2/9/12 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: W. John Knobbe, Andy Jones, Ann Sullivan, Chuck Carlson, John D. Collins, Annie Jakacki, Jeremy Tubbs, Eric Hesse, Eric Ridout, Kevin Graves, Jamie Sheppard, Ryan Cates, Erin Granberg, Shannon Pech

Greet Membership

Audra Waylett from AFLCIO discussed “Right to Work” bills, and the labor briefing that will be held on Monday February 27th. For information see Chuck Carlson Local Union officer positions: Secretary- Andy Jones, Thom Wilkins, Dylan Tate, and Lynn Whipple nominated. Position was not won by a unanimous vote. Due to withdrawal from nomination not being an option at this time- notice was given for a run-off vote at the Feb General Membership Meeting between top vote getters Andy Jones and Dylan Tate. Executive Board- Jill Gorman and Shannon Pech nominated and running for third position. Third position available was not won by a majority vote and notice was given for a run-off vote at the Feb General Membership Meeting. Ballots were closed at 10:45pm and tallied by Jamie Sheppard and John Knobbe. Andy Jones won the Secretary position and Shannon Pech won the Executive Board position- both positions were won by majority vote. Andy and Shannon will be sworn in next month. Election Committee- Thank you to the members of the election committee.

Officer Reports Secretaries Report: January 2012 meeting minutes- Additions or Corrections? Motion to accept subject to review by John Knobbe second by Annie Jakacki then carried. Treasurer-Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING Jan 2012 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 42439.56 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5320.83 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 3268.91 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 44491.48 SUBMITTED BY: _______CONNIE ANDERSON_____ Accepted subject to audit motion by Kevin Graves second by John Collins then carried.

Presidents Report: a) FD M&C - Minutes will be posted- Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe b) CBHH/CARE Meeting – Kevin Graves will report c) Forensic Division Joint Labor Management- none held d) MSOP Meet & Confer – Any questions please see Molly Kennedy e) Council 5 Presidents Meeting – Jan 20th f) Negotiations Assembly Jan 21st g) Met with local legislators on SPRTC issues x3

Correspondence Review: 1) AFL CIO 2012 Scholarships 2) AFSCME Election Rules Review Committee – Regional meeting John Collins made a motion to send up to 2 people paying lost time and usual expenses 9not including flight) second by Annie Jakacki. The importance and need to have someone go was discussed then the motion was carried. 3) MN LPN ASSN Annual Conference April 24-26- if interested see Chuck Carlson. 4) Call for nominations for C5 exec Board State Sector – to replace Karen Foreman – Due by Feb 13th 5) AFL CIO Retiree Fundraiser event – April 21st 6) August thru December 2011 First report of injury notices 7) AFSCME Day on the Hill (packet) is March 27th if interested in attending contact Connie Anderson. A motion for per diem and usual transportation expenses was made by Ann Sullivan second by Kevin Graves then carried. 8) Jan 2012 Per Cap and PEOPLE Report 9) Nettie Stone Johnson Scholarship Dinner 10) AFSCME International Convention- June 18-22

Items from the membership: none

Officers Reports:

VP-John Knobbe: “I have been busy in St. Paul the last month. Contract negotiations have moved past language and economics starts on 2-21-12. The Governor visited campus- his meeting at Tomlinson was well attended. Don’t believe the newspapers, ask co-workers who were there. Our local will be doing lobbying on 2-21-12 to 2-24-12. Contact Chuck if you have a day you can attend. I’m hearing some issues that occurred in October just this week- Please if you feel issues are not following the contract get ahold of a steward. Our timeline is 21 days! 2- 3rd steps filed today- we will see where they go. In Solidarity, W. John Knobbe”

VP- Molly Kennedy: “This month we are focusing some of our attention on Policy 103.005 which is called Staff Employment Expectations. We have e-mailed the author of this policy as well as brought it forward at meet and confer. Our Field Representative Scott Grefe is going to discuss it at executive branch meeting as well. Some other things discussed at MSOP meet and confer were having Labor and Management conduct a staff satisfaction survey in which the results would be given to both Labor and Management, also meal reimbursement was discussed for the CPS outings, the union believes that the travel status language (35 miles or more) only applies to the noon meal not the supper meal, and we also spoke about A team responders getting better gloves as the ones they are using now are tearing. Please see www.union404.com on managements feed back on these topics and more, look under meeting minutes and click on MSOP. We also have 3 new Stewards. They are Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse and Thom Wilkins. There is another Steward training March 7th and 8th. Please contact me if you are interested in being a steward. Also Andy Jones will be attending Steward Training and Secretary Training on May 15th. If anyone has any questions about becoming a union Steward please feel free to contact me at 507-985-3001. In Solidarity, Molly Kennedy Vice President Steward Coordinator Local 404

CS MSH/Transition: Tim Headlee: positive resolutions at Third Step for one termination and one Suspension.

CS-AMH/CARE: Kevin Graves: nothing new to report.

CS – Facilities and Forensic Nursing Home: Jeremy Tubbs: “Febuary Report
Jeremy Tubbs- Chief Steward

Physical Plant
This month in the Physical Plant there was one discipline. A step 3 was also filed and presented to Tudy Fowler and David Profitt. They denied that grievance. There are some on-call issues that we are monitoring for the specialized jobs within Physical Plant.
In MSOP we filed file and presented four step 3 grievances and a second step. We are awaiting responses on the four step 3's. The step 2 was denied and will move on to a step 3 which was filed today. We also filed a Step 3 today in regards to OT generated from breaks. We are setting up a time to present this grievance.
Two of the step 3's presented included two class action grievances, one for holiday scheduling within the utility pool and the other was to make MSOP offer forced duty free meals at or near mid-shift, per contract. We have granted management an extension on these grievances until February 10th, 2012. If you would like to know the outcome of these, please feel free to contact Molly, Matt, or myself.
There are many issues in the MSOP at the moment. A lot of them seem small but eventually will balloon into something more if given the time. The MSOP management has forced a lot of change upon us in a small amount of time (I.e. 8.5 hour days and 6-2 rotation). Some of the upcoming issues are breaks not being offered at mid-shift and the denial of OT to make up for it, limited mutual's, and meal/activity reimbursement.
The issue on breaks is being answered by the grievance process.
I spoke to Tim about a rumor that I heard that he was going to attempt to limit a staff members ability to mutual. I spoke to him and he confirmed he had sad that. I reminded him of contract language. He said that "MSOP just did a rebid so that more staff could work on their bid units, it is not reasonable to grant mutual's to other work areas/shifts when these people bid to these watches/ work areas". This is incorrect, the rebid was to staff MSOP's 6-2 rotation. The conversation ended with me reminding him that the local is in no way interested in limiting mutual's and that any concern he may have needs to be brought forth through the proper channels. Not for him to make a unilateral decision. He begrudgingly agreed.
During labor management the issue of meal reimbursement was brought forth. We read the contract language to management. Mr. Gary Grimm says that going to Mankato is somehow not travel status. He also stated that travel status is 35 miles. We vehemently disagree with their interpretation. MSOP HR agreed to look further into it. I believe that Scott Grefe will also be monitoring their answer.
I had an interesting interaction with a Supervisor in regards to a grievance. She stated that she wanted to have her own sidebar conversation with a staff in regards to a grievance. I explained to her that after a grievance is filed and is open, any dialogue needs to be between the local representative, the staff, and management. Not just management and the staff. I feel that people come to us to file grievances because they have exhausted all other options. If a manager approaches you with anything less than a granted grievance, ask them to speak to your union rep. Unless, you feel that it is appropriate or you’re fine with it. In that case please contact your representative with the details.

CS – MSOP: Matt Stenger: nothing new to report.

CS – CRP and NOCS: Anne Jakacki: “Hello- I know of 1 grievance filed on CRP for an OT issue. I know that it was denied at the 1st step and I haven’t heard anything since then. I will check with Shannon on the progress of that grievance. CRP has been having some concerns with the safety on the unit and worried about policies and changes that are up in the air since the title change. Also staff are concerned with being placed on probation because of the title change but nothing in the job description or duties changed. We are hoping to get a meeting with Carie and Lisa regarding possible changes. 1 ICS called for patient/patient assault and many situations of violent patients that have been handled with our unit staff without calling an ICS. I think that is it for now. Thanks!!! Annie Jakacki-Security Counselor, CRP-North Unit AFSCME Chief Steward-CRP and MSH (Nights)”

EB- John Collins: John announced that Eric Hesse and Ryan Cates are new stewards and that he has been working on labor management and political involvement. Chuck and John will be meeting with Ann Barry. EB- Shannon Pech: newly elected at tonight’s meeting

New Business:

a) Appeal for Working America - Working America is the nation’s fastest growing organization for working families. Over 3 million members fight for good jobs and a just economy. • John Knobbe made a motion to donate $1000 second by Eric Hesse. Discussion about the amount and what this does to keep our local on the map then the motion was carried.

b) Approval for Ad Hoc Lobby effort during session. • A motion was made by John Collins to send people to the capital on an ”as needed basis” due to our end of the session lobbying week being cancelled. Second by Annie Jakacki then carried.

c) Site Visits by Union Officers • A motion was made by John Collins to pay 2 union officers 8 hours lost time each per week to improve communications by getting out and visiting ALL work sites. This would begin immediately and go through the end of the legislative session. Second by Annie Jakacki then discussion about how beneficial this would be and how it would improve communication. Motion was then carried.

Old Business:

a) Lobby week- Feb 21-24 CLU delegate report- nothing new to report Social Committee: Adopt a soldier will be discussed at the next meeting as no one was present from the social committee this month. Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe: not present

Good and Welfare: Jesse Miller, Jake Cottew, Matt Uecker, Tom Eustice, Mike Keech, Phil Smith, Joel Frey, Marvin Vega, Roarke Engelhardt, John Collins, Brian Woeller, Josh Stencel Door Prizes: all members present won a t-shirt! Progressive Drawing- March 2012.

Meeting adjourned at 11:39