10/18/12 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: For AFSCME: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Kevin Graves, Sam Arneson, John Knobbe and Deb Burger

For Management: Terri Stratton, Kristine Lancaster, Todd Johnston, Janette Q.


1. How is the hiring process going? Management has completed interviews, and will be filling one .8 position, and one intermittent as well.

2. How are the inversing and OT numbers? Management stated that overtime numbers have been decreasing the last 3 months, with the use of intermittent staff to fill holes in the schedule.

3. Are intermittent employees being scheduled on the weekends to allow for .8 staff to get some relief? Management stated “yes,” intermittent staff has been utilized to fill holes in the schedule. The local commented that it appears that most these holes are being filled by intermittent employees on weekdays, at the expense of .8 employees working every weekend. The local suggested scheduling the .8’s, and leaving some of the holes in the schedule on the weekends for intermittent staff to pick up hours. Management believes many intermittent staff may refuse these shifts offered and inversing may then ensue, which would help with overtime numbers. Management stated scheduling can be difficult with acuity levels up and a low budget.

4. Working with 2 LPNS on Late shift: HSTs are denied advanced overtime shifts, but are being inversed to the shift when there is only one license and not an LPN willing to work the overtime. Seems to be a double standard. Management asked when/if this has happened, as they felt this wasn’t an issue. Management stated the desire is to have 2 LPN’s on the late shift at all times. The local encouraged management to follow the proper inversing process, when distributing overtime.

5. Intermittent staff working non-shift assignments. Are you considering them eligible for inverse? Yes!

6. Steward role in the workplace Todd indicated he understands a steward’s role in the work place, but has concerns as to some discussions happening in the workplace, particularly in front of clients. Management would like such talks to not be happening in front on clients. The union and management agree these discussions should take place in a professional manner, and not in front of clients.

7. New .8 HST position: rotating (E/L) shift; movement to late shift must follow contract language – by contract Nights is a fixed shift. Management agrees and discussed they would allow employees to volunteer to work nights to assist with operational needs.

8. Lab days 6-2:30 shift? Labor asked if management could look into changing the lab times, as the current time can be inconvenient for shift change.

9. Replacement Janitor for extended vacation? (concern is more workload being pushed on an already taxed work force) Management stated they have been “shot down” when asked to hire help. Labor suggested there are .8 Janitors at CBHH that may be able to assist when in need.

10. Please turn off sprinkler system when temp drop below freezing overnight. This is the landlord’s responsibility, and the water is currently shut off.

11. If LADC’s will be helping to prevent inversing (AFSCME staff is very appreciative of this) please get them training so that they can be an asset to the team. Example – Admissions procedures Management noted.

12. In some cases .8 LPN’s were hired to work rotating shifts, and are being scheduled straight late shifts. This is just another added stress for those with families who are already required to work every weekend, every holiday, full-time hours, and overtime on a regular basis. This was just a reminder to be mindful of these employees, and their work schedule.


13. Reflector for the west side of the driveway This has been discussed in meetings before. Labor asked if this can be done. Todd said to consider it done.

14. Lighting for front and back of building Todd stated that bids are in, and they are addressing it Thursday.

What is the protocol for client’s fresh air breaks/visitors outside during frigid weather this winter?
• Can staff monitor from the windows? • Will the patio still be open for the entire 4 hours during visiting days?