9/24/15 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

1. Introductions

Present: Tim Headlee, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz, Chris Hanson, Pat Marcus, Kristine Wahlberg, Deb Burger, Marlowe Grawe, Ashley Samora, Stephanie Juhl, Tammie Johnson, Diane Andrews, Tracy Johannsen, Derrick Jones

2. Management Updates (Staffing, Special Projects or other relevant items)
• There is 1 part time intermittent vacant for CBHH.
• A mock survey was completed September 15th and that will give us an idea of how prepared we are for joint commission. There are a few minor changes that will tighten things up.
• Rochester is planning to hire. Have two positions that are being filled. They have been granted 3.65 FTE LPN’s. Looking at 4 - .8 FTE’s and 2 - .2 intermittent LPN’s.
• Overtime Amount (Mandatory or Volunteer)
o CBHH St. Peter – Since July 15th there have been 12.5 hours of overtime; all mandatory. August there was .5 hours mandatory. Prior to July, overtime was a little bit higher. Management stated that when there is more overtime they see more people volunteer.
o CBHH Rochester – From July 14th until September 8th there was 127.5 hours of overtime. Management did not have it broken down from mandatory to volunteer. They believe a lot of the overtime is mandatory. A lot of the OT is staff getting paid for not being able to take their duty free break.
? AFSCME asked why Rochester has so much more OT but only hiring 3 people. Management stated that they have noticed a jump in overtime in the past few months. They have 4 - .8 LPN’s that will be posted and have 2 - .2 LPN’s that we are going to post to help cover the holes in the shifts. Matt Stenger asked management if they have ever looked into offering more fulltime positions because a lot of people do not want to work part time. Is there any way to push for FT positions? Management stated that they have had pretty good luck with .8 RNs and LPNs. AFSCME said that they would rather see fulltime employees than part time filling holes in the schedule here and there, or part time workers working full time hours. Management said that they are scheduled only what they are hired as. AFSCME said that it doesn’t really fix the situation. Management stated that they do not agree. They are confident that they will get people. Management stated that if they don’t get respondents they would be more than happy to look at full time. AFSCME asked when we are going to re-evaluate the response. Management said that they will know within a couple weeks. Within a month we can see if the demand is there. Hospitals in Rochester hire nurses for part time. AFSCME said the message they have received from staff is that they would like to see more full time. The positions that were posted a month ago had several interests. There were at least 6 people interviewed. Staff working .75 would like to move into .8. Would like to see management promote someone before offering it to someone off the street. The PT status for AFSCME is 1 FT nights and an HST, day/evening has 1 - .8, 2 - .75, and 1 FT HST and 2 - .75, the rest are .8. AFSCME said that they need to have further conversation on FTE’s. There will be a separate meeting for this.
o AFSCME walk through, tour of all sites
? Because Luke Frederick is the new Chief Steward for CBHH and CARE he requested a tour of all sites along with other AFSCME chair positions to get a better understanding. He would like to see this happen within a month. Management said to work with Kristine or Stephanie, Pat, and Ashley.
o GMW covering transports
? Luke Frederick said that he talked to the GMW and said that he has never covered a transport before and that he does not receive the same training as those who do cover transports. This would not be a reduction in his work load. Doing transports is pulling him away from his normal job duties which he still has to perform. AFSCME asked if there is a plan on place. Douglas Panser did relay the message last Tuesday that his intention was to try to get the GMW to help with the transports of clients. This GMW stated that this job duty was put in his review. Management stated that they will have a conversation with Wade. AFSCME said that it seems pretty drastic to go to that level. Pat Marcus said that this is not a new concept and has happened for years in the CBHH world. She said that she does not know the training for the CARE program but for CBHH they receive the same training. Ashley said that they will look into training. For now they have had anyone available covering transports.
o Progress of promotional opportunity
? How is the process going for offering all HST’s the CDP position? Management said that it should be posted today or tomorrow. HST’s and the local president’s will receive an email for how to apply. Attached will be a template resume. Employees will need to submit a letter of interest and their resume. This will not be exactly like applying for an external position. Some will be posted on the MMB site. Those individuals that want to promote can do so and those who do not can remain an HST.
o Scheduling 2016 Meetings
? Will wait until the December meeting to schedule the meetings.