12/22/16 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Wade Brost, Luke Frederick, Nicole Cooper, Kristine Wahlberg, Dianne Andrews, Tammy Johnson

CARE St. Peter

  • Management Updates-Open Positions-2 peer specialists, 2 LPN to fill vacancy, 1 RN to fill a vacancy

  • Rochester-4 LPN positions, 8RN’s, 6 or 7 HST. MHPA filled. 2 BA positions. Increased staffing compliment some older and some new.  Made 18 offers on new interviews.

  • Several new HST and LPN. Some HST’s have been promoted to MHPA positions.  Some part times have moved into full time that desired to.  Internal movements were first and now looking at outside applicants.

  • Luke-We have heard more positives than complaints since last meeting. Wade-I would like to think that is a result of having good leaders and a good team.


-Overtime and Inversing Numbers-Overtime-11 hours-1 mandatory 12..LPN 51 overtime 12 mandatory, chemical dependency 20 hours, 2 mandatory

-Follow up from previous meeting-Flow sheet on obtaining a steward for investigations- Brost received the flow sheet from Luke and said it was very well done.  Brost would like to bring this to HR before making a decision.

-Follow up on letter from staff to management-AFSCME was made aware of the letter from last meeting. Wade said there would be a response and the union would be included in that. AFSCME has not seen anything yet. Wade said he reached out to Tim Headlee by calling and leaving a message.  Wade:  We are reaching out to staff and the leadership to look at the culture to bridge relationships and move forward.  Waiting for a response from the Tim Headlee phone call.

-Mutual Shift Exchange process-CARE St. Peter- Staff have expressed they have completed and handed in mutual shift change forms and do not hear response form management which results in both showing up to work at same time or not showing up at all. Not sure if these are being approved when they do not get the forms back.  Wade-will talk to supervisors and see if we can clear that up.  Stenger-a staff was reprimanded for this when the mutual was put in and the staff didn’t show up.  Kristine will reach out and see where they are with that.  Stenger-we would like to allow that staff to use vacation to make up for that instead of reprimanding. 

  • Investigations Process- Luke-Sent email to Brost on finding stewards for investigations process. Wade has not had a chance to look through it and bring to HR.  AFSCME recommendation is to use the same system that goes on with MSH. Requires more communication between supervisors and union.  Wade-initial thought is if steward is not present or available and/or may not need the steward, look at that possibility.  Luke, if an employee is told a week from now about an investigation, that is not acceptable.  Maybe give employee a 4 hour notice-options. Wade-fine with bringing up the issue and we can go through that outside of this meeting.


Look at putting together 2017 dates.  Stay with 4th Thursday for now.  Put together schedule and send out to everyone and we can put it out on the calendar.

List of new AFSCME staff. Union reps to meet together at same time. Wade may need to have a monthly meeting with new staff.  AFSCME staff are interested in meeting St. Peter union reps. New and current employees.  Wade-this will be ongoing with the new staff due to all of the hiring.  Lets put together a schedule now instead of waiting until last minute.  We can also have a follow up schedule.  Pick days and we can provide conference room in advance. Schedule in middle of the day due to double coverage. Invite people to come in on days off if they agree. Meeting will be held between 1 and 3pm and is best on a weekday.  Work with Dianne and tammy.