 1) AFSCME vs. City of Duluth Arbitration Award. 2) AFSCME C5 December Executive Board Meeting Minutes. 3) AFSCME C5 Scholarships ($1000, $500, 2- $250) – applications due by May 4th. 4) AFL-CIO Scholarships (2-$500) due by April 30th. 5) AFL CIO Retiree Fundraiser event – April 21st 6) State Negotiations Assembly – 10AM Friday March 30th 7) AFSCME Day on the Hill (packet) is March 27th. A motion for per diem and usual transportation expenses was approved.

OFFICER REPORTS: VP- John Knobbe “In the last month I’ve spent multiple days in negotiations. The assembly will meet at the end of the month. The team is recommending a vote of “Reject and go Arbitration.” John Collins and I will be going to a election rules meeting for the International Convention this weekend. I’ve argued on 1st step this week over sick use and am having continued talks with the OD’s over proper OT offerings. Day on the Hill is 3-27-12 – send a message.” In Solidarity, W. John Knobbe  

VP- Molly Kennedy: March Report; This month in MSOP we are having Meet and Confer on March 15th, some of the things that will be discussed will be the General Maintenance Worker/General Repair Worker job duties in conjunction with the amount of client contact they have, the editing of time sheet by supervisors without contacting the employee, utility pool holiday scheduling, electronic job postings and getting an oven and sink in our break room. Please see www.union404.com for the minutes to these meetings. Day on the Hill is on March 27th so far we have 27 people attending. We are also attending Negotiations Assembly on March 30th to get the states final offer on our contract, please stay tuned as all the stewards will be going around to the membership discussing this topic. In Solidarity, Molly Kennedy

CS MSH/CRP: Tim Headlee:

Hello, First, I would like to commend 404 members on the professional manner in which you’ve held and hold yourselves, especially during times that require change within and around the campus. When new expectations are set forth our jobs only become more complex. When time is a factor, ideas, decisions and plans have greater potential for being implemented prematurely. In the environment we work in this could quickly become unsafe for those we serve, the public and ourselves. I believe time is vital so please continue to aware, proactive, and professional while ensuring that 404 members are informed and remain a big part of the transformation in the direction of treatment improvement. Please be mindful when voicing your ideas, suggestions, opinions and our needs, as you will be representing yourself, your co-workers, and the Union. “Who does the work!?” WE DO!! Continue performing excellent work daily! Second, there has already been many questions raised about the Mandt system; if you have questions prior to the training you can review their website to gather a general idea of the system. Provide your professional feedback including what you feel could be the pros and cons within the Mandt system related to your work and environment. Third, please remember changes are taking place within HR so be mindful of your time entries and paystubs and any other business that used to take place on campus in that department. If you are out on leave beware of how your vacation/sick are entered if you have an active FMLA to ensure if exhausted you’ve been proactive and prepared for any adjustment that may occur in your insurance plans (Cobra). Last, 404 stay safe and proud! And thank those who represented 404 and its members during “The Day on The Hill”!! In Solidarity, Headlee Tim SC700, AFSCME (MSH/CRP) Chief Steward.

CS - AMH/CARE: Kevin Graves: Nothing to report  

CS - Facilities and Forensic Nursing Home: Jeremy Tubbs:

Physical Plant

It was reported that supervisors are utilizing call in’s for specialized work areas (i.e. plumbers, electricians, etc.). The supervisors are doing this outside of contract perimeters. The members in the work areas are trying to work out the problem themselves at this time. I will monitor the situation.


Several grievances in regards to overtime were presented. We settled four at the first step and still have one pending at the second step. There were two grievances presented at the third step that were denied. They were in regards to mid-shift breaks.

The union asserts that “near mid-shift”, as outlined in the contract would be one hour on either side of the mid-shift (eight hours divided by two). The employer disagrees and asserts that the contract does not give a specific definition of “near mid-shift”. They refuse to give their definition of mid-shift. We will have more discussion.

There have been many errors with the overtime call in process. If you have signed up for overtime be diligent about assuring that the correct procedure was followed. This is a contractual issue and the employer needs to be held accountable for errors in the process. The local has suggested that management move to an electronic overtime sign up, until now they have refused to entertain the idea. Recently we have had more discussion on the issue.

In solidarity,

Jeremy Tubbs

CS - MSOP: Matt Stenger: Nothing to report

CS - Transition and NOCS: Annie Jakacki: Nothing to Report

EB - John Collins: Nothing to Report

EB - Shannon Pech: Nothing to Report

Items from the membership: Nothing to Report

Old Business:

1) Lobby week- Feb 21-24

New Business:

1) AFSCME International Convention in Los Angeles June 18-22. We are able to send up to 5 delegates - please get names to Chuck by April 12th - need to have the time off to attend. 2) SEPC - Pay up to 30 delegates per diem / usual expenses to attend. Motion to accept by John Knobbe and second by John Collins then carried. Please notify Connie Anderson by April 12th if interested. 3) Presidents meeting May 3rd in St. Paul and cover usual and customary expenses. Motion to accept by Connie Anderson and second by John Collins then carried. 4) Treasurer training April 17th in St. Paul and pay per diem and usual expenses for up to 4 delegates. Motion to accept by Connie Anderson and second by Molly Kennedy then carried. 5) Secretary training May 15th in St. Paul. Pay per diem and usual expenses. Motion to accept by John Knobbe and second by Mary Scovill then carried. 6) Kitchen volunteering on April 2nd at Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Peter. Spend up to $150 on Easter baskets for kids. Motion to accept by Connie Anderson and second by Michelle Rodning then carried. 7) Donate $500 to the Redman Club for fireworks to be displayed. Motion to accept by John Knobbe and second by Connie Anderson then carried.

CLU delegate report: Laura Asklin attended the meeting to facilitate the discussion concerning the on how the CLU Constitution requirements on proceeding with filling the slots that Paul Marquart held (Executive Vice President for the ALC, Delegate to the MN AFLCIO General Board, and of course Mankato Labor Assembly President). We are waiting for the National AFLCIO to give their interpretation of the process as well. There were updates on some staffing changes, and Legislative issues.

Social Committee: 1) Adopt a soldier 2) Volunteer at the kitchen April 2nd at Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Peter.

Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe: Good and Welfare: Jesse Miller, Jake Cottew, Matt Uecker, Tom Eustice, Mike Keech, Phil Smith, Joel Frey, Marvin Vega, Roarke Engelhardt, John Collins, Brian Woller, Josh Stencel, Mary Wolfe, Kelly Woelpern, Sharon Meulenberg Door Prizes: Shannon Pech and Adam Castle Progressive Drawing- March 2012. Shannon Pech

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.