10/14/10 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Jeremy Tubbs, Jill Gorman, Matt Stenger, Charles Johnson, W. John Knobbe, Anne Mehltretter, Jeffrey Miller, Molly Kennedy, Shannon Pech, Kevin Graves, Pam Enter, Annie Thelen, Josh Coopman, Britta Higginbotham, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Connie Anderson, Chuck Carlson, Randy Erickson, Sam Arneson, Michelle Rodning, Paul Schwichtenberg

Greet Membership
1.Secretaries Report: August/Sept 2010 meeting minutes- Additions or Corrections? Minutes will be approved at the October general membership meeting due to contract negotiations. Motion to accept by John Knobbe, second by Molly Kennedy then carried.
Correspondence Review (See File)
a) Appeal to Arbitration Memos – 5 MSOP and 1 MSH
2.Presidents Report:
A. FD M&C today- Minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe
B. CBHH Meetings- Minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or Kevin Graves
C. Forensic Division Joint Labor Management meeting
Attendees: Adam Anderson MSH Clinical Director, Chuck Carlson, John Collins, Nancy Draves, Tudy Fowler (DHS Human Resources Director), Denise Gardner, Scott Grefe, Joan Hartman (Teachers Union), John Knobbe, Ray Knutson (MAPE), Mary Kreykes (Middle Management Assn), Sharon Mahowald (FD Executive Clinical Director), Tammy Oachs (MN Nurses Assn), Larry TeBrake ( FD Executive Director), Mike Tessneer (State Operated Services CEO), Lance Voegele-Allore (MMA), Jim Yates (SOS HR Director)

Tudy opened stating that as a result of discussion at recent monthly labor/management meetings, a meeting in St. Peter was scheduled to focus on the sharing and exchange of information between management and the unions in an effort to address current concerns and build our labor/management partnership. Recent budget pressures and resulting layoffs in some areas have put management at odds with labor and we need to move our relations forward.
The issue of safety was addressed first. Scott stated that record numbers of assaults have been an ongoing challenge over the last few years. He agreed that the Violence Prevention Taskforce is a good but long-term approach to the problem and management needs to pay more attention to a short-range solution to the problem.
The next issue discussed was the need for an admissions unit. John Knobbe brought up that patients are currently admitted to crisis units and are learning that the behavior observed on those units is the norm and the atmosphere of where they will be living.

Larry Tebrake said that we are currently designing a plan to remodel unit 100 but that will require funding to accomplish. There are other space issues that need to be addressed as well – MSOP would like us to vacate Shantz by January 2011 then MSOP can renovate that space.
Mike Tessneer stated that our long range goal is to physically separate from the shared space with MSOP so we are not in the same proximity and Mike Tessneer suggested that a joint labor/management group take on the issue of an admissions unit. Include both clinical and administrative leadership and labor to ensure everyone is at the table. We must do this within our existing resources and by having everyone at the table, we will all know the various barriers that will need to be overcome.
Chuck stated that management has created multi-layered reportability for staff that has no converging lines of authority. The ODs report to Tom Christensen and the unit staff report up through Denise Gardner. There is no centralized point of command. When meeting with teams, everyone at the table reports to someone different. His opinion is that the prior organizational structure where there was one person in charge of the program, the physical space and the staff worked best.
Larry Tebrake stated that we are focusing on specific patient populations. SNS was established in 2001 and YAAP was the next effort in specific treatment-focused programs outside of MSH. Focusing on treatment groups was a major change and was based on nation-wide best practice. Dr Anderson stated that we are treating both psychiatric issues and risk factors, both of which need to be carefully evaluated.
Lance Allore presented that we are missing the overtime situation. Staff are tired and distracted, they are not working on the units they were trained for and morale is down.
Mary Kreykes advocated for line staff and said at one time the security counselors always had feedback and felt that they mattered. She believes we have lost that and it affects the quality of care the patients receive.
Chuck stated the professional staff are stretched in too many directions and management is trying to make far-reaching clinical decisions and changes when staff are so stretched.
Mike Tessneer stated that what he was hearing is that there is a lack of confidence from staff on both the clinical side and the security side. He believes that changes need to be made in more measured ways. It may be better to implement these changes over a period of time so that it is carefully managed and everyone is in the know.

D. Political Action//Phone Banking/Lit Drops- this is the #1 mission of Local 404 for the next two weeks - check out Local 404 on Facebook for info!
E. Stillwater demonstration – The Dept of Corrections Locals held a demonstration at Stillwater to protest short staffing and lack of management commitment to worker safety. Approximately 200 union members attended including 9 volunteers from Local 404. Several media outlets attended and Mayor Chris Coleman of St Paul spoke in support of the Correctional Officers.
F. AFL/CIO Convention – Chuck, John Collins and Connie Anderson attended as voting delegates. The main theme of the convention was to get labor friendly people elected this fall and AFL/CIO MN officer elections where completed at the convention.
G. Council 5 Convention – Local 404 sent 26 Delegates to the convention which was held in Bloomington. Elections were held for Council 5 chair officers and executive board and policy committee positions. Mark Dayton and a host of candidates for state offices attended and spoke to the attendees.
H. Rep Thissen visit to MSH – Representative Paul Thissen (Chairman of the MN House Dept of Human Services Committee) came to MSH and the Forensic Nursing Home for a walk through. Unit 800 was empty that morning and Rep Thissen got a first hand look at 800 and the inside of a seclusion room in the pod.
I. Meeting with Rep Morrow – Rep Morrow has maintained his commitment to assist us in any way possible. We have met with him 3 times over the past month and briefed him on our issues. These meetings have led to him scheduling meetings with DHS Executives to carry our agendas forward. Representative Morrow’s value to this Local can not be overstated.
J. Walz debate – AFL-CIO South East Labor Council asked for our help at a rally to show support Congressman Walz in Mankato. Congressman Walz stepped up for us during the fight against laying off 404 members in 2008 and we are more than willing to assist him now. I want to thank Tom Roessler, Nate Vetter, Mike Landkamer, Mike Forliti, and the Local 404 Officers who attended on short notice.
3.Old Business:
a) There will an election for contract negotiation delegates. A motion was made by John Knobbe that the 5 chair officers (Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Connie Anderson, and Ann Sullivan) go as delegates for unit 4 and the other 8 slots be voted on. This motion was seconded by John Collins then carried. Jill Gorman and John Knobbe volunteered to be on the voting committee. Voting determined that Jeremy Tubbs will be the 1st alternate, Sam Arneson 2nd alternate and Jamie Sheppard 3rd alternate in the event that someone would be unable to go. The following delegates will be attending along with the 5 chair officers for unit 4: John Collins, Kevin Graves, Anne Mehltretter, Matt Stenger, Charles Johnson, Eric Ridout, LouAnn Thelen, Britta Higginbotham. A motion was made by Chuck Carlson for Randy Erickson, Jean Sandland, and Paul Schwichtenberg to be delegates for their perspective areas. Motion was seconded by Jill Gorman then carried. A nomination was also made by Anne Mehltretter for Tammy Rausch to attend from her work area. This motion was seconded by Jeremy Tubbs then carried.
4.New Business
1. none

5.Items from the membership- none
Social Committee: Michelle Rodning and Connie Anderson will get together to discuss the Christmas party which will be help on December 16th. A sympathy card will be sent to Mike Buesing due to the death of his father.
Officers Reports:
VP-John Knobbe: “In the last month we met @ the CBHH in St. Peter. I attended the AFSCME C5 Convention, did a new employee union orientation & went to Still water rally for corrections, and went on an MSH tour with Paul Thiessen. I sat 2 investigations & disciplines.
Our 3rd steps this month will be next week. Right now lets focus. It’s the politics.
In Solidarity, W. John Knobbe”
VP- Molly Kennedy: This month I have been trying to focus on political stuff in the last couple weeks. We did a lit drop a couple of days for Terry Morrow and I attended a debate for Tim Walz. When I attended the convention a couple weeks ago (thank you for allowing me to attend) we were given the opportunity to hear Mark Dayton speak and other senators from throughout the state. I really enjoyed it.
We have meet & confer next month for MSOP and a few things we will be discussing are mutualing to doubles, 4th vacation slots added to the calendar, and the timeliness of viewing your personnel and supervisory files. See Union 404 for all the meeting minutes.
We have steward training October 18th & 19th from 8:30-4:30 at the Community Center. Let me know if you would be interested in being a union steward.”
Treasurer-Connie Anderson: August and September Treasurers report presented. A motion to accept subject to audit by Molly Kennedy, second by Paul Schwichtenberg then carried.
CS MSH/Transition: John Collins: “We have a Local 404 Facebook page now and want to encourage everyone to check it out if you haven’t already. It just gives us another way to improve communication. It won’t be a sole way of communicating events and issues to members but will just supplement our messages. If you check it out then “promote” it to any other AFSCME friends you have on Facebook too. Thanks.
CS-AMH/CARE: Kevin Graves: “Extended Campus Report: Oct.
CBHH Rochester
• Issues with a transfer from MSOCS from a .75 to a .75 and then mgmt. telling him he is only .5 and needs to bid on a .75. Main issue being insurance eligibility.
CBHH St. Peter
• – 3rd step grievance relating to inversing during “emergency” situations. – denied we will send this on to arbitration.
• - 3rd step needs to be presented on same subject.
• 2 ongoing investigations for computer use.
CARE St. Peter
• M&C this month.
• Issues with their man-down buttons not working properly.

Kevin Graves - AFSCME Local 404 Chief Steward.

CS- NOCs/CRP: Jeremy Tubbs: “We have (2) 3rd step grievances in for CRP. Have heard no new issues as of lately from CRP/nights.”
CS – Facilities and Forensic Nursing Home: Jill Gorman: “Laundry has been closed and the employees (2) are going to be transferred to GMW positions. The laundry is now being picked up by Faribault Corrections. What laundry we will have is going to be placed in the Warehouse. The laundry supervisor will now be the Warehouse Supervisor as Jim took an early retirement. The warehouse is trying to make room for this.
Nursing Home- Management still thinks the nursing home will move to the new facility by the end of October.”
CS – MSOP : Matt Stenger: “In MSOP we have two step 2's for overtime there has been a lot of overtime given out incorrectly. We have 16 hour shifts on our labor management meeting to see where they are at with that. Based off of the grievance we filed as a step three it was denied and said that they are open for discussion. So we are seeing what they want to discuss about it. That grievance was also sent to arbitration but would like to get going on it prior to have to spend the time and money on the arbitration.”
EB-Anne Mehltretter: “Convention
Phone banked with 210 calls made between four of us.
Attended Correctional Officer’s bannering in Stillwater on the 12th.
Planning on helping with lit drop for Morrow on Oct 16th.
Inversing decision reversed in nursing department for 0.8’s.”
EB-Charles Johnson: “I submitted a step 3 grievance after a member was discharged, preparing to present at the November meet and confer. I attended the Mark Dayton / Joe Biden rally on 10-5-10 at Macalester College. It was informative yet stimulating. On 10-12-10 I am planning on attending the event at Stillwater prison where their staff is facing safety concerns due to reduced resources.
Charles Johnson - 404 Executive Board
EB- Eric Ridout: Nothing new to report
Good and Welfare: Patty Balderas, Janeille Ringeisen, Nicole Rock, Alex Rock, Jerrad Aspelund, Teresa Heath, Dodie Spellman-Gonzales, Allan Campbell, Roxanne Christ, Lynn Erickson, Tammy Lassen
CLU delegate report
Short meeting – Area Local reports – Trades still have a high percentage of unemployed members. Everyone is working and hoping for labor friendly candidates.
Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe: November 2nd, November 2nd, November 2nd! Better politics= better budget. Scott handed out fliers and talked about urging others to vote- Drag them out if you have to!
Message to Members: “Vote your job!”
Drawing for door prizes: Connie Anderson, Pickle, Michelle Rodning, Jill Gorman, Matt Stenger, Sam Arneson
Progressive Drawing: $480. none drawn due to time constraints

Thank you to the members who stayed after the meeting to phone bank with SELC AFL-CIO!