12/12/13 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck Carlson, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Amanda Mathiowetz (recorder), Marlowe Grau, Marlene Schnichels, Kristine Wahlberg, Douglas Panser, Lisa Costello, Brenda Waltz, Pat Marcus, Gus Grau

1. Nurses Station Window: There is a need for a barrier at the window. Management stated to go ahead with it. There will likely be a redesign for some sites.

2. Emergency Response button for night shifts: Management is working with CPA on this. They are looking into options but nothing has been finalized. They are looking into security enhancements (i.e. additional lighting, cameras).

3. Natural and Engineered Surveillance: CBHH has been receiving recommendations but funding is an issue

4. Metal Detector and Pat Downs: Management has reached out to MSH in St. Peter for training on wands and pat downs but until there is a policy in place, this training will not take place. There is a draft being worked on and it will be submitted to AFSCME for review. There are concerns over putting visitors through a metal detection because most of the contraband would not be picked up. Also, the facility is not considered a “locked facility” so that could be an issue.

5. Ability to pick up overtime on a vacation day: It is ok to pick up overtime for a shift. Vacation must be rescinded if you wish to work a double shift.

6. Badges/ Personal Information: Per OSHA the display of a last name is not required on a name badge. Patients can request that information but it does not need to be displayed. Management is looking into switching the information given on badges.

7. Tardy Grace Period: A tardy starts a minute after the beginning of your scheduled shift. If your shift begins at 2 p.m., you are considered tardy at 2:01 p.m.

8. Zero Tolerance: It was brought up to management that there is not a Zero Tolerance Policy in place. Nothing is set yet but AFSCME would like to see something put in place.